The Death Penalty

Author: Silver
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress


Sophie was living the dream life in high school. A boyfriend, popularity, grades, a car, everything. But, when her father is accused of murder, her whole world comes crashing down.

Chapter 1

I pulled up in front of the school. My red Mercedes Benz shone in the sunlight, without a single paint scratch. I stepped out, grabbed my backpack, and joined my group of friends heading up to West High. Jessica smiled when she saw me, and whispered, "You will not believe what happened!" "What?" 

"Jacob asked me out!" She squealed, bouncing to a stop in front of me. "Oh my God!" I screamed. "I know!" Jessica beamed, "I can't wait for our date! It's this Friday!" "What? That's like, tomorrow!" I gasped, nearly dropping my phone. 

Lucy and Piper squeezed in on ether side of us. They were both single, but not for long. All the guys fawned over them. "Ugh, we have Social Studies, Math, extracurricular, and P.E." Lucy groaned dramatically, clutching her stomach. "I hate P.E." Jessica sighed.

The bell rang, and we ran to our lockers. They were all next to each other. "Where's Amanda?" I asked, glancing around. "Oh, you know how she is. She's probably off somewhere kissing Matt." Piper smirked, but her eyes were playful.

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