Chapter 8 – Putting into Practice

Warning: The following contains Strong Language and Mature Themes. Read at your own risk.

Out of the car we go and into school. It’s great to see you again…...all with the face of hell.

“Lovely” Randy scoffs “Extra helping of The Dipshit Hour. Now in HD”

“Ugh” I say

“Remember last time?” He stares “Well that’s all gonna change. I’m gonna give you burgers and wedgies tonight. My treat”

“Ha you’re scared to go one feet within me” I laugh

“Oh yeah that’s a load of….bu….fuck he’s right! He says

“Exactly. Nothing more than your average joe” I laugh

“Well Joe can stick it up his ass. You’re going down kid” He angrily says

“Ok…..” I reply

He comes closer and begins punching his fists.

“Oh…..he means it….” I whimper

“You’re going down!” He shouts.

He raises his fist

“Desmond. This will hurt you more than it will hurt me” I slowly cry out.

Desmond winks.

Randy attempts a punch but it turns around and hits back a Randy.

“What the fu…” He says shocked

He tries another punch but it hits back at him

“Hehehe” I laugh

“You taking the piss!?” He replies with big bulging eyes.

He tries another punch but hits back at him.

“Come on!” I laugh “I don’t exactly have a lot of time ya know?”

He tries his last attempt. Again the same.

“But…” He stares.

“Come on. I’m leaving” I say “You’re wasting my time”

I leave into the school building

“Oh come on! I had it! Randy shouts “I…had….it”

Randy’s mates appear.

“Come on. You’re wasting your time” Tom says. “Let’s go to lesson”

“Dude” I say “You’re a miracle worker!”

“Trust me. No thanks are necessary” He replies

“But you stood for them….well sort of” I say

“I know but there’s no need for thanking” He replies.

“You must be thanked though” I say

“Well do it later” Desmond says “Let’s get ourselves to….to….”

“Maths” I Reply

“Exactly” He says

“Well we have about 5 minutes. Plenty of time” I say

“Cool let’s go” He smiles

We walk around the building until we arrive at sector 4F. Our lesson is in here and it’s mostly maths. The teacher is not exactly nice and the relationship is….well….tense. But I have had worse luckily.

So I enter the room.

“Ah it’s you…” Mr Jackson says. “Are you ready for another round of…..throwing the book at the teacher?”

“Hey that was an accident!” I scowl

“Everything is an accident to you” He laughs

“I had this same conversation with the headmaster not so long ago” I say

“And….” He says

“And what?” I ask.

“Well did you get any benefits from it?” He says

“No” I reply

“Well something must be up if you can remember the headmasters exact words but not use them into practice” He sternly says

“Just go do your job” I scowl again

“Somebody must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed” He laughs

“No. It happened when y….” I say before Desmond cuts me off.

“Ehem!” Desmond says

“Oh right” I reply. “Yeah I probably must have woken up from the wrong side of the bed”

“Well don’t worry” He says “Things happen for a reason. Go take your seat now. Lesson has started”

I head to my seat.

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