Warning: The following contains Strong Language and Mature Themes. Read at your own risk.

Prolouge - Invisible Secrets

In a world where everything is normal. Life is as it seems and everything in the clear blue sky is running smoothly. Everything you thought was good has turned evil, Everything you thought had gone so well is now in the depths of sorrow. Life is full of lemons but if you don't like lemonade then ask for a refund. What you thought was all happy is now depressing. 

In the small town of Chester near Glastonbury is where all the action happens. There we come across Carl the nerd of them all. In fact it's gotten so bad he is now the nerd of the year recorded by officials. But while we cannot help that he is the center of attention, the star of the show, tonight's entertainment. Carl is just your average nobody, always failing in life, always making dumb mistakes whether it's socail or physical and can never hold a cup right without dropping it. Basically in the nicest of words he is a wreck. Why? Because if you understand the word "nerd" then you will know what i mean. 

But what if it all changed? What if he was the most popular in school or what i he was the most vigilant? Maybe he could take a glass and actually not drop it for once. Well today is your luck. His wish does come true all thanks to the help of a wee Irish man. If you carry on reading you will soon understand why life can be turnt upside in a flash. Join Carl as he becomes too cool for school (Surprisingly he still gets into bother but's that's later on)

Who knows? Let's find out.

Prolouge -----------> Chapter One

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