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In Progress

Original Story (based society on The Selection)

BTW, no offense to countries in this story, and, no, I'm not racist or anything relating to that. I'm just using countries' names. Plus, some information may be inaccurate now, but that's because it's a new world and such.


There are Sections of society in our country.

If you are a One, you are royalty. The world is served to you on a silver platter.

If you are Two, you are upper class. You get just about everything you want.

If you are Three, you are the upper middle class. You get most things you want, but not all.

If you are Four, you are the lower middle class. You don't get a lot of what you want, but get everything you need.

If you are Five, you get everything you need, but none of what you want.

If you are Six, you don't get everything you need, and never anything extra.

If you are Seven, you rarely get what you need, and never anything extra.

If you are an Eight, you are homeless, and almost never have anything, needed or wanted. You are as good as dead. 

I am a One. I always got everything I wanted, no questions asked. I was taught how to be a princess, how to be the perfect everything. The Imperial Palace is beautiful, with servants and such to wait on me everywhere I go. I get to travel to different countries, be on the News, wear amazing dresses, everything person could dream for and more. But, I've never seen my own country. I've traveled to The Chinese Americas, The Russian Province, The African Country, The England States, The Alaskan Grounds, and The Australian Country. My name is Arianna.

I am a Seven. I've never gone to bed without being hungry, never worn anything other than ratty jeans, hand-me-down shirts, and worn-out boots. My home is a broken-down house on the fringe of town, with two brothers and a sister. Sometimes I wonder what other places and other Sections are like. The only places I've ever been is my town, in the Colombian Province. My name is Gemma.

Chapter 1-Arianna

I wake up to my maids shaking me gently. I rub my eyes and sit up, stretching. My head maid, Martha, is taking out the dress I'm gong to wear today to the party. As I remember the party, I leaped up and quickly started undressing. My two other maids, Clara and Amanda, had already gotten the rest of my outfit together. 

Martha pulls the dress over my head, and begins arranging it in such a way as to make it swish out at the bottom, but be form-fitting on the top. Clara begins twisting and bushing my hair, making it fall in waves down my back. She placed a clip in my hair with a flower on it. Then Amanda put my feet into some high heels, tightened the straps, and stepped back. 

"We still need to put on makeup." Martha says quickly, and pulls out my kit. She applies it carefully, with the help of Clara and Amanda. When they're done, I look into the mirror curiously. I'm wearing a white dress with gold accents, emphasizing me long, golden-yellow hair. My shoes are gold, and I shimmer slightly when I walk. My makeup was applied gently, so I looked like me, while erasing faults. 

I run out of the room as fast as I can in my heels, walk downstairs, and go into the Dining Hall. My father, King Alex The Second, was sitting in his throne-chair. My mother, Queen Sasha, was sitting on his right. They were both waiting for me. I walked quickly to my spot, on the king's left, and was immediately served a giant plate of pancakes and strawberry pastries. I eat for a while, then ask, "Father, when will our guests from the African Country be arriving?" 

"Late this afternoon, for the banquet at dinner." The King answered, glancing at me. "Yes, Father." I respond automatically, turning my attention back to my hungry stomach. I hadn't felt this hungry in  long time. I usually behaved well, but yesterday I sort of knocked over a delegate from the African Country when he came to make sure the plans were going alright. Because of that, I was sent to bed without dinner. 

When I finished eating, I asked, "May I be excused, Father? I would like to check on the banquet, see if anything's wrong. If that's okay with you." He nodded, and started talking to the Queen about whether he should wear his crown or not. "Wear it. You need to make a good impression or we'll never get their alliance." That was all I heard, because by then I had left the Hall.  

I go to our Banquet Hall, where decorations are already being put up. The African Country loved their yellow and purple African Daisy, their national flower. So the royal family was wearing yellow, and the servants, maids, butlers, etc. were wearing purple. We also had flower decor which was their flower, of course, and ribbons and streamers. It was well put together, like we had been working for months rather than a week.  

Our cooks had been working nonstop preparing food, and my mouth watered at the smell of lemon cakes. They were probably my favorite dessert in the Palace, tying with the strawberry pastries. A cook walked over, bowed, and asked, "Your Highness, is there anything I can get you? Is anything lacking?" 

"It all looks great. You'll all be wearing purple, correct?" I ask, noticing his white work clothes with a burn in the corner from steeping to close to the fire. "Yes, Your Highness. Her Majesty told us to wait until we were done preparing to change, so as not to mess anything up." He replied, nodding his head. "That's it. Please, get back to work now." He bowed again, and backed away to the kitchens. 

I started out the Banquet Hall, but was stopped as a voice called, "Your Highness, you dropped this!" I stopped at turned. A young servant sprinted up to me, bowed, and handed me the clip with the flower. I put it on, and smiled gently. "Thank you." "It's my honor, Your Highness." The girl gulped, staring at me, "I've never seen you in person before. You're even more beautiful than on the News." 

I was about to respond when Queen Sasha placed a hand on my shoulder. The servant immediately dropped into a bow. "Your Majesty. How may I help you?" "You can start by doing your job. This is an important banquet, and I want everything perfect." The Queen snapped. The servant bowed and scampered away. I stared at my mother. She was always so nice, I guess the stress was getting to her. 

"Come along, Arianna, we have work to do. You still need to rehearse your speech." Sasha led me away to my room. She saton my bed, gestruing for my maids to sit next to her. "I am the King of The African Country, they are other royal members." My maids bowed and sat down on the bed, keeping a respectful distance from the Queen. 

"People of The African Country, welcome to our Columbian Province. Your Majesties, it is an honor to meet other rulers of countries unlike or own. I would like to extend the offer of an alliance with your country, so as to make both our countries stronger, and to understand more about each other. We respect your traditions and ways. 

"However, if you choose not to accept the alliance, the offer will always stand. Thank you for considering our offer." I bowed, and walked over to a chair and sat. Queen Sasha nodded approval. "I like how you offered, but didn't make it seem like you were forcing their hand. Well done." My maids applauded politely. "Thank you, Your Highness." I say, looking at my shoes. 

"Don't act like that except in public. Please, honey, call me 'mother' or 'Sasha' around here." Sasha pulled a face, "I get enough of that from everyone else." "Yes... mother," I try. It sounds natural, good instead of being formal all the time. The Queen, no, Sasha, smiles. "Let's get ready. The King will be arriving in 15 minutes." She sweeps out of the room befoe my maids can even react and say good-bye properly. 

I followed after the Queen, and went to the banquet. Then, the African Country's royalty came. 

They were pleasant, listening to my speech, nodding and whispering to each other. When we all finished, we ate and drank and danced. Finally, the King from African Country climbed up to the podium. He was limping heavily--a result of a rebel attack--and cleared his throat. "I appreciate the offer of an alliance, but, however, I must decline. My family thinks that we don't need help, and I agree. I'm sorry. Thank you for the amazing food, the beautiful decorations, and the wonderful speech from your princess." 

Then he swept out of the Banquet Hall, his family and delegates following, and left. Once he was gone, I raised my eyebrows. "Well, at least he was polite." I say, to no one in particular. The King--my father-- suddenly grabbed his wineglass ad threw it against the wall. It shattered into pieces. "Clean it up!" He barked to a servant, and stormed out. "Listen, Arianna, why don't you go to bed?" Sasha asked, pushing me out of the room. 

I went upstairs, and flopped into bed, not bothering to change. "Your Highness? What's wrong?" Martha asked, coming over. The other maids followed a lttle behind her, their eyes worried but curious. "They refused." I snapped. "But that doesn't make any-" Martha began. "Shut up! Just leave me alone!" I shouted. My maids' eyes widened, but they left. 

It was a long time before I fell asleep. 

Chapter 2-Gemma

I wake up to the feeling of a pain in my stomach. I sit up, stretch, and get up. After all, I have a day of work ahead of me. I wasn't going to waste time--which means money-- for comfort. Not that I had any. I put on some jeans, which have tears and holes, a raggedy shirt, and my pair of boots. The only shoes I owned, and they were starting to get more holes on the sole. I tie the laces, and leave the house, steeping carefully over my siblings so as not to wake them. 

I walk about a mile before I reach the place where I work. A Seven, such as me, works doing menial tasks. Most are the servant class, working for Ones, Twos, Threes, and the occasional Four. I, however, work at a Three's store, putting things on the proper racks and shelves, sweeping, and cleaning. It was dull, and earned me little money. But it was money, and I needed it badly to keep my family going. 

I walk into the store, and notice that Carie, the Three in charge, was watching me. "You're late." She saidshorlty, pointing to the clock. I look at it, and say, "I'm only five minutes late." "Five minutes is lat enough." Carie snapped. She was strict about everything, and I really didn't want to lose half my paycheck over five minutes. "Won't happen again, ma'am." "You better hope not." Carie says shortly, "now, start putting everything where it belongs."

I start taking crates over to the right aisles and racks, putting them on the right shelves, when I hear the door chime. I walk quickly to the front of the store, since Carie was busy out back. "How can I help you?" I ask, stopping in front of them. It's a man, a Two by the looks of him, and his wife. 

"Need some tomatos, and feta cheese." The Two ordered me. I nod, and say, "Aisles two and five." "Get it for me, you lazy bitch!" He snapped, shoving me. I bite back a retort and get the tomatoes and cheese. When I return, the woman was pocketing some apples."Hey!" I shout, walking towards her. The man grabbed me around the waist and lifted me into the air. 

"Don't go near my wife!" He barked, holding me tightly. The woman smiled at me coldly, and kept shoving food into her purse. When it was full, she closed the clasp and nodded to her husband. Then her eyes widened, and she dropped her purse. He whipped around, carrying me with him. Carie was standing behind us, watching. 

"You were stealing from my store." Carie said shortly. It wasn't a question, and the Twos' faces went pale. "Empty it out. Now." The woman emptied her purse onto the counter and backed against a wall, shaking. The man dropped me onto the floor and went against the wall with his wife. "Please, let us go." He asked imploringly. 

Carie shook her head and picked up the telephone. "Hello, this is Carie Starling, I would like to report a robbery." She said into it. The man gasped in horror and the woman fainted. They knew that with the amount they had stolen, they would be immediately executed. Even Twos couldn't break the laws. Only Ones had that power. 

Within minutes, the police were here, and the Twos were being taken away. 


I shove the money into my pocket, and flip the sign to "Closed". 

"On time tomorrow." Carie orders, walking to her car. I nod, and start towards my home. Everyday, to get back, I have to walk past the town square. As I go by, I freeze. There's two corpses lying in the center, pools of blood around them. I surpress my gag instinct, knowing I will have to pass them. 

I walk towards them, and already know who it'll be. The Twos who stole from the store. Sure enough, I recognize their faces. As I walk around their blood, I can't help but wonder: Why would Twos bother stealing? I mean, they have everything. They could more than afford all that stuff they were stealing. The only reasonable explanation was that they thought it was fun. 


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