The Final Wave

Author: Silver
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress
Series: N/A
Preceding: N/A
Succeeding: N/A

The team pulled their weapons out of their supply lockers, faces grim and stony. All six knew that their death was almost certainly coming.

"We have to defend a goddamn hat factory from utter destruction?" the cynical Gray muttered. "Sounds legit." He pulled a Huntsman out of his supply locker and tossed it aside.

"Well... to win, we have to..." Clara shyly suggested. Gray cut across her. "Yeah, I know, winning. Don't care. Would rather stay alive."

"Oi. We'll get somewhere," Silver suggested. He pulled on his helmet, ready to defend the country (and Mann Co.)

The six of them looked up at the glowing red scoreboard:

Team 013

Silver -- Soldier -- Air Strike, Buff Banner, Disciplinary Action

Clara -- Medic -- Overdose, Quick-Fix, Vita-Saw

Autumn -- Heavy -- Brass Beast, Shotgun, Killing Gloves of Boxing

Tornado -- Pyro -- Backburner, Scorch Shot, Third Degree

Fern -- Engineer -- Frontier Justice, Wrangler, Jag

Gray -- Sniper -- Sniper Rifle, Jarate, Kukri

This was a list of their classes, names and weapons. This was Team 013 - the highest-scoring team in a decade. And it was their job to defeat Ghost Town.

The fabled highs of Mann vs. Machine, Ghost Town had a near-100% failure rate. Only a few teams had ever beaten it. Team 09, which was still in circulation in the Badlands; Team 028, now retired; and Team 01, which consisted of the original mercs and had disappeared off the grid some years ago.

Fern struck her sentry with a wrench, getting it up and running. It beeped and began scanning the area.

Gray took his post on one of the now-deserted buildings of Ghost Town, so he had a clear shot down to the mine where the robots came. His Sniper Rifle charged up and left a bright red pointer laser on the boarded-up gate.

Silver took his place stalwartly in the center of the path as Clara charged up her Medigun on him. Autumn spun up her minigun, standing next to Fern's dispenser. Tornado moved into a hidden niche where he could burn the robots.

They all were ready. Wave 666 had begun.

Chapter I

The roar of almost a hundred flamethrowers and tramping robot feet rolled over the hills surrounding Ghost Town, and the mercs paused. It was so daunting, it almost pushed them back. Almost. They were battle-hardened and ready for the challenge.

The roar of the Brass Beast called out over the still air, ripping apart robots as they hit the ground. Tornado's Backburner let loose a jet of flame, toasting several robots unlucky enough to be in the way. Gray's headshot exploded against a Giant Demoman, blowing it apart - as well as the several medics healing it. Fern's sentries activated, stopping the robots in their tracks. The red-and-white checkered bomb hit the ground, waiting to be picked up again.

A wave of Pyros came over the ridge, torn apart almost as they hit the ground. The team was actually doing quite well.

The Administrator's voice came over the speakers, cold and hard. "A Spy has entered the area!"

Two seconds after the announcement, Gray's Kukri bit into cold metal.

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