Taken By A Stranger
Lena feels as though she was taken by a stranger the moment she met Alexander Rybak at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, and like she's been in love with a fairytale ever since. But does he need a satellite, or is she just dreaming of a day to stay?

Taken By A Stranger

Author: MetroMara
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress

Prologue (May, 2010) (WIP)

Lena had won Unser Song Fur Oslo over the Braun girl and whoever else had been there, but she doubted that it had ever really sunk in until now, when she stood near the stadium she would perform in for Germany. Of course, with the realisation of the truth came nerves she hadn't acknowledged; and it took everything she had just to stand idle and not shake like a leaf - despite this, all the while she was still grinning, with a German flower crown positioned in a lopsided position so that a red petal tickled her eyes. A hand fell on her shoulder and she had to try not to jump and seem terrified, rather simply turn and look at whoever it was.

"Lena!" Alexander Rybak was stood behind her, a twinkle in his eye as he looked down at her - boy, now she felt short, didn't she? He looked down at her shoulder - where Lena, blushing, moved her hand off of his when she realised it had jumped there out of surprise. "Hallo! I'm Alexander!" Lena let out a laugh, smirking slightly - of course she knew who he was, he'd broken a Eurovision record that year.

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