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Wisdom's Missing Egg


Wisdom, a gray-feathered owl with white specks and a matching cat head, was the oldest and wisest of the catowls. She was the leader of the tribe of hybrids, the offspring of cats and owls, or the offspring of a female catowl and a male catowl. Usually, cat-and-owl offspring sprouted their other features at one year. Some were more owl and some were more cat.

Wisdom's daughter was named Athena, and she was about to receive a little sister. A little sister!

One day, Wisdom found her egg-nest empty. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she cried.

And the story begins... NOW!!!

Amber, the pale brown tabby with amber eyes, woke up on the day of her first birthday half-owl. Her tail was tail feathers and she had sprouted wings. Then she realized she had extraordinarily good night sight. It was still half dark.

Her wings were spread across the living room carpet, and she tucked them in. Then she just barely squeezed through the cat door installed in the human door. She soared like a misfired gun bullet and landed in her friend's yard. Maisie jumped off the roof of the house.

"WHOA!!!" Maisie screamed. "Ambie, c'mon! None'o ma hoomans can seeya!"

Amber ignored Maisie's heavy country accent. She still didn't know where Maisie's family came from. But she obliged and followed Maisie through her yard. She pointed at a hedge with her tail. "Lotsa catowls use this large den as a restin' place, then they go through the toonel daown t'the fahrest where Weesdum lives wi' th'resta them catowls."

Amber nodded and headed down the tunnel. "None'o mah hoomans know 'bout th'toonel nor th'den. They jus' think this is one'o th'random 'oles I've dug rannum tams," Maisie explained. Amber's head poked out under the hedge and looked around with Maisie at all the gigantic pits. "They can' fiddown 'ere good'nough t'know this in't one'o the regyalar holes I've dug."

Amber sped down into the den, and she consented to take a nap. When her head next poked out of the hole, it seemed about half to noon. Around 6:00, she thought.

She crawled back down the tunnel and through the den, down the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there was a hollow log, and Amber crawled through it. A young catowl, a bright golden tabby with blue eyes and owl wings as well as four owl feet.

"I'm Clawdia!" the tabby giggled. "Kind of ironic, right?" She waggled one front claw in Amber's face.

"Mm-hmm," Amber said sarcastically. "Now are you going to take me to Wisdom?"

"Oop!" Clawdia giggled. She was seriously getting annoying. "Flyyyyyy with meeeee!"

Amber sighed and took to the air, following Clawdia, who was annoyingly doing backflips and twirls. Finally, Amber got enough of the backflips and twirls.


Clawdia sighed. "Everyone gets sick of my stupid backflipping and twirling. Well, then, come on. Follow me." She stopped doing tricks and dully flew the rest of the way to the main pavilion.

The main pavilion was made of sticks woven with vines. The highest part was were the catowls had made the pavilion about an average cat's tail-length high, and on top was a nest, where Wisdom resided during the morning visiting hours.

"Clawdia, who is this?" Wisdom asked.

"Perhaps the prophecied one," Clawdia announced solemnly.

"Uh, can you tell me what the prophecy even is?" Amber asked.

Wisdom nodded. She passed Amber a piece of bark that read:

When the egg of the eldest is taken away
One moon-cycle later a new catowl comes to follow her fate
Quickly the egg she will retrieve
And she will bring back in captivity the thief

Amber read the inscription on the bark in amazement. "You guys know how to write?" she asked.

Wisdom nodded. "Of course we do," she replied. "Some of the greatest authors were originally pure cat, or pure owl. But once in a while, our fortune-telling owl, Mystic, spouts out a prophecy. Usually she just writes down a fortune. That is Mystic's curse. She once told a warrior-like owl, Stormbringer the Destroyer, that eventually he would be a scholar, and he nearly destroyed the forest. The humans thought it was a mudslide. But when she sees the future, she cannot speak, and she can only write down in the near future. But with prophecies, she can speak the future, and it is immediately written down on a new page in our book of prophecies."

Just then, Amber noticed that the bark was bound with long grass. She flipped to the previous page.

When the next catowl is born to catowl parents,
The forest will eventually suffer great torrents
The immortal Destroyer shall be woken from his slumber
And then he will bring down this world with great thunder
The destined catowl will have to make a choice
The catowl's power will drain out the noise
And the catowl will choose to either destroy or defend the world

Amber gasped. It was crazy that it was recorded like that, so accurately. On the back of that page it read:

Subject of Prophecy: Bluestorm
Summary of Prophecy: When Bluestorm was born, Stormbringer awoke and tried to persuade her to join his cause. Bluestorm rose in a 'slumberlike' position and she woke up. She chose to join the catowls and destroyed Stormbringer for all eternity - only a prophecied catowl has the powers to permanently destroy another prophecied. Immortality is only for major prophecy subjects.

Whoa! Amber gasped in her thoughts. Bluestorm... Bluestorm!! The mysterious gray-blue cat with an owl head and wings watching Amber and Clawdia in one of the trees - that was Bluestorm!

Bluestorm glided down to the pavilion and settled in her nest, the one next to Wisdom's. "Welcome, catowl," she announced. "I am Bluestorm."

"I knew," Amber replied, simply.

"How?" Bluestorm asked.

"This prophecy happened fifty years ago," Amber announced. "Before even Wisdom's time. Most live only to twenty or thirty. You must be Bluestorm, for only you could live this long."

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