Chapter 6 – The Next Morning

Warning: The following contains Strong Language and Mature Themes. Read at your own risk.

The next day I wake up. What a surprise Desmond is up to the Deathly Hallows Part 1. I guess he really did mean it when he said about 9 hours of magic n shit.

“Hey you know its morning right” I say

“Of course” He responds.

“You also know its Tuesday?” I ask.

“Yup” He replies.

“You….Hey are you listing to me!?” I shout.

“Yes…! Dammit Harry you had to do it didn’t you!” He screams

“WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME!!??” I blast.

Desmond switches off the T.V

“Oy what do you think you doing!?” He shouts “You made me miss the best bit”

“Never mind that!” I say. “Has it worked?”

“What do you mean worked?” Desmond yawns

“The spell?” I hint at him

“Spell……”He thinks “Nope doesn’t ring a bell….”

“Yeah because nobody’s home!” I scowl

“Hey what’s with you?” He says slightly annoyed.

“You seriously don’t remember the spell?” I reply. “God and you were so hyped about it as it was some kind of magic bullshit”

“Oh shit yeah…..” Desmond says in his mind “How will I break it to him….”

“Oh the Harry Potter marathon?” Desmond says out loud

“Yes that’s the one” I reply.

“Yeah I…..” He begins

“Go on….” I say sternly

“Hope you like practical jokers” He says quickly

After the comment he dashes off. I grab his shirt in time.

“Not on my watch bastard” I scowl “You are not getting out of this alone. I can’t believe you tricked me and nearly kept me awake all night!”
“Look I’m an Angel/Wizard” He replies. “How can you not like Harry Potter?”

“Well how can you not keep quiet?” I reply. “You nearly gave me insomnia”

“I….er….” He stutters. “All right I apologise. Come with me to solve your life problems. For real as well. No bullshitting no nothing”

“All right!” I cheer “Let’s do this”

I follow Desmond into another room. He presents me with a cup of orange liquid.

“Drink this” He says. “If you do then you will receive my magic. If you don’t then good luck at chickenville”

“Gimmie the drink” I scowl

I drink the mysterious orange liquid. Suddenly I pass out.

“Don’t worry the effects only last a few minutes” Desmond says

More than 15 minutes go by.

“Shit….” Desmond says suddenly. “Carl? Carl!!??”

I enter the room. Desmond now sees 2 of me. Desmond does a double take.

“Alright keep ya voice down! I respect my elders ok?” I reply.

Desmond rubs his eyes. The extra me disappears. Suddenly I wake up.

“Ahhh!!!!” He screams. “There’s two of you!!!!!”

“Calm down Desmond. I reassure him “You’re probably worrying too much”

“Sorry it must been the lunch I ate earlier” He replies.

“Why what did you have?” I ask

“Cream of Fairy Dust” He says

“Huh Angels these days” I laugh. “Anyways do you think the spell has worked?”

“Umm I don’t really know” He replies.

“What do you mean?” I question

“I know this is a spell and I 90% guarantee that it will work or your money back but I don’t 100% know if anything has changed” He worries.

“Well a simply test should do it” I say

“It’s more than you think” He says “You can’t just wish for something and have it in front of you…..Ok maybe there is a flaw……You know what screw it…it works”

“So shall I wish for something” I say

“Yeah go ahead wish for whatever you like and I will have in front of you in the shortest time possible”. Desmond says.

“Ok then let’s do this” I say.

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