The Floating Life Saver

Author: IRmjii
Rating: Explicit
Status: In Progress.

The Floating Life Saver is an Original Story by IRmjii. 


Carl has problems with life. But its more with the fact that he can't hand things in on time, he always makes the wrong mistake or ends up dropping the glass for the 20th or so time. He is pretty much a mess. On the way through a shortcut he trips up on his shoelaces and falls down a hill. There he meets a man named Desmond who is 5x smaller than him. He is known as the "Floating Life Saver" and can only help people in severe trouble. Only Carl can see him (As he the one being picked) and he is designed to get rid of bullies, get work done and attract friends and lovers. Now he is the most popular guy in his school and the highest achiever. While this is happening Desmond is kidnapped and taken to an execution center (The guys who capturing have had a special chip implanted to see Desmond well) Apparently he has been known to con people out of there money and really is designed to literally "murder people with magic and pickpocketing". On the way home from school Carl is confused to where Desmond is and searches. Soon he recives a phone call from him saying he is kidnapped. 


1. Carl - A sort of nerd who gets bullied and teased on. He always at somepoint say the wrong thing to say and is extremely clumsy. He is also shy sometimes.

2. Desmond - An southern man who is 5x smaller than Carl. Carl can only see him unless you have a special chip implanted. Only one person in the world has this chip. Desmond can do anything to anyone by mind and movement but this is only controlled by command. 

3. Butch - A mean guy who Kidnaps Desmond in order to kill him. He works in the CTC Group.

4. Killer - A friend of Butch who also works in the CTC Group.

4. Mr Jackson - A teacher most commonly seen in the book

5. Mr Saltwood - A teacher who is often picked on for his name.

6. Mrs Robinson - A teacher who is also seen but not as common.

There is also some one appearance characters but they are not included here.


1. Prolouge - Invisible Secrets

2. Chapter 1 - New Begingings

3. Chapter 2 - School Nightmare

4. Chapter 3 - Lesson Time

5. Chapter 4 - Home Time

6. Chapter 5 - Make Yourselve At Home

7. Chapter 6 - The Next Morning

8. Chapter 7 - Magical

9. Chapter 8 - Putting Into Practice

10. Chapter 9 - Three's a Crowd

Chapter Dates

1. Chapter 1 - 12/09/2015

2. Chapter 2 - 18/09/2015

3. Chapter 3 - 26/07/2015

4. Chapter 4 - 05/08/2015

5. Chapter 5 - 13/11/2015

6. Chapter 6 - 02/03/2016

7. Chapter 7 - 18/03/2016

8. Chapter 8 - 30/03/2016

9. Chapter 9   01/09/2016

Chapter Schecdual

This is to show when chapters will most likely be added. I cannot guarentee anything from this table to be 100% Certain. Sometimes i will be absent so chapters may get delayed or not publishes untill a random date.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
No No No Maybe No Yes Maybe


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