The Black Falls

Author: Birdpaw
Rating: Explicit
Status: In Progress
Preceding: The Stars Call
Succeeding: N/A

Feels like I'm frozen,

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to run, from here.

These walls are closing, Closing me in.

Wearing me thin, with fear.


This is a nightmare

It's got to be a nightmare

James Raner clicked his hands on the wheel nervously, Marn was pacing the bridge, it was starting to irritate him. "Marn, we're nervous enough as it is, sit down." He snapped.

Marn sat down, but resorted to spinning the chair as a replacement, he looked like he had seen a ghost, neither Nyra or Aelius were nowhere to be found, James mentally beat himself up, I should have known... I should have gone down with them. He thought darkly.

Marn finally stopped, Enna had her hands on her head, and she murmured, "They must still be down there, Marn, what the hell happened to her?"

"I don't know, I walk into a room, Nyra was just outside, then all of a sudden, I walk out and she isn't there anymore." Marn said in the calmest voice he could muster. James wasn't fooled, Marn was a nervous wreck, but he had to hand it to him, he was keeping really calm even with his nervousy.

James murmured, "We'll find them, Marn, if they're still there, I'll go down myself if I have too."

"I don't think that'd be wise of you." Enna mumbled.

"We don't have another choice," Marn retorted, "If you go, I'm coming with you."

James only nodded, I know arguing with Marn would be pointless right now... He thought, and looked at the wheel thoughfully, then Enna asked, "So you're leaving the ship with Keren?"

"He's recovered from the concussion, he should be fine, he did well even with the concussion when we were fighting the Destroyer, he's a fair flyer, I'll admit." James explained.

Enna shrugged, "Good point." She murmured, and turned back to the her station.

Marn murmured, "You think they're okay?"

"Nyra, maybe, Aelius... It's hard to say with him, I had a feeling this would happen, what with the choice of place, when we get him back he might be a bit touchy, so I'd be careful for a while." James explained.

"He's my brother, why would he be touchy?" Marn asked.

"You tell me Marn, I warned you both that it was the place of nightmares." James grumbled quietly.

Marn frowned, and looked downtrodden, "I just want them both back home." He murmured.

James sighed and looked at the blue marble that was Earth, "Me too, Marn, we all do." He mumbled, and narrowed his eyes angrily.

Chapter 1

I will not break

I will not waver, not ever!

Nyra was thrown into a room, and she finally had the chance to take off her blindfold, she turned to berate whoever did this, but there was no door. She looked downwards, where she was standing in a mucky black liquid, Aelius was sitting a bit aways from her, not moving an inch. She murmured, "How did they get all of this stuff?"

Aelius didn't answer, but she brushed it off, "This stuff is really thick," she observed, taking two heavy steps forward. Nyra jumped when she heard something, but it was only her and Aelius. She sighed, and murmured, "Okay, we need to get out of here, I know what this stuff does, Aelius-" She stopped, Aelius still hadn't moved, and she thought in horror, Is he even breathing?

She did her best to run up to him, and she asked, "Aelius?"

Aelius finally moved, and looked up, Nyra blinked when his face had gone white from sheer terror, he sat up, and looked around, flinching at nothing, he returned to his position, and murmured, "What have I..."

Nyra wasn't sure what he was talking about, but she knew what was going on, she jumped in front of him, which caused him to jump back. She snapped, "Get a hold of yourself Aelius! What's going on?!"

Aelius frowned, and Nyra stopped, he looked exhausted, dead even. His breathing was coming in short breaths, Nyra reached her hand forwards, but he shook his head, he closed his eyes and held his head, "Not right now, Nyra... Leave me alone..." He whispered quietly.

No... No, don't have a breakdown now... We need to get out, I can't do this by myself... Nyra thought in horror, and she said, "Aelius it's just stupid black liquid, it's not anything else!"

Aelius murmured in a flat voice, "That's the thing... I don't see the black stuff, there's a reason even the gas form of this stuff is morally ambigious..."

Nyra looked around, "Sorry, Aelius, but that's what it is, black stuff, what are you seeing?" She asked.

Aelius finally looked up, his gaze was broken, he murmured, "I'd rather not say, let's leave it at that..."

Nyra groaned, and kicked the liquid in frustration, which caused Aelius to close his eyes again. She growled, "I'm going to get us out of here," she looked back at Aelius who didn't move. Nyra sighed, and murmured, "That's okay, you just sit there, not help."

"Nyra, now's not really the time for sass." Aelius murmured, and seemed to shrink into himself.

"Aelius, come on, talk to me, you've been acting weird long before this." Nyra finally sat in front of him, even though the liquid made her feel uncomfortable.

Aelius looked up, and then asked, "What do you see in this room?"

Nyra tipped her head, then murmured, "Well, you, me, this black stuff, and you know, nothing else, it's really dark in this room."

Aelius seemed to consider her answer, and he murmured, "I guess it doesn't affect you like it does me..." He returned to staring down at his hands, which were also filled with black stuff.

"Why wouldn't it?" Nyra mused.

Aelius looked her straight in the eye, and asked, "Tell me, Nyra, what is the most horrifying thing you've ever seen, and don't say needles, how many times have you witnessed something that genuinely terrified you?" Nyra stared at him, and when he didn't waver, she looked up at the roof.

"I... Well, there was when Marn grabbed that Gorgot for me, then of course, the incident with Keren that caused him to be scared of Gorgots and..." Nyra hesitated, then reached into her pocket, "This picture kind of freaked me out too."

Aelius took it with shaking hands, he looked down at it, and his expression seemed to change, instead of shaking, he froze up. He murmured, "I haven't seen this picture in a long time."

"What is it?" Nyra asked, she blinked when he passed it back to her, as if he didn't want to look at it anymore.

"It's of this lab, I used to work here before I worked at the hospitol, let's just leave it at that," Aelius mumbled, and continued, "Not counting the picture, you witnessed two things that terrified you, not even the Destroyer broke you like that, the liquid doesn't have that effect on you because you haven't seen a lot of horrifying things to have it truly work."

Nyra looked down at the liquid as well, and she asked, "Would it work on Captain Raner, or Marn?"

"James, yes, Marn, no." Aelius whispered quietly.

Nyra frowned, "Why just you two and not me or Marn?" She whispered.

"I won't tell you, I don't want you imagining it, if there's a chance that this stuff will start affecting you as well, no..." Aelius murmured, and shook his head, "I'm sorry, Nyra, this is why I told you to leave, why I was so intent on forcing you to leave, I didn't want to fight you, I just didn't want you or Marn suffering like me and James have." He whispered.

Nyra murmured, "That doesn't mean you should let it destroy you like it already has, we need to get out, we need to go home." 

Aelius laughed, and he murmured, "I see blood. I'm surrounded by it, and the ghosts that have come to haunt me from my past," Nyra blinked when his eyes got watery, but he still wasn't cracking, which was impressive, "I have so much blood on my hands due to my past mistakes, because of my stubborness and ignorance, you have no idea, and I hope you never will get an idea." He finally sighed.

"Aelius, they're not actually here though, this isn't... This isn't blood though..." Nyra murmured, and took some of the liquid in her hands, she let it drop, and murmured, "Mara said this was a hallucinogen, it was meant to do this to people... I see why you didn't even want to use the sedative back when you had the hospital, were the effects of this that great then too?" She asked.

Aelius shook his head, "The gas isn't as powerful, but still holds some resemblance, it often caused chronic nightmares, a huge price to pay just to suppress the symptoms of the virus," he explained, Nyra could only watch as he finally cracked, and he whispered, "I did everything I could, and even after all of that, it just burnt to the ground, it still feels like I didn't even do enough, I'm supposed to help people, supposed to heal them, but I couldn't even do that when it was most important. I ended up losing everything." He murmured, and finally turned away from Nyra.

Nyra frowned, and murmured, "I'm so confused, it's like some people know things I don't, but... I guess a vague idea is better than none, I'm going to get us out of here." She stood up while Aelius watched.

She felt the walls for any sign of a door or switch, but she felt chills go up her back, she looked around. Aelius seemed to have sensed her change of tension, because he stood up quickly.

"Aelius...?" Nyra gasped when something descended from the shadows, Aelius grabbed her from behind, and jumped away from the large beast.

"Thanks." Nyra murmured. Aelius let go, and murmured, "What is that?"

"Can't tell, can't see anything, we better hurry and find a light." Nyra said quickly, and ran along the walls, followed by Aelius. She stopped, and growled in frustration, "I can't find anything!"

Aelius brushed his hand across the wall with his eyes closed, Nyra flinched when bright light filled the place. The creature was huge, a bit smaller than the pit, but covered in the liquid, Aelius looked like he was about to be sick. Nyra murmured, "What do we do?"

Aelius didn't answer, Nyra was worried he was going to pass out, Nyra growled, and zig zagged through the beast's feet, she slashed at whatever she could hit, causing it to lean forward. It hissed, and turned to face her, she took a step back, but it was almost not enough, Aelius pulled her away from it's jaws.

The hit caused some of the liquid to splash up, Nyra murmured, "You think you can hit it from up there?"

"Yeah, if you can get it to lower it's head." He replied.

Nyra waved her spear, and started attacking it's leg's again, the thing hissed, and turned to face Nyra, Aelius was faster though, he struck his spear through it's lower jaw, it screeched, and lunged forward, but Aelius jumped back, Nyra saw a glimpse of his clothes getting caught on one of it's smaller teeth.

The creature backed them up to a wall, Nyra murmured, "This isn't really how I planned on kicking the bucket."

Aelius seemed to be thinking quickly, but the roof tore apart, a rather large salvager ship clamped the roof, two people roped down. Nyra widened her eyes when the other person let go of the rope, leaping down at the beast with a double bladed scythe, the thing screeched, but the person was faster, they dug the blade deep into it's head, and it stilled.

The other person roped down fully, and looked around.

The cloaked person took off their mask, and Nyra was relieved it was Captain Raner, "You guys okay?" He asked, he shuffled through the liquid, a look of disgust on his face.

"I'm fine." Nyra said, Marn took off his mask, and he sighed, "Nice..."

Aelius stood up fully, but Nyra blinked when he paled majorly, Captain Raner grumbled, "Don't rush yourself, Aelius."

"Sorry, I need a minute." Aelius said calmly, and smiled. Captain Raner nodded, and looked around.

Nyra sighed, and sat down on the floor, "Aw man, this is the secnd time I've gotten abducted, this is getting irritating." She grumbled.

Captain Raner walked up to her, and asked, "Are you okay?"

Nyra sighed, and nodded, "Yeah, just remind me not to get abducted again at the chance there's a possibilty I might." She said quietly.

Marn laughed, and brushed his hand through his hair, "No worries, I'll remind you," he turned to his brother who was leaning against a wall, "How about you, how are you feeling?" He asked.

Aelius looked up at his brother, and said flatly, "I'm fine." Marn and Nyra stared at him in shock.

Captain Raner looked at him, and grunted, "No you're not." He and Aelius stared each-other down, Nyra noticed he was clutching his arm tightly, she thought darkly, That's not like him to brush off an injury. She blinked when Aelius stared down at her, and shook his head slowly. Nyra watched as he turned back to Captain Raner, and said, "I'm fine, don't worry about it."

Captain Raner sighed, and they all watched as Aelius trudged through the goop to the wall, Nyra and Marn frowned, Captain Raner turned to follow him, and he pointed out gently, "We might as well take his word for it."

Marn looked down-trodden at that, Nyra brushed his shoulder, and murmured, "Come on, let's go."

She walked up to the wall, and Captain Raner took out his scythe, and burst open the wall, he and Aelius walked through it, followed by Marn and Nyra tagging behind. Marn soon caught up to them, but Nyra continued to straggle, she watched Marn's defeated gaze, and narrowed her eyes when Aelius also seemed to be struggling, his face paled, but his face was flat. If he was hurt, he wasn't showing it.

Nyra took a couple of bunny steps forward, and finally ran full speed with the intention of revealing Aelius's injury, but she gasped when Aelius stepped to face the wall, and continued walking as Nyra regained her balance. Marn stared at her, but Captain Raner acted as if nothing happened.

She looked back at Marn, who only walked dejectedly past her, she growled in annoyance, but continued to walk normally. Captain Raner looked back at Nyra, and smiled. Nyra blinked, and nodded, she turned to Aelius as they walked, who didn't look too good, she thought quickly as Captain Raner turned back with his hands in his pockets.

Nyra brushed her hand over her weapon, and readied herself, she saw Aelius eyeing her in disbelief. She smiled when he finally brought his arms closer to himself as if shielding them. Nyra matched his pace, at which he ignored her. Marn looked confused.

Nyra brushed her hands together, at which Aelius widened his eyes, Nyra brought out her scythe, which caused Aelius to bring out his spear, but he flinched at the movement finally, and his spear dropped to the ground. They all stopped and turned to Aelius, he finally relented, and said quietly, "It caught me."

Marn widened his eyes as Aelius let his arms drop, a rather small tooth was lodged into his arm, Captain Raner stared at him in disbelief, Aelius murmured, "It's not a big thing."

He eyed Nyra when he pulled the tooth out, and let it drop, he asked Marn, "Can I borrow your pack for a second?"

Marn passed him the pack in shock and sadness, he brought out the first aid kit, and patched himself up. He stood back up and passed the pack back to Marn, "There? Satisfied?" He asked Nyra quietly, and continued walking, his eyes dark. Nyra frowned, and felt tears welling up in her eyes.

She gasped when Captain Raner patted her head, and mumbled, "You did a good thing." He continued on, while Marn stood beside her.

"What happened in there, Nyra?" Marn asked in a faint voice.

Nyra looked at him, his gaze was a worried one as he stared at his brother walking away from them both. Nyra whispered, "Captain was right, it was place of nightmares. Literally." She whispered, and continued forward, her hands in her pockets as if in shame. Aelius looked frustrated, while Captain Raner looked slightly amused while worried at the same time.

Marn followed her slowly with a lost expression on his face.

Captain Raner turned on his communicator, and asked, "Keren, are you coming or not?"

Nyra heard Keren's voice from the speaker, "Yes, captain."

"Don't crash the ship." Captain Raner said flatly, and they finally reached the entrance. Aelius looked around sadly, Nyra drifted her eyes to the paper Marn left, she grabbed it, and stuffed it into her pocket. They walked outside, and Marn breathed a sigh of relief. Nyra sighed too, and looked around.

Marn seemed to be trying to get his brother's attention, but to no avail. Aelius seemed to be spaced out, Captain Raner wasn't paying attention to either of them though, and kept his eyes on the sky. Nyra followed his gaze to see the fluffy clouds of Earth, she stared at them in amazement.

James seemed to twitch, and murmured, "Here he comes."

Nyra blinked when the low hum of the ship came into view, and landed gracefully, They all watched as Keren hopped onto the wing, and sat down. He waved excitedly, Captain Raner nodded as he walked up to the ship, and jumped on the wing as well, he sat down, and asked Aelius, "Do you need some time?"

Aelius finally broke from staring at nothing, and he said calmly, "I think I'm okay."

Nyra noticed Keren's gaze drift from Aelius to the lab, and he frowned. Nyra looked back at the lab as well, and crossed her arms. Keren turned to Captain Raner, "The gates closed when I went through them." He reported.

"That's odd, it's not time to close them." Captain Raner muttered, Marn jumped up onto the wing with them.

"Maybe something happened? This is a quarantine after all, I wouldn't be surprised if the schedule's would have to shift," Marn explained, he looked up at the sky, and nodded, "We just have to wait it out." He said quietly.

Keren asked quietly, "Can we not wait it out here though?"

They all looked back at the lab except Aelius, who just stared at the ship. Marn noticed his brother's odd behaviour, and murmured, "Why though? Why would they bring you here of all places?"

Nyra knew Aelius wasn't going to answer that question, so she answered for him, "Apparently they wanted information on the virus, he wasn't specific on who it was trying to get it out of him." She narrowed her eyes at Aelius, who didn't move an inch. Keren stood up on the wing, and nodded.

"Come on, let's get out of here then." He said, and jumped into the pilots seat. Captain Raner sat beside him, watching him on the controls carefully. Marn helped Nyra get up, while Aelius climbed up himself.

Nyra was sat inbetween Aelius and Marn, she could feel the tense atmosphere as Keren raised the ship into the sky, and they flew into the sky. She shivered, and crossed her arms, trying not to look at either of them. Marn seemed to notice this, and he tried to make conversation, "So, you okay, Nyra?" He asked.

Nyra blinked, and finally looked at him, "Yeah, I'm fine." She reported, then finally turned to Aelius slowly, but he was not looking at either of them. Marn only stared at Aelius in disbelief, he poked Nyra's shoulder, and he leaned forwards, "What happened in there?" He asked quietly.

Nyra looked back, and explained under her breath, "I found him in this cell like thing, except I just kicked the door down, and we just ended up fighting and getting caught, they threw us into this pit full of the black liquid, that's when Aelius started acting weird. Apparently the stuff only effects people who've been through terrible things, so it didn't affect me as badly as it did him."

She looked back at Aelius, who didn't seem to have heard them. Keren and Captain Raner were being oddly quiet in front. Nyra shivered, at which finally Aelius seemed to notice her, and he asked, "Is there something wrong?"

Nyra blinked, and said, "I'm fine, just nervous."

Aelius narrowed his eyes, and finally broke away. Keren broke the silence again, and asked, "Is there any way to check the scheduling? I don't want to be stuck here all night."

Captain Raner brought out a small screen, and brushed his hand over it a couple times. He murmured, "Emergency shut-down. Estimated time is a couple of hours, emergency spaceships are exempt." He looked at Keren, who groaned.

Nyra looked at Marn, who was only staring straight, he looked pissed. She laughed nervously, and said, "It's not so bad, I mean, it could be worse."

Keren laughed as well, "I guess." 

Nyra sighed, she leaned back as Keren tried to conversate with Captain Raner, who was not making it easy for him. Nyra saw the small cities down below, she mused, "It's weird being the only Titan colonist here."

"Wasn't Enna from Titan?" Keren asked. Captain Raner only nodded, and Keren continued, "Nyra, Earth isn't that great right now, I wasn't even old enough to see the change."

Nyra frowned, and Marn murmured, "I remember at least, the constant reports of the virus, you'd think the world was ending, but since we've already made colonies, it didn't seem that big a deal until it started getting spotted on other planets."

"Then the galaxy started ending," Captain Raner murmured flatly. Nyra and Keren stared at him in disbelief, Nyra watched as Captain Raner reached into his coat pocket, and passed some pictures to Nyra, "Here, it's a couple of pictures from before the first reports."

Nyra shuffled through them, with Marn watching over her shoulder curiously. It was mostly lakes and forests, and it looked vastly different. The tree's were a beautiful green, while the lake's water was sparkling in the sunlight. Keren seemed curious, but had to keep his eyes on the sky. "It's beautiful." Nyra mused.

She passed them back to Captain Raner, and he murmured, "Yeah, the virus ravaged us." Captain Raner gave the pictures to Keren, and took over the co-pilot controls so Keren could flick through them as well. Nyra crossed her arms.

Marn leaned towards the window, and murmured, "James, the gate is flashing red."

Captain Raner blinked, and his eyes widened, he flicked open his communicator, and murmured, "Enna, report in."

"Yeah, James?" Enna's voice mused through the speaker.

Captain Raner looked out the window, and narrowed his eyes, "They're flashing red, something's going on," he growled, "You getting anything, what's going on?" He asked quickly.

Enna didn't answer for a couple minutes, and then she murmured, "It's nothing on Earth, but apparently Titan is dealing with a crisis. I don't think it's the virus though. If it is, they're being vague about it, it's most likely rebel's, they most likely shut down all the quarantines due to it, I'll let you know if anything from Earth pops up, Cap'n."

Enna's communicator lined out, and Captain Raner leaned in his seat, he murmured, "Rayan was adding fuel to the flames, what is he thinking?"

Nyra whispered, "Maybe he isn't?"

Marn shook his head, "No, he has a reasoning behind this." He whispered quietly.

Captain Raner sighed, "He was never a great supporter of the Galactic Sanctum, and apparently he's not the only one," he turned to Keren and ordered, "Set us down, we don't want to waste energy, we're going to be here a while."

Nyra stopped them both though, "Wait! Shouldn't we do something?" She asked quickly.

Keren blinked, and he mused, "I thought you didn't care much for Titan."

"I don't, but say it is the virus, or even rebels, we have to help somehow." Nyra answered calmly.

Captain Raner turned to look at her, a thoughtful look on his face, he sighed, "Normally, I'd say fine, but we can't get through the gates, they're on emergency lockdown, and we're not a emergency ship." He stopped though when Keren started turning the ship towards the gate, he turned to look at Keren with a gaze that looked like as if Keren gone nuts.

Keren only blinked, then finally turened to Captain Raner with a confused look, he shrugged, and said happily, "She does have a point, everyone was thinking it anyways."

Captain Raner sighed, and turned back to the controls, he waved his hand in submission, Keren smiled, and started driving towards the gate. Nyra felt her stomach clench, and Keren placed his hand on the speed lever. Captain Raner stared at him in disbelief.

Marn laughed rather nervously, Keren drove it forwards, and they sped up greatly towards the gate. Marn and Captain Raner flinched, but Aelius was fiddling with his own communicator, as if sending a message, Nyra blinked when Keren reached the gates, and they barreled through it with turbulence, Keren grabbed a switch on the dashboard, and turned it, the ship began to switch to space settings, and they flew towards Captain Raner's ship.

Marn and Captain Raner breathed a sigh of relief, Nyra looked at Aelius, and asked, "What did you do?"

"I sent a message to the gatekeepers, although they couldn't switch the gates that fast, they managed to get us through without any real issue," Aelius answered, "I just explained that we were going to send help to Titan."

Marn grunted, "Guess it pays to be the best doctor on Earth."

Aelius frowned at that, and turned away from them both. Nyra groaned inwardly, the tense atmosphere growing between them. Nyra shoved her hands on their shoulders, and she snapped, "If you're going to be tense around each-other, can you do it when I'm not in the middle of it?"

Marn huffed, Aelius shook his head, Nyra stared down Keren and Captain Raner, neither turned to glance at her. Nyra twitched, and crossed her arms dangerously. She eyed the two brothers, but they weren't looking at her either. Captain Raner mused, "I have to ask, Nyra, if you don't care about Titan, why want to help?"

"The last time this happened, I got dumped in an orphanage, they told me my parents died because of the virus, if there's something I can do, then I'm going to do it." Nyra hissed. Captain Raner smiled, and turned back, Keren laughed, and drove into the hanger.

Mara was leaning against a couple boxes, Keren landed smoothly in front of her, Nyra jumped out to meet her.

"Welcome back guys" Mara said, and waved.

"Thanks," Nyra mused, and watched Captain Raner leave towards the bridge to set their course. She murmured, "We're going to Titan."

Mara blinked, and she said, "Really? Well first, I have something to show you, I want your opinion on it."

Keren jumped out as well, his gaze curious, she took out small circular objects, he poked at them, "What are they?" He asked.

She smiled mischievously, and took one of her ship models out. She stuck one end to the ship, and looked around. Nyra watched as she squished it a bit, causing it to somewhat open up. She threw it towards Marn, he gasped and jumped out of the way when the thing stuck itself to the ship.

Nyra noticed Mara struggling to hold the ship, she smiled, and let go.

Keren and Nyra gasped when it flew towards the ship, and stuck to the other ball. Nyra laughed, "Those are some... Pretty powerful magnets."

Keren asked, "What are they supposed to be used for?"

Mara looked at him, and shrugged, "Haven't figured that out yet, this is kind of just the experimental stage, at any rate, I'm glad they work at least." She replied quickly.

Nyra watched Aelius leave towards the infirmary, his gaze was dark and lost. She stopped Marn who walked past, and she murmured, "You need to give Aelius some time."

Marn looked down at her, and he sighed, "Fine, I need to head to the bridge anyways, I hope you know what you plan to do, Nyra." Nyra let go, and he walked down the hallway to the bridge. Nyra frowned, and looked back at Mara and Keren, who seemed concerned.

Mara asked, "What happened?"

Nyra sighed, "Me and Aelius were thrown into a pit full of the hallucinogen, and I wasn't effected like he was."

Keren shivered, while Mara asked, "Why didn't it effect you? It did when Rayan gave it to you." She pointed out.

Nyra blinked, and murmured, "Maybe because of the amount, it was only enough to give me bad dreams, Aelius told me it'd only effect people who went through real traumatic experiences, like him and Captain Raner. Not us, well, possibly Keren but not you or me."

Keren widened his eyes, and he asked, "Did Aelius tell you what he saw?"

She stared at them both, she took a deep breath, and she murmured, "Aelius must have seen some pretty horrific things, that's all I'm going to say."

Mara seemed to be thinking quickly, "I wonder..." She whispered. Keren and Nyra glanced at her, and she explained, "Aelius just can't bottle it up, that's his problem, it's making it worse the longer he holds it inside." 

Nyra looked back where Marn had left, "It's not like he'd talk about it with his brother though."

"He wouldn't talk about it with anybody," Keren finally piped up, "I can understand why he might not want too." He murmured thoughtfully, but jumped when Mara and Nyra fully turned to him. Nyra reached her hand into her pocket, and took out Aelius's note.

"Do you know what this means, Keren?" Nyra whispered darkly. Keren carefully took it from her, and read it over slowly.

Mara and Nyra watched his expression change, his hands clutched at the paper tightly. He finally looked up, and murmured flatly, "I don't know."

Nyra widened her eyes, Is... Keren lying? She thought in surprise. Mara seemed to notice this as well, but didn't say anything. Keren laughed, and passed the note back to Nyra, "Maybe you should ask Aelius yourself, the terms he'd understand." Her and Mara watched him leave towards the bridge with his hands behind his head. Mara narrowed her eyes.

"He's stressed." Mara whispered.

Nyra blinked, and realised that Keren was, like Aelius, he had quirks that often held the signs of whether he was stressed or not. She thought, I've known Keren and Mara for a while now, Keren always puts his hands behind his head like it was hurting him, or something is bugging him...

Nyra looked down at the note, while Mara looked over her shoulder, Mara whispered, "I wonder what it is that's bugging him? Aelius isn't the only one that needs to be somewhat open."

Nyra murmured, "I'm going to the bridge too, maybe I can get it out of him."

Mara waved her gloved hands, and returned to her workshop, Nyra ran to catch up with Keren, who now had his hands at his sides. She stopped at his side, and placed the note back in her pocket. He asked, "Anyways, what's your plan for Titan? If it's rebels, do you plan on talking them down?"

"I can try." Nyra whispered.

Keren put his hands behind his head again, and he pointed out, "They're rebel's, they're not the reasoning type."

"Rayan reasoned with them." Nyra said placidly.

Keren laughed, "Except he reasoned them into finally starting an all out rebellion. Rayan's got age over you, all those people may have their reasons for not being happy. Nyra, believe it or not, you're good at getting people to see your way, if anyone can do this, it's you." He said happily as they reached the bridge.

Captain Raner turned to look at them, and he murmured, "We're jumping."

Nyra and Keren held on tight as they lurched into hyperspace. They soon stopped by Titan, Nyra clutched at the railing nervously. Marn asked, "You sure about this, Nyra?"

"We're this far, we might as well," Nyra pointed out, and looked at Keren, who nodded. Marn stood up, Nyra looked up at him, and she asked, "You're coming with us?"

Marn looked at her and Keren, and said, "Three heads are better than one," Keren nodded in agreement, while Marn added, "I need to talk to Aelius first."

Nyra and Keren doggedly followed him, Nyra said quickly, "You aren't going to get it out of him," she looked at Keren, and added, "He's too stubborn, you know this better than anybody."

Marn eyed her, "Something happened between you two, right?" He asked, then turned back, "I'll get it out of him, one way or another." He growled dangerously.

Nyra grabbed Keren by the arm, and said darkly, "Speaking of which," Keren squeaked, and stared at Nyra in shock, "Keren, is there something you need to say?" She asked dangerously, her hand clenching his arm. Keren looked like a cat trapped in a corner, Marn looked like he was trying not to laugh.

Keren said in a very odd tone, "No? What makes you think I need to say something?"

Nyra stared him down, but Keren didn't break away, which took Nyra by surprise, she narrowed her eyes, and thought, What are you trying to hide, Keren? Marn stood back, watching the scene unfold. Nyra finally sighed, and released Keren, who brushed his arm, Marn muttered, "Well, okay, now that that's over with." Nyra watched him walk towards the infirmary. She gave Keren one last glance, and followed.

Nyra clenched her jaw, and balled her fists. Marn noticed this, and asked, "What's up?"

They all stopped by the infirmary door, and Nyra answered, "Me and Aelius fought."

He stared at her in disbelief, and he asked, "Who won?"

"No one did, obviously, there was no one won there. If anyone did, it was a hollow victory, we both ended up getting caught, which isn't what I wanted." Nyra replied darkly, then stared at the infirmary door. 

Keren asked carefully, "What, you think Marn should pick a fight?"

Marn grumbled, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Nyra and Keren both ignored him, Nyra answered, "I don't think there needs to be a fight, Aelius should be able to talk," she huffed, and grumbled, "You should be able to talk too."

He shrugged, "That has nothing to do with this." He explained.

Nyra narrowed her eyes, and took out the small piece of paper, Keren blinked, and she murmured, "If you want my opinion, I think it has everything to do with this. Both you and Aelius have been acting odd, but at least I see a reason for why Aelius's behaviour has changed," she turned to him fully, "You haven't breathed a word though."

Keren looked at Marn for some help, but he only shrugged, "She has a point." He pointed out, Keren sighed, and looked back up. Nyra gasped when he swiped the paper from her, and pocketed it.

"Look, Nyra, I don't know anything that you don't." Keren said calmly, then tipped his head towards the infirmary door. Nyra looked at it, and frowned.

She watched Marn open the door slowly, he mused, "Aelius, you in here?" They all blinked when there was no answer, Aelius wasn't at his desk, but his room was locked. Nyra huffed, and walked up to it, she prepared to kick it, but both Marn and Keren stopped her before she could.

"Woah, Nyra, don't lose your cool now," Marn said quickly, "Maybe he's just sleeping?" He asked urgently, since Nyra was fidgeting. She finally stopped, Keren and Marn let go of her slowly, and they all stared at the door. 

Nyra looked at Marn sadly, and murmured, "I don't think he's sleeping."

Keren looked at Marn, he sighed, "Let's just go to Titan, no point trying to talk to him now." Nyra watched Keren walk away, Marn only placed his hand on the door. He sighed, then nodded, and followed Keren.

Nyra caught up to them after staring at the door for some time, Keren was jumping into the pilot's seat, and waited patiently. Marn hopped into the seat beside him, while Nyra sat alone in the backseat. Keren pulled the engine line, and the ship started up, Marn explained quickly, "Remember, don't put us into needless danger."

Nyra only nodded, and Keren launched them into space, Nyra looked back to see the freighter, it would take some time to fully repair it from the damage the Destoyer did to the ship. She sighed, and looked back up front, Keren was rambling on about something, Nyra cut in, and asked, "Wait what?"

Keren repeated, "I was just wondering what Rayan said to them to get them all riled up like they have."

Marn crossed his arms, and grumbled, "He doesn't need to say much, times like these, the people need to have someone to turn to, whether as a leader or someone to blame, so they blame either the government, or people like us that do anything for money. Rayan can't have the latter though, you may not like him, but he's one of us." He explained quietly.

Keren blinked, "Is the Galactic Sanctum that bad?" He asked curiously.

Marn looked at both him and Nyra, and he sighed, "Of course, you guys are a couple years younger than me, Aelius, or James," he brought his hand to his eyes, and murmured, "I guess it depends how much you've been allowed to know or find out, there's a lot of people that don't mind what the government is doing, since they saw no other way out of the mess we put ourselves in, but the same amount hate what they've brought us too, we haven't had a lot of otherworldly contact since the civil war, bringing our economy down, quarantining many of the sick planets, causing doctor's like Aelius to be worn thin trying to save people and failing."

Keren clutched the wheel, and said, "I didn't know any of this, so, do you think the government is that bad, Marn?" He asked.

Marn blinked, and laughed, "I don't have an opinion yet, I'm just doing my job."

"Aelius did his job now look at how he is." Nyra grumbled, she blinked when the ship slowed, Keren and Marn stared at her.

She saw Marn's expression change, Did I say something I shouldn't have...? Nyra thought sadly, Marn sighed, and said, "Well, a doctor is different from a mercenary, there's a reason there's not a lot of doctor's anymore," he shrugged as Keren sped up again, "Lot's of stress and pressure comes with it, and when Aelius first started, things weren't as bad, it's only when the virus got out of hand when things started changing, people were dropping like flies, and a lot of the doctors could only watch. Aelius was one of the lucky few who managed to halt it, but even he couldn't stop it." Marn explained.

Nyra only sat in silence as they sped towards Titan, Keren pointed out, "Soon enough, Titan will be quarantined as well, the virus wasn't as prominant here, only the rebels."

"It lasted a long time." Marn mused.

Nyra clenched her fists, it felt like hours until they finally reached Titan's space port. Keren jumped out and looked around curiously, while Marn followed. Nyra jumped out and handed some money to the attending of the port, and they started walking through the streets.

It looked even more rundown than when Nyra was last here with Aelius, a lot mroe people on the streets haggling for basic necessities, the hospital nearby looked packed full. Keren looked mildly uncomfortable, as many of the Titan people were giving him and Marn odd looks, Marn was ignoring them though. Nyra leaned towards Keren, and explained, "Don't mind them, they're very distrusting of anybody."

Keren sighed in relief, Nyra flinched when someone bumped into her, "Sorry." The man grumbled, and continued walking, but he gasped when he tripped. Marn blinked, and looked at the man curiously.

Nyra gaped when Keren had the man in a lock, the chains of Keren's weapon wrapped around his foot, she snapped, "Keren, do you want people to get pissed off?!"

Keren stared at her in confusion, then he mused carefully, "I thought you were more aware than that, Nyra." He pointed to the man's hands, Nyra's jaw dropped when he had her wallet, she shuffled through her pockets, and gave the man a fierce glare.

"If you wanted money you could have just asked," Nyra snapped, and yanked her wallet back, she shuffled through it, she dropped some money into the man's hands, but stopped him short from getting up, "Do you know anything of the rebel attacks? You have a minute to explain."

The man looked terrified, and shook his head, "N-No! I haven't joined the rebels, I'm just trying to feed people! You're from here, aren't you?" He stammered, Nyra looked at Keren, who shrugged, Nyra facepalmed, and waved her hand at Keren, who released the chains, and retracted them back into his weapon. The man stood up, and bowed extremely quickly, he ran off. 

Marn laughed, "That was a little harsh of you, Nyra."

"You need to be around here." Nyra explained, and continued walking forwards.

Marn sighed, "Let's go see where Rayan was rallying them first."

Nyra nodded in agreement, and led them to the square, which was now mostly empty, Keren stepped forwards, and he asked, "Is it usually this empty?" Nyra looked around as well, and shook her head.

"Not unless they're congregating somewhere else," Nyra pointed out, she then sighed, "I can't believe this..."

Keren took a couple more steps forwards towards the pavilion, he looked around quickly, then said quietly, "There's no one here..."

Nyra looked up to the rooftops slowly, He's right... No one is here... But I don't like this. She thought quickly, then turned to Marn, "We should split up, keep your communicators open, if we run into trouble, call for help." She explained, Marn nodded in agreement. Keren walked back up to them.

"I'm going to check the hospital," Nyra explained, "Marn, you check near the HQ, Keren, you check the orphanage, it's right by the HQ, very run-down, you can't miss it. I can't promise there's no gorgot's but you're the best eyes out of both of us, you see anything suspicious, let me know." Nyra watched Marn leave towards the HQ, but Keren hadn't moved.

Keren asked slowly, "What's the chance of a gorgot being there?" 

"10%, Keren, I wouldn't be that worried." Nyra said calmly. He finally relented, and Nyra watched him leave as well. She finally sighed, and walked towards the hospital.

There were many people surrounding it, either injured or sick, she finally managed to reach the hspital doors, but was only met with worse, she tried not to flinch, a nurse ran up to her, and she said very breathlessly, "I'm terribly sorry! Are you hurt or injured?"

"No, I'm not, I just have a few questions, and if there's any way I can help, let me know." Nyra said flatly, the nurse seemed amazed at her bruntness, and she nodded.

The nurse led the way through the hospital, many of the doctors looked rushed and strained, the lady asked, "Are you from Titan? You don't look like one of the medical types."

"Yes, and no, but I know a doctor who is." Nyra said calmly.

The nurse looked amazed, "Really? Who?" She asked curiously.

Nyra laughed, "He's from Earth, his name is Dr. Matthey."

The nurse stopped in her tracks, and stared at Nyra, "Matthey? The Matthey's? She asked. Nyra nodded, and the nurse laughed, "I met a Dr. Matthey once, but it was a young woman, she was one of the best, however, I heard the job took a toll on her, and she died," The nurse added sadly, Nyra frowned, the nurse shook her head, then asked quickly, "Anyways, what are you looking for exactly Miss...?"

"Just Nyra, and I'm looking for information on the rebel groups, and from the way it looks outside, a lot of people are hurt." Nyra murmured sadly.

The nurse nodded, "We have a couple rebels here, you'd probably be best off talking to them." She said sadly.

The nurse led her to one room, and explained, "This one came in, apparently he's a high ranking in the rebel force."

Nyra felt the door close behind her, the man looked up, and narrowed his eyes, "You don't look like a doctor, miss." He said quietly.

"No, I'm from here though, now tell me," Nyra mumbled quietly, and walked up to his bed, "What caused this? Your group didn't used to be so bold."

The man blinked, and asked, "Are you a cop or something?"

"Does it look like I'm a cop?" Nyra asked, and crossed her arms.

The man looked at her up and down, then laughed, "You definately have the air of one, but no, that weapon, you're a mercenary aren't you? Who you working for?" He asked darkly.

"Who I'm working for isn't relevant here, I want information, but I need to ask first," Nyra looked around the white room, then asked, "Do you know of any plans to attack large places like this one?"

The man stared at her in disbelief, "Attack a hospital? No way, we don't hurt innocent people." He answered, confusion growing in his eyes, "Why do you ask? Why are you really here?" He asked.

"Rebels and insurgents tend to have a habit of destroying buildings, whether innocent people are in there or not." She said darkly.

The man sighed, "Look, we would never attack a hospital, I swear. Who would be so low?" He asked sadly.

Nyra looked back at him, and growled, "Okay, when's the next meeting then? I want to be there, I need information." She stared down at him, ignoring the buzzing her communicator was doing.

"Soon, that's all I know, I've been in this hospital, most I can tell you, we're making plans to impeach the government." He relented he watched as Nyra finally gave into her communicator.

"Who and what?!" She snapped, causing the man to flinch.

Keren's voice sounded stressed yet far away, "Nyra, they-!" He kept cutting out, causing Nyra to fiddle with the communicator, but the line went dead, she sighed, then looked back at the man, who leaned back.

"I hope you recover, thank you," Nyra said, and bowed, she stalked out of the room, the nurse was waiting there, and Nyra growled, "Listen to me, Miss Nurse," the nurse blinked, and Nyra said, "If you sense anything dangerous, evacuate the hospital, drag people out if you have too, I'll drag people out if you need me."

The nurse nodded, "We have top notch security, they'll detect anything, no worries Miss Nyra." She said, and guided Nyra back out to the street.

Nyra tried Keren's line again, but there was nothing. She tried Marn, who answered with a, "Yo this is Marn Riviera."

"Riviera?" Nyra mused.

Marn went silent, then said quickly, "Crap, I thought it was someone else!"

Nyra sihged, then explained, "It doesn't matter, I think Keren got himself in a tight spot, he was by the orphanage, I'll meet you there." She closed the communicator. She hurried towards the orphanage, and thought darkly, I swear if Keren got spooked from a shadow I'm going to kill him.

She stopped by the orphanage door, Marn finally caught up, and said quickly, "Sorry, I got caught up!"

Nyra ignored this, and turned to the door, and kicked it open. They looked in curiously, Nyra called, "Keren?"

Marn and Nyra stepped in, and looked around, they both jumped when Keren landed in front of them, his hands white from clutching his weapons, the chains retracted. He sighed, "Good, you both made it."

Nyra stared up at the roof, and asked, "What were you trying to get away from?"

Keren looked up as well, "I came here, and I wasn't alone, it wasn't a gorgot, I'm actually not sure what it was, but it started chasing me, so I ended up clutching to the railings using these guys," he explained, and showed his chain scythes, "I'm surprised I held on that long."

Nyra laughed, "Wow, for a second I thought..." She faltered.

"Thought what?" Keren asked, sheathing his weapons. Marn seemed to understand what she was thinking.

"That you were another gorgot." He mused, and they both looked up.

Nyra murmured, "That's why there was no holes in the roof, someone led the gorgot in here, as if it was trying to catch somebody specific," she looked at Keren, "The gorgot came from the roof much like you did, gorgots are fair climbers." She explained.

Keren shivered, then said, "By the way, you didn't tell me this place had a basement."

"I didn't think it was relevant, why, is something down there?" Nyra asked.

Keren shrugged, and led the way deeper into the building, Nyra watched as he stopped by a corner in the room, and pulled up a hatch leading down into darkness. Nyra looked in, and said, "Huh, been a while since I've been down here, come on." She began to climb down, but Marn seemed to be shuffling for something, and froze when he couldn't find it.

"What's the matter?" Keren asked.

"I'll stay here and keep watch." Marn commented in a rather flat tone.

Nyra stared at him in confusion, while Keren snickered, Marn eyed Keren dangerously. Nyra shrugged, "All right, call if anything happens," She said, and slid down the ladder, landing onto the rocky floor. Keren followed, a wide smile on his face, she asked, "What's so funny?"

"I didn't take Marn for the type to be scared of the dark." Keren laughed, and turned his flashlight on.

"Yeah, well you're scared of Gorgots, what's the difference?" Nyra mumbled.

Keren looked affronted, "There's a difference, for starters," he said, and waved his hand into the darkness, "The dark can't hurt you."

Nyra blinked when he froze up, he brought his hand back, and said, "Well that did hurt, but that was just a coincidence." She brought out her own flashlight, and pointed at the wall, it was very rocky, easy to injure any unwary hands, she cuffed him over the head, and continued walking.

Keren brushed his head, and followed her, Nyra murmured, "I don't remember it being this murky and dark."

"It's a basement, it's not considered a basement if it's not murky or spooky." Keren pointed out.

Nyra huffed, and said sarcastically, "Thanks, Captain obvious."

They both stopped when there was the clink of rocks, Nyra brushed her hand over her weapon, and stepped fowards. Keren followed, and asked, "What was that?"

Nyra shook her head, "I don't know, I can't see anything." She whispered quietly.

They both jumped when there was running footsteps behind them, Nyra turned to watch Keren whip around, his chains shooting out of their sheathes. Nyra shone her flashlight towards the noise to see Marn ten feet away away from the wall with a very terrified look on his face, he snapped, "Are you trying to kill me, Keren!?"

Keren's gaze was flat, "Well, don't sneak up on people." He replied, but jumped when Marn swiped the flashlight out of his hands, and waved it at the darkness. Nyra sucked in a breath, trying to hold back laughter.

"Marn, there's nothing here," Nyra pointed out slowly, Marn eyed her, then turned to the front, there were only piles of dirt and rocks. Nyra walked forwards, brushing her foot through the dirt. She sighed, "Nothing."

They all stopped when there was an explosion in the distance, Marn sat up straight, as if he recognised the sound. Keren asked, "What's going on?"

The rocking stopped, Nyra raised her flashlight to the roof, she murmured, "This was meant to withstand any attacks, I wouldn't worry too much about it." She gasped when another explosion rocked them, Marn looked up.

"We need to see what's going on!" Marn called, and led them back to the basement door, he flipped open his communicator, and snapped, "James!"

Captain Raner's voice spoke smoothly from the speaker, "What's the rush?" He asked.

Marn flinched when there was another explosion, some dirt crumbled off the cieling, Captain Raner went eeriely quiet, Marn asked, "Where's Aelius?"

"He's still in the infirmary, why?" Captain Raner asked darkly.

Keren had already jumped out of the basement, Nyra nodded to Marn, who followed as he answered, "I just want to make sure he's fine." Nyra climbed up after him, she closed the basement door behind her, the explosions had stopped.

Keren whispered, "Maybe it was nothing?"

Marn closed the communicator after rambling to Captain Raner, he sighed, "Enna said there isn't anything going on from what she's recieved," he looked up, "Maybe it was nothing." Marn grumbled.

Nyra looked around, and she asked, "Wait, Keren, you said you were being chased by something?"

Keren looked at her, and nodded, "Yeah, I just didn't catch a glimpse on what it was." He answered.

She looked around quickly, and said, "Then it's best we don't stay here." Nyra led the way out of the orphanage, they all stopped outside, and looked around.

Marn frowned when fire blasted into the sky, while Nyra and Keren watched in horror as Titan reflected it's sky.

Chapter 2

I watched my home go up in flames

When the shock wore off...

I felt nothing.

Nyra stared at the orange sky as smoke filled it, she shook her head, and snapped, "Come on!"

Marn stared at her in disbelief, "Nyra, there's fire's everywhere, we need to call it! We have no-" He began, but Nyra didn't hesitate, she ran forwards with Keren on her tail. 

Nyra stopped by a crowd, and she yelled over the roar of the people, "What's going on?" 

A young woman with a child clinging onto her hand turned to Nyra, she seemed nervous of Nyra's harshness, but Keren stepped up, and said as calmly as he could, "Titan is in danger of being quarantined, the people shouldn't be adding more fuel to the flame." He raised his hands up in shared nervousness. 

The woman looked back, and murmured in a scared voice, "Th-There's been a couple brawls around the city, looters, store's and buildings being destroyed."

Marn finally walked up, pushing through Keren and Nyra, "Any deaths, any serious injuries?" He asked flatly, Keren stared at him in disbelief. The woman clutched her child, and shrugged. Nyra pulled Marn back.

"Marn, these people don't know what's going on, there's no point, I need to get to the centre of the square." Nyra whispered quietly.

Marn made a noise of frustration, whipping around to face behind them, Nyra watched as he brought out his communicator, pushing his way through the crowd. Keren looked at Nyra, and asked, "What now? It might be too late to calm down the rabble rousers. Rayan saw to that." He added.

Nyra bit her lower lip, and looked around quickly, she murmured, "I need you to see if you can get people who are more lost then angry out of here. I don't know what else might happen, they're in danger."

Keren went to turn around, but he stopped, "What do you plan on doing?" He asked curiously.

Nyra brushed her hands together, and whispered, "I'm going to try to sort this out. I'm from here, I know how these people work, even though we're better off than Earth, we have a different problem all together, go catch up with Marn as well." She stared at Keren, who only nodded. Nyra turned back to the podium, which was empty.

She pushed her way through the crowd, many of the Titan residents were unintelligble. She climbed up to the podium, unsure of how to get their attention. Marn and Keren had all but disappeared from the square, she shuffled nervously, some of the front people stared at her in confusion. Nyra tried to push her doubt down, but it made her feel nervous being stared at.

Nyra watched as they continued screaming for some sort of recompense, she looked up at the sky sadly, the quarantine ships were setting up gates. She murmured, "Don't you all see what's happening?"

The front people seem to be the only ones that heard her, she saw Marn return to the square, and watch her carefully. Nyra could only hear the roars of the quarantine activating. She wasn't sure whether she was sad, she didn't really feel anything. Marn seemed to be pushing his way towards her. Nyra jumped when a fire blazed into the sky nearby, the mob started moving more. She took a step back, she felt her hand drift towards the weapon holstered behind her, but Marn reached her first.

"Don't, Nyra, you'll only set them off." Marn whispered.

Nyra glared at him, "Marn, they're already set off." She pointed out coldly.

Marn didn't argue, he looked around quickly, and he murmured, "James is coming to get us, but we have to lay low, the quarantine's gates will take some time getting up, we'll only have a small window of time to get out."

Nyra sighed, and relaxed, "Where's Keren?" She asked.

As if in answer, Keren jumped onto the podium, and said quickly, "There's riots everywhere on both sides, we need to get out of here fast."

Marn stared at him, "Keren, we don't have a ship until James get's here, we left the other one at the port, and it's barricaded to all hell." He pointed out.

Keren stared at Marn, "I'm a pilot." He replied, he looked at Nyra,  "Is there any old shipyards nearby?"

Marn sighed, and seemed to call James. Nyra looked at the mob, and she whispered, "We won't be able to get out of here."

Keren looked at the people, who were either frightened or furious, Nyra watched as he stepped up to the podium, and called, "Hey!" Nyra widened her eyes when the front of people turned to look at him, causing the people behind them to notice the movement. Keren yelled, "I don't think you noticed, but your city is going up in flames, as much as you feel your animosity may be justified, it's innocent people getting hurt or chased out." He snapped.

The mob seemed to quiet down, Marn looked shocked. Keren continued, "I don't know what you're reasoning is, and I don't have the time t listen, you need to control this, or you'll be destroying yourselves on the inside."

Nyra and Marn both jumped when there was an explosion nearby, Keren didn't flinch, he only stared down at the crowd, he asked, "Do you really want to watch everything you've worked to build be destroyed in a matter of minutes?"

The mob finally went into a deadly silence. Marn finally closed his communicator, "Keren's right, lead the way, Nyra." He said quickly. Nyra nodded, slightly suprised that the crowd parted to let them pass, she ran down the streets, the air was hot and heavy, and in no time, Marn seemed to be having trouble breathing.

Nyra groaned, "Marn, not now," she looked at Keren, who seemed all right. She groaned, and kicked open a metal container on the street. She grabbed two oxygen masks, and grumbled, "Honestly..."

She passed one to Marn, who put it on rather shakily, Keren seemed confused though, Nyra passed one to him anyways, and said, "Your'e from Earth, the slightest change in Titan's atmosphere will mess you up."

Keren put it on as well, and Nyra continued leading the way, they reached an old shipyard, which was mostly filled with garbage and debris from broken ships. Nyra watched as Keren walked up to the intact one, and leaped underneath it, Nyra watched as he opened a panel, and seemed to be fiddling with something in it. Marn clampered onto the wing slowly.

Keren finally closed the panel, and said, "Okay, let's get in, I need to jumpstart it."

He opened the door, and hopped in the pilot's seat, taking his oxygen mask off as he closed the door of the ship, Marn sat in the back, while Nyra jumped beside Keren, he opened a panel underneath the clutch, and seemed to be clicking something together.

Marn commented, "Are you sure this trash heap will work?"

"Yeah." Keren muttered.

He continued clicking, Nyra looked up at the sky, and she whispered, "The gates are going to be up soon."

Keren jumped when there was a low growl from the ship, he closed the panel quickly, and started pulling on the engine line. Nyra watched as he turned the clutch harshly, and turned to the sky, they slowly moved forward as Keren pushed the lever forwards. He said, "I need to give the engine time to fire up, this is an old ship."

Nyra flinched when the city's power started to flicker from the energy needed to first power the gates. Keren huffed, and finally drove the lever down, Nyra clung onto her seat as they sped up, she watched as Keren started spinning a device, Marn snapped, "Keren don't-!"

She gasped when they jumped into lightspeed, Nyra was moved forward when they stopped outside of Titan's range, Marn snapped, "Keren, you're an idiot, you just said this ship was old! We could have been torn to pieces."

Keren seemed to ignore him, and brought out the headphone communicator, he nestled them on his ears, and turned the dial a couple times. He finally answered Marn, "I did just enough to not destroy us, any more would have been idiotic on my part."

He finally took the headphones off, and passed them to Marn, "Captain is on the line."

Marn sighed, and started talking to James, Nyra looked back at Titan, while Keren leaned back in the pilot's seat. They were suspended in space, Marn finally passed the headphones back to Keren, who leaned forwards again, and started them towards Captain Raner's ship. Marn finally took off his oxygen mask, and seemed to be adjusting, he murmured, "At any rate, thanks Nyra."

"No problem." Nyra mused, Keren had a focused look on his face. They finally reached the hanger, where Mara was twirling her wrench around. She widened her eyes when Keren landed beside her, and jumped out. Unlike with Marn, Mara only looked at the ship curiously, Marn sat down on a couple of boxes.

"That was a mess..." Marn murmured.

Nyra frowned, and thought sadly, I'm not even sure how I'm supposed to react... I couldn't even do anything to calm my own people. She looked at Keren and Mara. Mara had went under the ship, and was checking the same panel Keren did. She brought her hands to her face, her head pounding.

Captain Raner had walked up to them, "Is everyone okay?" He asked.

Keren answered in a happy tone, "For the most part." Mara seemed to laugh from under the ship. 

Captain James murmured, "So, what happened down there?"

Nyra answered her mentor, "They put the quarantine up, there's riots everywhere. We only got out because Keren managed to calm most of the mob down." She didn't remove her hands from her face though. Captain Raner noticed this.

"Are you all right?" He asked.

Nyra finally removed her hands from her face, and nodded, "Yeah, it's just stupid how we couldn't really do anything else." She whispered sadly. Marn finally walked up to them both.

"We found nothing, it was an underground network," Marn replied, "No one was hurt as far as I know, the Galactic Sanctum HQ is heavily guarded and so is the spaceport. We had to leave our ship there."

Captain Raner had a thoughtful look on his face, and he murmured, "I wonder... This seems extremely excessive for rebels and angry townspeople."

"Underground..." Nyra whispered quietly. Marn and Captain Raner stared at her curiously.

Nyra looked at Marn, "You don't think it's possible that the orhanage basement is being used as an entrence point?" She asked quietly.

Marn sighed, while Captain Raner mused, "We'll figure it out, you all need rest right now."

Nyra felt a strange spurt of anger rush through her, she pushed past Captain Raner, and stalked down the halls towards the infirmary, Marn chased after her, "Wait, Nyra! What are you doing?" He asked. Nyra ignored him, and opened the infirmary door. Aelius looked up from his book, and narrowed his eyes.

Nyra pointed at him, and snapped, "We aren't finished yet you idiot, we're going to settle this!"

Marn looked at her in disbelief. Captain Raner had caught up, and his eyes were shocked. Aelius stared her down, and asked, "You really want to do this now, Nyra?"

Nyra stared at Aelius, who seemed more sad than angry. She nodded, and growled, "We're going to finish this." She stalked past Captain Raner and Marn, she entered the arena, and slammed the door behind her.

She wanted to scream, she felt her hands shaking in late anger. Nyra jumped onto the arena, and looked around darkly. She whipped out her weapon as it transformed to melee form, she bit her lip, trying to resist all the emotions coming on her at once. She heard movement behind her, and whipped around, but it was only Marn.

"What's gotten into you?" Marn asked quietly.

Nyra froze, then relaxed, "It's nothing a good spar won't fix, I think Aelius needs it to if I'm honest." She answered calmly.

Marn seemed to laugh, and stepped aside to reveal Aelius and Captain Raner, Aelius brought out his spear, and murmured, "We don't have to do it like this."

"You know better than I do that we both need to vent. I'm doing it my way." Nyra growled, and took an aggresive stance. Aelius seemed unsure though.

Marn and Captain Raner stepped back from the two, Aelius finally clutched his spear, and looked at Nyra expentantly. She grimaced, and went to launch the first blow, but before Aelius could even retaliate, two chains whipped from the darkness of the arena. Aelius and Nyra gasped when the chains spun around their weapons and forced them together, Nyra struggled to release her weapon, but Aelius had a death grip.

Keren walked out of the darkness, and smiled, "Maybe we all need a good fight, we haven't had one in a while," he said, then added, "But we don't want to hurt each-other because of pent up emotions." Nyra stared at her friend in disbelief, Why are you doing this Keren? What is your problem?

Nyra turned to her friend, and stared him down, she murmured, "If you want to have a go at me, Keren."

Keren released his chains, Nyra watched Aelius in her side vision, but he did nothing but sheath the spear. Marn jumped in, slightly pushing his brother away from the two, "Okay, guys, as much as I love a good spar, I think tensions are high right now, we don't want anyone getting hurt because we lost control."

He looked at Captain Raner for help, but he only shrugged, "Well, if anything looks like it's happening, I'll step in." He murmured, Marn groaned, and looked at his brother.

Nyra readied herself again, and looked at Keren and Aelius both. Aelius sighed, "I'll talk to you later about this, Nyra." Nyra watched as Aelius left, with Marn trailing behind him. Mara squeezed through the doorway as they passed, and sat down, she brought out a sandwhich, and ate as she watched Nyra and Keren both.

Keren seemed to laugh at Mara, Nyra took her chance, and leaped towards Keren, she slammed her foot on the ground, and swung, she gasped when Keren leaped back. Her scythe smashed into the ground. She stared him incredulously, and he spun his chain scythe around in a circle. He said calmly, "Nyra, you know my fighting style better than anybody, you know very well I don't even need to get a hit on you to get you on the ground."

"Then why did you lose at the training fight?" Nyra asked darkly, getting into an aggresive stance. Keren laughed.

"You caught me by surprise." Keren pointed out.

Nyra took another lunge, but Keren only stepped back, Nyra narrowed her eyes, and went to make a sweep, and Keren did exactly what she thought he'd do, he stuck the chain onto her blade, and looked at Nyra in confusion. She smiled, and clicked the button to transform her weapon back to the longirange mode, dragging Keren with his chain scythe. She gasped when Keren pulled on his weapon, causing her weapon to freeze in place. Nyra turned to Mara, who widened her eyes, and seemed to be taking a mental note in her head. Keren brought out his other chain scythe, and whispered, "What's with you, Nyra?"

Nyra growled, and kicked him away, releasing her weapon from his grip. Keren regained his composure, and finally made his own attack, Nyra dropped her weapon at her feet, and waited. She kicked the weapon up again as Keren neared, she made a sweep move, and locked him in place. He froze, the blade dangerously close to his head, Captain Raner looked ready to jump in, but Nyra smiled.

"You've caught me Keren..." Nyra whispered, and looked at Keren straight on, the chains were wrapped around her weapon and hand, while Keren himself was in a defensive stance, if this was a real fight, she'd be taken down before she even got the chance to react.

Keren seemed nervous of the blade, and murmured, "You're usually not this sloppy, Nyra."

Nyra clutched her weapon, unable to move, she took in a breath, and Keren gasped when Nyra socked him. Mara let out a huff when he let go of both his weapons, and held his nose.

"Jesus, Nyra!" Keren snapped. Nyra stopped.

She unravelled Keren's blade, and walked up to him, and pointed out, "You forgot I can still use my hand."

Keren laughed under his breath, his hand still on his nose, Nyra blinked, and asked, "Did I break it?"

"No, but you hit me pretty hard," Keren said happily, "Do you feel better at least?" He asked.

Nyra watched as Mara walked up, and brought out a cloth, "Here you idiot, go see Aelius." She grumbled, taking her own hit at Keren's shoulder. Keren brought the cloth to his nose, and Nyra spotted the blood, Keren didn't seem bothered though. Nyra finally frowned.

Keren seemed to notice her change, and he laughed, "Come on, Nyra, you've hit me harder than this before."

Nyra turned away from him, and sheathed her weapon as she stalked away. Captain Raner held out his arm though, and murmured, "Nyra."

Nyra stopped, and glared up at him, he didn't blink at her gaze. He finally dropped his arm, and she continued on as they all watched her leave in shock.

She rushed to the crew rooms, and slammed her bedroom door. Nyra thought darkly, What the hell? Why did I do that?!

Nyra looked at her mirror, her green eyes were full of fire, she growled, and punched the mirror as well, she blinked when it shattered, her hand was bleeding, but she didn't move. She finally felt tears stinging in her eyes, her parents running through her mind.

She jumped when her door opened, she readied herself when it was Aelius, but he held up his hands, and murmured, "Nyra, relax."

Nyra relaxed, she murmured, "What do you want?"

Aelius looked at the mirror, and seemed to smile, "Well, to talk." He murmured, but brought out a first aid kit, and asked, "Do you want me to do it or you?"

Nyra didn't answer, she only sat on her bed with her hand out, Aelius sat down beside her, and said calmly, "I understand how you must be feeling." Nyra still didn't answer, she looked down at her bleeding hand as Aelius got to work on it. He continued, "Nyra, I don't know what happened down there that hurt you so much."

Nyra finally looked up, and murmured, "I watched my city go up in flames, I tried talking them down, but Keren had to step in, it frustrated me that I couldn't even muster the courage to just talk."

"Are you really angry at Keren for that?" Aelius asked gently.

Nyra frowned, and shook her head, "No, he was able to do something I couldn't do. If he didn't we'd still be down there. I just felt useless." She answered quietly.

Aelius seemed to hesitate, Nyra turned to him, his eyes were even, but there was something dark behind them, he finally sighed, and pointed out, "You did a lot more than you believe you did, Nyra. We know that there's an underground group causing a ruckus, but, they should know better that that's not how they're going to get their voices heard, they're only ruffling more feathers."

Nyra watched as he released her bandaged hand, and murmured, "You did all you could, Nyra."

"Are we cool?" Nyra asked.

Aelius blinked, "Yeah, I understand why you may have wanted to take your anger out on someone." He said calmly.

"I ended up taking it out on Keren." Nyra whispered.

Aelius murmured, "What was his reaction?"

"He laughed." Nyra snorted.

Aelius laughed as well, "Well, then I wouldn't let it bother you, I'm going to be in the infirmary if you need me." He ruffled her hair in reassurance, and walked out of the room, Nyra refixed her hair, she thought sadly, Either way... I should still go apologise...

She walked past Keren's room, but realised he was in it, an icepack still on his nose, he dropped it when she entered, but flinched. Nyra murmured, "I'm sorry."

Keren laughed, "It's fine, Nyra, you didn't even break it, it's just a bit sore," he seemed to fix the icepack, and put it on the dresser, and he asked, "Are you ready to talk it out this time, I'm always willing to listen."

Nyra walked up to him, and hugged him tightly, he didn't move a muscle though. She whispered, "Don't lie to me, Keren, I can tell when you are."

Keren said nothing, he finally sighed, and smiled, "Maybe later, Nyra." He hugged her back, and Nyra released him.

Nyra went to leave, but she turned back, "That was amazing, what you did back on Titan." She murmured. Keren gave her a thumbs up, and she left the room.

Marn was watching T.V, he asked, "So did Aelius talk to you?" 

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