Tales of the VoT

Author: Birdpaw
Rating: Explicit
Status: In Progress
Preceding: N/A
Succeeding: N/A

Herro people, this is Bird, and I'm the author of The Virus of The Stars

This is pretty much a rather heavy collection of backstory shorts of your favourite characters.

And also will probably answer some questions while giving new questions

Enjoy c:

Captain's Lament

There is a lot of things

I will never forget.

James was looking down at his test paper calmly, and jumped when Marn, a good friend of his, poked him in growing alarm.

"James, James, James, help me, help me." Marn hissed quietly, as the teacher was at the lower levels of the seats talking to some other students.

James returned to his paper, and muttered calmly, "You're not going to learn anything if you copy off me, Marn." 

Marn stared at him incredulously, "You know I'm more of the 'go in gun's blazing'-ouch!" He yelped when James quickly took out one end of his weapon, and whacked Marn over the head as gently as he could.

They both sat up when the teacher looked up at them curiously, James hid his weapon quickly, and returned to his test paper, and ignored Marn furthur. Rayan, who was on his other side, was doodling something on his paper.

James only rolled his eyes, Marn tapped his pencil quickly, and swung his legs nervously.

James eyed the room, Of course... This isn't a normal school, not like the old days... He thought quietly, and eyed the teacher patiently, This school teaches us how to survive...

He looked around at the other students, I don't think they've realised the real test... He thought darkly.

He took out his weapon, Marn and Rayan looked at him curiously, Marn hissed, "What are you doing?!"

Rayan blinked, and then he got a look of understanding. James smiled, and slowly climbed over the desk, while some students around them stared at him curiously, however he gasped when the teacher moved faster, and soon he found himself back in his chair, with Marn and Rayan with faces of shock. He was leaning back precariously, with his teacher pointing a double edged sword at him.

"Got to be faster then that, Mister Raner, although I applaud your perceptiveness." She said happily.

She jumped off the desk, and James lurched forward with his chair, Marn stared at him in shock.

Rayan seemed to blink though, James narrowed his eyes, and returned to his paper.

Marn whispered, "Tough break, James, I thought you had it there."

James elbowed him, and soon the bell rang, they left the class rather calmly, the teacher waved happily as they left.

James and Marn walked home, "Hold on, I promised Nartha I'd give her something tasty to eat." James muttered, and stopped by a store.

"Didn't you give her something tasty yesterday?" Marn asked curiously.

James ignored him, then as he grabbed some candy, he asked dangerously, "So what if I did?" He looked back at Marn, and narrowed his eyes.

"You're a good big brother, James." Marn snorted, James elbowed him again.

They stopped at a rather large house, James unlocked the door, and Marn gasped when two of James's little sisters jumped on him screaming in delight.

James watched as Marn was tickled and teased by his two sisters. James rolled his eyes as they all stood up, winded, Nartha and his mother came out, along with his older sister, walked out, and his mother hugged him, "Welcome home, James." She murmured.

Nartha looked up at James, her short hair bouncing from the movement, "Did you...?" She asked curiously.

James nodded, and gave her the treat, she took it gratefully, and walked back into the house, James made a face when his older sister ruffled his hair, and followed Natha.

Marn snorted again, but jumped when James's mother hugged him too.

James laughed, and his mother smiled, and walked back into the house, "Dinner will be ready soon, you staying Marn?" She asked.

"Sure, I got no where to be, my family is busy right now taking care of some patients, so they kind of just told me to hang around with James." He shrugged, and they both walked in.


James was woken up by a noise in the night, he sat up drowsily, his door was half open, he blinked calmly, and asked quietly, "Nartha?"

Nartha peeked into the room nervously, "James, I think I saw something in the window..." She whispered quietly.

James got up out of bed without question, he followed her into her room. She stayed away fromt he window, while James looked at it curiously, "Are you sure you weren't dreaming?" He asked curiously.

"I'm sure..." Nartha whispered fearfully.

James sighed, and opened it. Natha flinched when cold air blew into the room, James looked out into the night, he frowned when there was nothing, he looked up at the sky, which was it's usual overcast. He returned back into the room, and closed the window.

"Nothing, Nartha, you might have been imagining things, or dreaming." James sat down on the edge of her bed, and looked down thoughtfully.

Nartha whispered oddly, "I didn't..."

James sighed, "Get some sleep, Nartha." He stood up, and drew the blinds, he brushed his hand through his hair, while Natha hid under her covers, James muttered, "Look, if you see it again, just come into my room, we'll switch rooms."

Nartha nodded as he left, he returned to bed, and immediately went to sleep.

He was woken up by his mother what felt like a few minutes later, "Wake up, sweetie, breakfast is ready." She whispered calmly.

"Okay..." James mumbled.

He got up and got dressed rather quickly, he jumped down the stairs, where his older sister, Yaren, rolled her eyes showily, "Show off." She murmured.

James grabbed some toast, and got ready for school. Nartha walked down the stairs nervously, looking like she got no sleep, James raised an eye-brow, and looked at Yaren, who shrugged.

His two other younger sisters were wolfing down their food, "See you when I get home, mum." James said calmly, and smiled at his little sister, who gave a tentative smile back.

He walked out of the door, and walked down the street, he watched as Marn left his house, and followed his steps.

"It's pretty foggy today." Marn mumbled with a laugh.

"I still remember when you said froggy by accident." James said with a laugh.

Marn was about to bite back a retort, but decided not too, he mumbled something under his breath, and they left the town.

They finally reached the school, and they walked in.

Their teacher was waiting for them, but instead of the desks and chairs, it was a big arena like room, she was clicking some buttons, causing the arena to move and shift.

Other students walked in curiously, the last to enter was Rayan, who looked around, "What's up, teach?" He asked curiously.

"Well, it's the day before the weekend, I decided we'd do something a little bit different." She stepped on the arena, and held out her arms, "Who'd like to go first?" She asked.

Rayan raised his hand, she nodded, and he said, "James."

James blinked, and nodded flatly, the teacher smiled, "Same rules, we're not aiming to kill. Keep the guards on your blades." She said calmly, and jumped off the arena, while Rayan and James clampered on.

James took out his double bladed scythe, and put the guards on them, and watched as Rayan put them on his sword, and then looked up at him darkly.

The teacher murmured, "On my count, you can begin." As students took their seats to watch. James took on a defensive stance, and watched Rayan carefully.

"Go!" The teacher started a timer, Rayan, as usual, launched a predictable attack, James took a step backward, and waited.

He ducked when Rayan landed in front of him, Rayan gasped when he lost his balance, James used his weapon to push Rayan away.

Rayan growled dangerously, and took out his sword, and James blinked when Rayan jumped towards him again, however, he gasped when Rayan elbowed him in the stomach, and as James leaned forward instinctively, he nearly met Rayan's elbow, he backed up another bit, but was suddenly pushed by Rayan harshly, landing on the ground. He flinched, while some of the girls in the class gasped in worry. 

James made an attempt to get up, while Rayan hissed dangerously, "Off your game today, Raner?"

James watched as Rayan went to finish the fight, but he wasn't done yet, he took out Rayan's legs from beneath him, and Rayan landed with an oof, as James got up again.

As Rayan got up, James pushed him off the arena, and the teacher called the fight.

"Match! Good job, James, you too Rayan." The teacher said happily.

Rayan seemed ruffled though, "Sure." He grunted.

James went to meet Marn, who muttered, "Rayan isn't going to forget that, you know."

James could only shrug, as Rayan took his seat again, and the class continued.

It was well into the night when the teacher finally sent them off for the weekend, James was halted by the teacher though, "You are a bit off your game today, Mr.Raner, is there anything wrong?" She asked gently.

"Just tired from last night, my sister thought she saw something outside." James shrugged off the teacher, who only bowed, he followed Marn into the night.

Marn had his hands behind his head, "Weird isn't it?" He asked curiously.

James only shrugged, and they stepped into the town, but something felt odd, James felt a chill go down his spine, the lights weren't on, and there was an eerie mist on the ground.

Marn had stopped as well, his eyes widening, "What...?"

"Marn, do you know what's going on?" James asked, looking in a store window, but it was like it was abandoned for several years.

Marn looked in the store, "Nothing, it's like it's empty..." He murmured, and looked at James, who walked down the street, and the mist got thicker.

"James." Marn murmured, and pointed towards his house, in the clearing, which was dark, and surrounded by mist as well. They ran towards it, and James opened the door, and let it slide open to the darkness.

Marn peeked in, and stepped in the house, which looked like it had aged a good 30 years, he murmured as the floorboards creaked, "What's going on?"

James brushed dust off the walls, "I'm... Not sure." He murmured, and looked around. He jumped when Marn poked him, he stared at him incredulously, but blinked when he pointed down the hall shakily. James turned to where he was pointing, he narrowed his eyes when there was a weird shadow with blood red eyes, and it soon disappeared around the corner.

"James, what was that?" Marn whispered.

James looked around, then down at the mist hovering slightly above the floor. He shook his head, "I have no idea." He said quietly, then looked upstairs, which was oddly dark.

He started walking upstairs, and Marn hissed, "Hey, wait, there's something here though!"

"My mother and my sisters must still be in here..." James hissed back, and hurried up the stairs, he checked his mothers room, his sisters room, even Nartha wasn't in her room. He walked back to the landing, confused and concerned, "Where could they be...?" He mused.

Marn was at the botton of the stairs, staring up at James with an odd look on his face, "James..." He whispered.

"What?" James asked curiously.

"Don't. Move." Marn hissed.

James blinked at him, and slowly turned back to where the rooms where, he narrowed his eyes when the shadow creature was standing over him, a hungry look in it's eyes.

He reached a hand for his weapon, but it was too late, the shadow made a screeching noise, which only James seemed to hear, he flinched, and the creature attacked him, and he was met with darkness, he could faintly hear his sisters voices, but they seemed frightened, he tried to fight back, but it seemed to drain him, and the last thing he heard before he fully blacked out was Marn's gasp of terror.


"James! James!" Marn called to his friend, who had taken a tumble down the stairs, seemingly pushed by the creature, and was now out cold.

Marn looked up the stairs, the creature was no longer there, but he didn't trust his eyes, he looked down at James, who made no inclination that he even heard Marn.

Marn looked around, "Oh man oh man..." He murmured, he reached for his communicator, he had to call someone, the teacher? Rayan? Anybody?

His communicator seemed to be jammed, "No no no! There's..." He whispered, and went quiet when there was a weird sound, James seemed to stir, but not by much, it seemed as if he was having a really bad nightmare.

He took out his gauntlets, and loaded them up, "All right, I don't believe in the boogeyman, but you're not friendly either."

He heard the clicking of his gauntlets only, while James was still unconcious, he was half tempted to grab James's weapon, but he had no idea how to work it. When the clicking of his gauntlets stopped, he got into a defensive stance, trying to turn on his holocommunicator, which was still jammed.

"Come on, James, wake up." He growled, looking around the house, but James made no movement.

He returned to his defensive stance when he heard the same hissing sound, he weighted his feet on the ground, and eyed his surroundings. He then saw the shadow flit across his vision, and he shot at it's general direction, but missed.

"What?!" He exclaimed, he gasped when the shadow attacked him, but he ducked, and it disappeared into a puff of smoke.

He looked down at James, and supported him, "We need to get out of here," he whispered, "I can't fight that thing..."

He dragged James out of his house, and sat down on the outskirts, he finally managed to turn on his holocommunicator, but who would he call his mom? His brother?

He jumped when James sat up, and he murmured, "What happen'?" Marn shivered when his eyes were a smokey grey, the same colour of that thing.

James looked at him curiously, but there was something different about his gaze, it was cold, Marn said, "That thing... You fell down the stairs..."

James blinked, and looked back at his house, he seemed to retreat witihin himself when his gaze turned flat.

"James?" Marn asked nevously.


I didn't believe the things I saw

How could I?

My family... Were they really all gone?

Was it all my fault?

The River's Fear

I can't remember a time where I wasn't alone

But I guess things change

"Mr. Riveria, can you come with me please?" The old lady that ran the orphanage called him, Marn looked at his game, and frowned at her, she stared down at him. He sighed, with all the other kids staring at him curiously, he felt his face turn hot, I hate it when she outs me like this... He followed her begrudgingly.

She walked down the hallway, and she asked, "Have you gotten into trouble recently, Mr.Riveria?"

Marn huffed, "No, I didn't do anything, it was Robby's idea, I told you this." He mumbled, and looked up at her.

"If Robby jumped off a bridge, would you follow?" She asked harshly.

Marn squared his shoulders, and looked down, "No..." He murmured.

The old lady seemed to not be impressed with this answer, and led him to another room, where a young couple were waiting, a boy a couple years older then him was reading a book diligently, he looked at the old lady, and she murmured, "I brought you someone you might be interested to meet."

They all looked up, the women smiled gently, something about her gave off a weird energy, while the man gave off a harsh energy, he smiled too however, and nodded the old lady out.

She bowed and left, eyeing Marn as she went, and closed the door behind them, Marn shook nervously, and jumped when the women stood up and walked over to him.

"Don't be scared, I won't hurt you." She said, and smiled.

Marn didn't relax, "Who are you?" He asked.

"We're doctors." The man said in a gruff voice.

Marn frowned, "But I'm not sick..." He murmured, and eyed the boy again, who seemed to be considering him.

"No no, we're here for a different reason." The women laughed, and smiled.

Marn stared up at her, and crossed his arms in an effort to protect himself. The women looked back at her husband and son, she murmured, "Come here, don't be shy."

While the husband didn't move, her son did, he had her same deep brown hair and the same surprisingly soft brown eyes. He looked down at Marn with curiousity.

The women looked at Marn, "So, what's your name?" She asked gently.

"M-My name?" He asked.

She nodded, and he looked down again, "It's... Marn Riveria." He murmured, and shuffled his feet.

The women looked at her son expectently, he looked at her then back at Marn, Marn finally dared to look at the older boy, the older boy finally smiled, and held out his hand, "I'm Aelius Mathey." He said with the same gentleness in his mothers tone.

Marn took the hand hesitantly, and the shook hands. The mother seemed satisfied, and she asked, "How long have you been at this orphanage, Marn?"

He jumped when she called him by his first name, Older adults usually only call me by my last... He thought, and shrugged, "I've been here since I was dumped here, I guess... I can't remember my parents."

The couple looked at eachother, while Aelius didn't seem to understand what he meant. The husband sighed, "Terrible..." He stood up, and nodded at his wife, who nodded back.

"Well, we have stuff to do, so about you show Aelius around? We'll come fetch you both soon." The couple smiled, and walked out. Marn stared at Aelius, who only looked around curiously.

"Fetch us both...?" He mused, Aelius finally looked back at him.

"I'm an only child, but my parents have been talking about adopting another kid, not sure why." He said mildly, and shrugged.

Marn fully turned to him, "So your parents are doctors? They help people?" He asked.

Aelius nodded, "Yeah." He said.

Marn felt awkward, Aelius seemed to have sensed this, and asked, "Well, why don't you show me around? I've never really seen an orphanage before."

Marn mumbled, "It's not that interesting..." However, he shrugged, and led the way out of the room.

"So, are you a doctor too?" Marn asked sharply as they walked.

Aelius stared at him, "No, I'm not." He mumbled, as if that was a subject he didn't particularly want to talk about. Marn didn't push furthur, so he asked, "Do you want to become a doctor?"

"Yeah." Aelius said flatly, and only looked at his hands, his expression unreadable.

Marn wasn't sure how to react to that, he made a face, "Well, I don't think I'd be smart enough for that." He tried to joke. Aelius only smiled feebly.

"Anyone could if they took the time." Aelius pointed out.

Marn considered the other boy, and said nothing as Aelius took in the building around him.


Marn was nervous about going to a school, he was sat beside a dark haired boy, who only glanced at him.

"Everyone, we have a new classmate today, say hello!" The teacher said to Marn.

He stood up nervously, and shuffled his feet, "My name... Is Marn Riveria." He said as clearly as he could.

"So the Matthey's adopted you?" The dark haired boy asked him calmly.

Marn looked down at his classmate, who said nothing, he nodded slowly. The boy looked at the other students, then stood up, and turned to Marn, "My name is James. James Raner." He said and held out his hand, which Marn took shyly.

"Good, now let's get started!" The teacher laughed, Marn sat down gratefully.


Marn followed James out of school, who had his hands in his pockets, "So, uh, James, I got to thank you." Marn said to him.

"What for?" He asked curiously.

"I felt ousted there." Marn explained.

James only shrugged, "It's no problem, all of us were new students at some point, anyways, if the Matthey's adopted you, why didn't you go by Marn Matthey?" He asked curiously.

Marn frowned, "I guess I am technically, but my last name was the only thing I had of my birth parents, I don't think Mrs. Matthey minds really." He said quietly.

James seemed to smile, "I get it, hey, do you want to come over to my house? I could show you around the town." He said with a bit more energy. Marn sighed, and nodded quickly.


It had been a few years when I was taken in by Aelius's family.

I started seeing the world a little bit differently once I saw what they could do.

Marn was sitting in his living room with Aelius, who was sitting at the piano with a somber look on his face. Marn asked, "Where's mom?"

"In the other building." Aelius said with an odd edge in his voice. Marn frowned, the Matthey's were a lot more busy these days, he didn't really understand it, nor did Aelius it seemed.

Marn sighed, "Mom seems a lot more stressed and tired these days doesn't she?" He asked, he blinked when Aelius played a harsh note, his hands clenching into fists.

"What's your problem?" Marn asked.

He watched Aelius turn around, he had a calm smile on his face, "It's nothing." He said quietly.

Marn made a face, "Yeah right," He mumbled, and turned to the T.V, "You're a bad liar, you know." He pointed out, to which Aelius only turned around again, and ignored him.

Marn jumped when Aelius sighed, "I guess she's stressed and tired because she has to work late."

"You don't sound like you believe that." Marn said quietly, staring at him.

Aelius only shook his head at the piano, "It's not like there's anything we can do." He murmured quietly.

Marn decided to change the subject, "So, I saw you and Kara hanging out a while ago." He leaned back, hands behind his head.

"What about it?" Aelius asked mildly.

"Are you two boyfriend and girlfriend yet?" Marn asked, and looked at Aelius, who was staring at him incredulously.

Aelius growled icily, "I can't hang out with a good friend without you asking if we're together can I?" He turned away from the piano, and faced Marn.

"No, it's just Kara." Marn pointed out.

Aelius looked like he was about to retort something back, but they both looked up when mom and dad walked in Marn frowned when his adoptive mother was being supported by their father, Mrs. Matthey only smiled though, "I see you two are having fun." She joked.

Marn smiled, but Aelius wasn't. He only looked away, Marn said, "Hey, mom!" He jumped up, and walked up to them both, "You don't look so good, do you need something to eat, I'll make you something?" He asked.

Mrs. Matthey smiled widely, "That's very kind of you Marn, I wouldn't mind." She laughed, ruffling his hair. Marn watched as they went into their room, and he looked back at Aelius, who had his eyes closed, as if he was trying to block something out.

"I'm going to bed." Aelius walked past him and down to his room, Marn flinched when he slammed the door behind him.

Marn decided to get cooking, and when the soup was made, he walked up to his parents room, and knocked on the door.

His father answered, and smiled, "That was very sweet of you, Marn." He said, and allowed him in, Marn put the soup beside his mother's side of the bed, and he said, "Aelius seems mad about something."

They both looked at eachother, and Mrs.Matthey murmured, "I guess you're old enough to know."

His father murmured, "Kat..."

Aelius's mom smiled, "I have this... Very special ability, the ability to heal people, and not in the way you think," she took in a deep breath, "Although I have my skills as a doctor, sometimes you need something more, I can heal through contact, just with a price to pay." She explained.

"Is that why Aelius is mad? Because you're using it and it's just wearing you out?" Marn asked curiously.

His father seemed to close his eyes, much like Aelius did, but his mother only smiled, "Yeah, I'll be fine though, thanks Marn." She laughed.

Marn nodded, and walked out.


I was still young and naive though.

I never thought that I'd be losing a mother for the second time...

Marn was sitting in his room, his hands clutching at his sides in nervousy, he looked up when his father walked in, and shut the door behind him, he sat down beside him, his eyes red.

"What's going on?" Marn asked fearfully.

"Marn... Would you mind... Going to your friend James's for a little bit?" He asked calmly.

"What about Aelius?" Marn asked.

"He's... He's chosen to stay here." His father sighed.

Marn frowned, "Why can't I stay here with him?" He asked.

"It's best that you're not here for a couple days." His father explained, and ruffled his hair, "Don't worry Marn, it's just for the weekend. Have fun with James."

"All right. I'll see you all later then?" Marn asked curiously.

His father smiled sadly, "Definitely." He nodded.

Marn walked out of his room, and walked down the hallway to the front door, he realised Aelius was standing there, and Marn asked, "Where you going?"

"For a breath of fresh air." Aelius turned to him, and smiled, but it was more of a grimace, Marn frowned.

"Aelius? What's wrong?" Marn asked his adoptive brother curiously.

Aelius stared at Marn, "I..." He began, but only shook his head, and walked out of the door, Marn followed him, and watched as he met Kara, who had a confused look on her face. Marn watched as they both walked away down the street. Marn closed the front door, and made his way to James's.

He stopped by the house, and knocked on the door. James answered, and asked, "What's up?"

"You tell me, I got sent here." Marn laughed.

James seemed to smile, "Um, all right, come in then." He said, and allowed Marn in, it was surprisingly empty in the house, "My mom and sisters went on a trip, I just decided to stay here." He shrugged, and sat down on the couch.

"Don't like travelling do you?" Marn laughed, and sat beside him as James turned the T.V on.

"Not really I guess." James laughed as well, "Why come here though?"

"My dad sent me here, I couldn't stay with Aelius, him, or mom apparently for the weekend." Marn shrugged, James looked thoughtful though.

"Weird." James said calmly, "Anyways, you hungry? I could probably whip up something."

Marn laughed, "Sure!"


When it turned Sunday, there was a knock on the door, both James and Marn answered it, Marn raised an eye-brow when it was Kara, "Is it all right if I steal Marn for a bit, James?" She asked, there was a sad edge to her voice.

James looked at Marn, who shrugged, Marn followed her out, while James closed the door behind them.

Marn walked beside Kara, who had her hands in her pockets, Marn joked, "If you want to talk to me about Aelius, I can't help you, he's hard to read."

"No... He's very easy to read these days." Kara whispered, Marn jumped back when tears started welling up in her eyes.

He waved his hands, "Woah woah! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" He said quickly.

"It's not your fault Marn..." She wiped her tears away on her sleeve, "Aelius... He would have come himself, but he's... He's distressed right now so I came myself." She explained.

"Distressed? Why is he upset?" Marn asked curiously.

They stopped at the pier to the lake, Kara sat down, and murmured, "You... You were aware of Mrs.Matthey's ability right?"

"Yeah, she told me she could heal with contact, but to use it wore her out, why?" Marn asked, he watched as Kara took a breath, and put her face in her hands.

"It..." She whispered, and looked up, "Marn... She's..."

"She's dead." A voice said behind them.

They both turned around, and realised it was Aelius, he seemed shaky on his feet but unlike Kara, showed no tears. He said in a flat tone, "Her ability does more than wear her out, if you use it too much, it will kill you." He growled.

Marn stared at him, Kara stood up, "Aelius, you should tell him." She murmured.

"Tell me what?" Marn asked in a fearful voice.

Aelius only looked down at his hands, he murmured, "She saved lives at the cost of her own, I don't know why you're worried about me, Kara."

Marn shuffled in his spot, Kara murmured, "She isn't the only one that has that ability."

"Don't tell me dad has it too." Marn rasped.

Kara looked down at the ground, and shook her head. Aelius only smiled, "No, he doesn't." He said, his voice finally wavering, "But I do."

Marn gaped, while Kara looked away, Marn asked, "Why... Why didn't you tell me sooner...?"

"I had a feeling you would react like Kara did when she first found out," Aelius finally lowered his hands, and stared at them both, "Like I told her, I don't know why you're worrying about me, I don't plan on using it."

Kara frowned, "Things can change, Aelius." She pointed out.

And they did change...

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