Chapter 1 – New Beginnings

Warning: The following contains Strong Language and Mature Themes. Read at your own risk.

It was a fine morning as usual. Everything was quiet because well…it’s morning. All the birds are chirping, the workers outside are building and everything in my room was filled with brightness. Sounds too good to be true but it isn’t because the minute I get up my mother bursts into my room.

“Come on Carl school won’t work itself you know” she said.

“Aww mum do I have to?” I reply

“Do I have to go to work?” she said. “Do I have to do the washing, do I have to do the cooking and the shopping?”

“Well...” I started

“Maybe I could take the day off and get sacked instantly?” she interrupts.

“I never meant it like that” I reply

“Well school helps you become like me” she says

“Now I definitely don’t want to go school” I reply.

“Well you’re going whether you like it or not” she says raising her voice slightly.

“Ohhh!!” I moan.

You see school to an average kid is a place you go to learn and come home with some knowledge but with me I’m the opposite. I am a nerd if you should know and it’s not the way I speak or the way I dress (Although speaking has something to do with it) it’s actually my behaviour. I am a clumsy bastard pretty much for the most of my life. I drop things (Yesterday I dropped a plastic cup on the floor. Sure anyone can do that but not like me when it was full of liquid. It’s not an everyday thing but it is quite common. I am also socially unacceptable by the people at school. Personally I think there a right set of twats but if I have to be honest I do have a few situations where I say the wrong thing to the wrong person. In fact make that pretty much 95% of my life. Now I don’t want to make it worse for you but for simple reasons I’m just gonna say my life is a wreck.

Now let’s not bore you and let’s carry on.

So I got out of bed and got changed into my uniform gear. When everything was all sorted upstairs I went downstairs to have my breakfast

“Morning” Said my dad as I entered the room.

“Morning” I said.

“Sleep well?” He asked

“Yup” I replied.

“Your favourite breakfast today” He said cheerfully “Waffles with syrup!”

“Goody” I said in an unenthusiastic voice. “Like that will bloody cheer me up”

“Watch it son” My dad says.

“Why?” I reply. “I got another day of hell”

“What’s school got to do with hell” My dad asks “Everyone goes to it”

“Yeah but not everyone enjoys it” I reply”

“Well I did when I went to it” He replies in a sort of cheerful voice

“You what!?” I scoff “You were just exactly like me”

“Yeah but I wasn’t as negative as you” My dad replies

“Ha!” I said “100% lies right there”

My mother shouts from the living room

“Less talking, more eating. You only have 10 minutes left”

“10 minutes to commit suicide you mean” I shout back.

“Look I understand that school is an intimidating place but you shouldn’t bash it” My dad softly says.  “It’s not like it’s the end of the world”

“But it is” I moan”

“Look I’m sorry but you get what your given ok?” He says “Now stop talking and finish your breakfast. You only have 6 minutes to go”

“Fine” I reply.

I finish my breakfast, head upstairs to get my belongings for school and do all my person hygiene things then head out the door to get in the car. Looks like another day of hell has already begun. Oh well better make the most of it. 

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