The only thing she had on her shallow, average mind.

With her shallow mind, she talked about people

And said things no one wanted to hear.

She heard secrets from others

As she walked casually down the street.

Her town was small and quiet

But was filled with lots of news and gossip

Quite a rebel, she was

Although she had beauty and smarts

She never found any use for her town

But she was keen enough to listen to what others had to say

As she sipped her latte in the luxurious cafe.

Seeing them bicker

Hearing them snicker

Made her begin to wonder

As all the gossip slowly entered her ears

They remained in her mind

All those secrets

Just had to be told out loud

But she had to keep them to herself.

The gossip that she wrote

On all her sticky notes

Were stuck on her office wall.

Some days, she was quiet

And kept to herself

But she wanted to spread the gossip

To everyone in town.

They told her "ignorance is bliss"

But she didn't believe them.

The small talk she always heard

Spread quickly like wildfire.

As she listened carefully, a small smile came across her face.

Gossip was something

That she urgently wanted to share.

She was like a moth, attracted to the flame

But not afraid of the fire

Rumors were all her mind wanted.

But, soon, word got out about the girl

Who was spreading all those rumors

The girl who said bad things about others

When their backs were turned.

Everyone was angry and disappointed with her.

Who knew that all this gossip

Would cause such catastrophe?

They didn't want to hear

Any more foolish things

From the local gossip girl.

The girl realized how stupid and self-centered she was acting.

She knew it was all a big mistake.

All that bad-mouthing and lying

Had made everyone feel bad

And she felt bad herself.

She had to get rid of all these lies

And tell the whole truth.

So, she sent an e-mail to her friends, saying

"I'm very sorry I spread so much rumors and gossip. I don't feel proud for that."

Now, she no longer spreads bad gossip.

Instead, she spreads news about good things

And she believes in hopes, dreams, and wishes.

Everyone accepted her the way she was.

The gossip girl had now come clean.

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