Chapter 5 – Make Yourself At Home

Warning: The following contains Strong Language and Mature Themes. Read at your own risk.

Me and Desmond head inside my house and upstairs into my bedroom. My bedroom is alright but not the greatest in the world. We sit down and the rest basically kicks in….

“So let me get this straight” I say “You did this on purpose?”

“Not on purpose” He replies. “Sort of accidental”

“What do you mean” I ask

“Obviously I live in that house and obviously I’m an angel” He says “But I was watching you the whole time”

“Well thanks for the fucking help” I raise my voice

“Stop being whiny” He responds “Your lucky you’re even receiving my fucking help”

“Humph” I mutter. “Not like I even care”

“I heard that!” He replies.

“Ok so tell me” I ask “How do we get rid of the bullies and the excessive anger and shit?”

“I put a spell on you” He says

“And then what?” I reply

“Well…good luck” He says

“So you put a spell on me and the rest comes to life?” I ask

“Pretty much” He says

“Will you be watching” I question

“No I will be putting my feet up having a cup of tea” He sarcastically responds “Of course I’m gonna help you. It was my job in the first place”

“Alright just asking” I say annoyed.

“I will be next to you like a real person” He says.

“Ok then tell me how it works then. It’s a new thing for me” I ask

“Ok obviously I put a spell on you” He lectures on “It’s not a curse nor is it a prank. It’s a simple magical spell that allows the thing to work. Once it’s done you can walk to school normally. If there is a problem such as bullying or detentions just talk to me next to you and I will get you out of the mess by wishes and magic. So if someone punches you I could maybe….reverse it so he punches himself and stuff like that. Now obviously this is not 2035 where this will be in full effect so don’t start winging for cash or fancy houses ok. That’s beyond my abilities yet this doesn’t mean it won’t work because it will. Basically don’t ask for dough and the thing works effectively. Understood?”

“Ok then” I reply

“Things will be kick in by tomorrow” He says. “But for now we need to start the spell”

“Ok what’s the spell then?” I question “Is it one of them fancy weird crap they put in long words?”

“Nearly” He replies

“Why what?” I ask

“You still like Harry Potter?” He slowly asks

“Why what” I ask again

“9 hours of flying cars, trains, weird trees and all sorts” He groans

“What do you have against Harry Potter?” I surprisingly say

“No I don’t have nothing against it” He says “It’s just we need to watch it for nine hours for the spell to work”

“So why do you call it a magical spell then?” I ask

“Because when you’re a guy like me with insomnia then you will see why it’s magical” He laughs

“Oh right” I say “You ready then?”

“Well you see the spell won’t exactly work without snacks” He slowly says

“Well you see the spell won’t exactly work with fat shits” I mock “My mum will freak when there is loads of crap in the room”

“I thought you were up to the challenge!?” He questions

“Yeah but I’m not up for a 1 hour lecture on neat and tidiness” I say frantically

“Look all we are doing is watching a movie ok?” He says quickly

“I know but….” I begin until my mother shouts from downstairs

“What’s going on up there?” She asks

“Nothing mum” I reply “Just on my computer

“Well try to keep it down ok?” She says “I’m trying to work”

“Alright then” I respond

“See what I mean?” Desmond says

“Oh well I guess it’s worth it” I say

“Yes it will be” He says “It’s only to make the spell work

“Fine then let’s play the movie” I say

“Alright then let’s do this!” He cheers

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