Leader: Gold Fall

Deputy: Dawn Sky

Medicine Cat: Wind Streak

Warriors: Lightning Foot

Thunder Whisker

Yellow Trout

Apprentice, Mischievous Fly

White Dawn

Buttercup Petal

Apprentice, Young Bee

Daffodil Seed

Hawkweed Flower

Yellow Tulip

Honey Star

Bee Stripe

Apprentice, Dragonfly Wing

Honeybee Hive

Delicious Honey

Apprentices: Mischievous Fly

Young Bee

Dragonfly Wing

Queens:  Sun Drop - mother to Honey Lake and Rain Drizzle

Bright Sun - mother to Dandelion Seed

Elders: Golden Pelt


Leader: Spotted Bracken

Deputy: Swift Runner

Medicine Cat: Dotted River

Warriors: Sleek Fur

River Fisher

Hook Claw

Spotted Fur

Moth Patch

Butterfly Spots

Night Speckle


Leader: Shadow Stripe

Deputy: Night Wind

Medicine Cat: Whispering Dusk

Warriors: Thorn Stripe

Shade Snake

Moonless Night


LIONCLAN: They have golden fur and males have manes

An amazing sight, even when it rains

They live in the forest where SkyClan used to and ThunderClan lives

Making mistakes, they'll almost always forgive

Their prey are mice, squirrels, shrews and voles

Sometimes they eat rabbits, unless they run into their holes

LEOPARDCLAN: They don't have manes but they have spots

Their home is the river and the moor - how much prey is there? Lots!

They dine on rabbits, buzzards and lapwings

For fish like trout, salmon, and carp they go fishing

Moor prey may hide underground in leaf-bare

But river prey is always there

TIGERCLAN: They are orange with jet-black stripes, and the pine forest is their home

With marshes surrounded by lots of things like stones

They can eat forest prey like LionClan's, but they also dine on frogs and toads

When they are full they can weigh loads!

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