The First Of The Gang To Die

Author: MattyMG13
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress
Series: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None

It was early morning and I was just on my way to meet him. My footsteps tapped gently on the damp tarmac. A crimson glow spread across the dark alleyways and passages that I had to manoeuvre through to get to his chosen location. There was no sound but the rhythm of both my feet and heart beat. He may have been panicked over the phone, but I was in no hurry to get to him so I was taking it slow.

When I had received the call, a strange sensation had arisen in my chest. It was pure anger and hatred for that kid. He had ruined my life and taken what had most supported me in this world.

"He stole all hearts away" they used to say and it was sure as hell what he did to mine. But I managed to control my emotions and so I was going to have a civilised conversation with him.

I think it was 4am, but I can’t remember. The smell of smog and grime had yet to fill the atmosphere so it must have been very early. But there was definitely another scent in the air. It was really peculiar. It was like iron or some other metal, and it had made my nostrils flare in disgust as soon as I had smelt it. It stretch seemed to float around me in a cloud and only got stronger as I grew nearer.

As I passed the noble skyscrapers and modern city buildings, and as I begin to delve into the more rural part of the district, I begin to hear splashes of water. And then there it was, one of the most beautiful sights in the existence! I could see the stars reflect in the reservoir. It illuminated and when I first observed it, I covered my eyes. The liquid there was the boldest blue and the most bright parts were animated in a magical dance, but still was as striking. Then, in the middle of this gorgeous scene, I saw two young girls embracing each other with loving kisses. Their naked bodies glowed naturally and they had evidently decided to skinny-dip when they thought nobody would find them. That was why it was so funny to watch their cheeks aflame with embarrassment.

More coming soon...

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