General Synopsis

These stories are about a group of "admins" (leaders) of the American Anime Association, as they deal with things such as rogue members and catastrophic threats. The stories all take place in a shared universe where every anime character ever created exists, so think of it like the Marvel Cinematic Universe plus anime.

There will also be stories exclusive to Facebook, so watch out for them! The link to the official American Anime Association page is here.

The Tales of the AAA series now has its own wiki! You can visit it by clicking here! Don't worry, though, because stories to this immense universe will still be added here and other places!

Plans for General Expansion

Tales of the AAA tie-in comics will be released soon, although it is up for debate whether or not they will be uploaded to Facebook. Be wary, I can't draw for shit, so bear with me here.

In addition, there may be short stories or entire stories uploaded onto sites other than this one (with, of course, links to this site). They will be listed on the template as soon as they are uploaded.

Stories/Release Dates

Tales of the AAA series
Full Media Chronology

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Story Release Date
4Kids: The Rise to Power June 10, 2016
Brandon: Issue #1 October 28, 2016
Braden: Haywire 2017
Braden: The First Admin November 27, 2015
Adriel May 29, 2015
Bailey July 17, 2015
Grimmjow August 14, 2015
Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine April 8, 2016
Brandon September 18, 2015
Sean October 23, 2015
Halloween Special November 1, 2015
The Admins December 25, 2015
Christmas Special December 25, 2015
Civil War February 12, 2016
TQftHG: 12345 February 23, 2016—
May 24, 2016
Hounds of Justice May 19, 2016
TQftHG: 67891011121314151617181920 May 27, 2016—
Bailey: Revenge of REVOCS TBA
Hellsing: Incognito* TBA
Clean Slate* TBA
Admins: End of Days TBA
Sean: Solace TBA
Rob Lucci TBA
Brandon: Excalibur* TBA
Team RWBY: "Red" Trailer TBA
Team RWBY: "White" Trailer TBA
Team RWBY: "Black" Trailer TBA
Team RWBY: "Yellow" Trailer TBA
Admins: The Vengeful Man of Lightning* TBA
Space Patrol Luluco TBA
The Three Kings TBA
Gerardo's Very Own Story TBA
Vento Aureo* TBA
Kyōma the Coil Hunter TBA
Sailor Scouts TBA
Grimm Eclipse TBA
Black Cat TBA
You're Not So Bad TBA
Freezer with an I TBA
The Unknown Country TBA
Munson's Delivery TBA
The Kill Order TBA
Manuel: The Quest for Gerardo TBA
Champions of Shōnen TBA
CP9's Independent Report TBA
Steel Ball Run* TBA
Ghost in the Shell TBA
Gerardo and Manuel TBA
Stone Ocean* TBA



  • Despite the story type officially being listed as "Fan Fiction", this story is technically a "Fan Fiction" and a "Collaboration", as multiple people are involved in writing them.
  • This story will be the only story on the I Love Writing Wiki that will have links to other wikis in its stories.
Tales of the AAA was written by one of our users.

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