"I say this is a total waste of time." said Tom Roberson, fidgeting nervously.

"And I say you're a coward!" roared his commander, Valeria Foley.

"And I say we're almost there." added Dennis Hill, remaining cool-faced.

Dennis, Valeria, and Tom were on a recon mission from King Royal. The sweltering hot air of the summer heat bared down on them, and made this mission none too comfortable. They were searching the abandoned area of the Captain department. They had heard rumors of monsters, rogue agents, and possibly demons running around in the Captain department. All around them, there were crumbled buildings, piles of rocks, and ransacked stores. Our three heroes were decked-out in camo. They are armed with M-16 assault rifles, all tricked out with laser-pointers, and night-vision scopes. Tom Roberson was new to Parker academy, a recent branch of the Royal armed forces. As such, he wasn't as hardened as Dennis and Valeria.

"I am not a coward." Tom muttered under his breath.


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