That Howling Wind

Author: Leopard
Rating: Safe
Status: Complete

It's really, really windy tonight.

The wind roared, grasping the branches of the trees and shaking them viciously back and forth. Soft clouds were whisked through the sky against their will, rolling around the darkness of night. Yet even through the howling anger of the wind, the stars blazed on in the sky, clear and bright. They flickered as the wind brought clouds to obscure them, but the soft white wisps did little to cover the lights. The wind breathed angrily, loud moans of destruction sweeping over the land.

The moon hung low in the sky, waning from being full, its light through the cloud giving it an ethereal glow. The wind continued to batter the trees, using their limbs as claws to scrape silhouettes across the moon and attempting to pull the stars from where they hung. But the moon and the stars were ever unmoving, no matter how the wind tried to attack them with grey cloud or sharp wood or flashes of cold lightning.

So their battle would continue for all time, neither giving in but neither quite succeeding, though both being necessary to the tumultuous nature of the earth, and all the planets beyond.

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