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In the year 2020, Netking Software released a virtual reality game called the Terrain of Magical Expertise… TOME.

Within this expansive, interactive world, players of all ages, gender and race from across the globe unite together to a single community of social networking and gaming. With an unprecedented level of customization, you can create a personal avatar character to interact with friends and battle foes…and Netking Software’s unparalleled and renowned virtual reality system dictates your thoughts and actions instantly to create an incredibly realistic sense of life, making it the most immensely popular and sought-after game title in the world to date.

The world of TOME is divided into three regions on a gigantic floating island:

;Sanctuary – The eastern region, a lush, green haven safe from all violence. This area is dedicated entirely to social networking.

;Mechcity  The central region, a bustling concrete jungle for both socializing and gaming. Battles can only take place in specified areas and if a challenge is accepted mutually by two or more players.

;Lavendera The western region, an expansive and dangerous land where battles are constantly happening. Combat between players can happen at any time in any place.


Username:  Alpha

Location: Unknown, US
Class: Fighter

Alpha is a shy and unassuming young kid who starts playing TOME due to its rising popularity in his High School and discovers he has a natural talent at playing the game. On his first day he meets several new friends who quickly take notice to his decent battling ability and bring them into their anti-hacker resistance. While in the midst of a battle in ;Lavendera one fateful day, he discovers “The Forbidden Power”, which tempts him with an offer of strength and infects his character model like a virus. With newfound confidence, Alpha jumps into the fray against the hackers and discovers that he has the ability to harm other players in real life with the Forbidden Power. The strange ethereal being that speaks to Alpha manipulates his impressionable mind and takes advantage of his naiveté and lack of confidence. As Alpha’s reputation grows and more and more strange opponents are thrown his way, he’ll have to overcome them all and conquer his own personal issues in order to keep his friends, and himself, out of harm’s way.
Power: Mythology 

Special Techniques: 

Orion Shield – A powerful spinning shield that doubles as a discus attack which can be thrown in a barrage of projectiles.
Vulcan Fist – A charging dash attack in which the user is enveloped in searing flames. Makes for a good finishing move.
Poseidon Wave – A slow, but forceful projectile attack with a wide range, made of high-pressure water.
Zeus Rage – A quick and precise shot of electricity with a long range that can paralyze the opponent if timed right.


Username: Kirbopher

Location: Unknown, US
Class: Swordsman

A longtime player with lots of energy and a slight attitude problem, Kirbopher is always looking to have a good time when picking fights with the various players of TOME. At first he sees his relationship with Alpha as a rivalry in playing the game, but it quickly develops into a friendship, as Kirb sees it as an opportunity to develop the potential in Alpha’s skill and create a challenging sparring partner. Kirb cares about nothing more than enjoying himself while in TOME, constantly looking for strong opponents to test his skill, and although he is friends with Alpha and the gang, Kirb’s not interested in fighting against the hackers and considers them all less of a threat and more of just a nuisance that can be easily brushed aside. He’s a bit on the rude side due to his harsh and sarcastic mannerisms, but Kirb is actually more sensitive than you might think and grows to care more about his friends than how good at playing the game he is…but his bad choices may end up causing some problems for our heroes.
Power: Enchanted Sword 

Special Techniques: 

Spin Slash – An aerial cutting attack in which the user spins rapidly into a powerful cut. This technique can be turned into a Shockwave upon finishing.
Ice Knives – A projectile attack where a swarm of sharp icicles spread out from a slash of the user’s weapon.
Dust Tornado – A slow, but forceful projectile attack that can entrap the opponent and allows for a swift follow-up combo.
Shockwave – A powerful attack that travels along the ground and trips up the opponent upon impact.


Username: Flamegirl

Location: California, US
Class: Spellcaster

Bio: Flamegirl is a level-headed young gal who’s more interested in the combat side of TOME, completely bored with her friends’ obsession with the social-networking side. Eager to play, she surrounds herself with other competitive gamers in ;Lavendera and ;Mechcity in order to develop her skills in battle. When her fun becomes threatened by trouble caused by the hackers, Flamey and a few of her friends form the anti-hacker resistance to try and stop them. When she begins to lose hope on their chances of success, Alpha makes use of the Forbidden Power and changes their odds entirely. However, new hackers appear and Flamey becomes more and more invested in trying to stop them. As the most “down to earth” of our heroes, Flamegirl tries to organize an otherwise unruly band of ragtags into a force to be reckoned with. In particular, she tries to console Alpha and help him find his confidence when the Forbidden Power brings a new element of chaos into the mix…
Power: Fire 

Special Techniques: 

Flame Bullet – A rapid projectile attack that allows the user to shoot small blasts of fire from their fingers.
Rocket Burn – A charging dash attack in which the user is enveloped in searing flames. This move can also be turned into a spinning attack.
Angry Burst – A short-range but forceful attack made of concentrated flames.
Sun Bomb – A chargable projectile attack that moves slowly but causes a greater explosion upon impact.


Username: Gamecrazed

Location: Unknown, US
Class: Morphological

A mysterious and quiet player who only speaks when he feels it’s necessary, Gamecrazed is also a very skilled fighter in TOME, making quite a name for himself as the “Purple Shadow” of ;Lavendera. He’s always incredibly concerned with the well-being of TOME’s virtual landscape, so he joins our heroes in trying to stop the hacker threat and becomes a valuable asset to their cause. Not much is known about Gamecrazed’s life outside of the game or what his true intentions are, however, he is incredible good at “reading” people, always knowing exactly what to do and say, even if his words are less direct than his actions. He shares a strong bond with our heroes, in particular with Nylocke, who he seems to have a fascination with above the others. Gamecrazed is always willing to help people in need and has an indomitable spirit in which he never backs down from a fight. Mysterious as he is, he has the everlasting trust of our heroes.
Power: Shadows 

Special Techniques:

Shadow Slash – A cutting attack, made from a slice of concentrated dark energy.
Dark Bomb – Concentrated dark energy formed into an explosive ball which can be shot from the user’s palm.
Black Hand – The user temporarily transforms into a giant hand to perform more powerful physical attacks.
Violet Thorn – The user wraps themselves around an enemy and squeezes, creating a flower-like pattern of spikes that protrude outward. This technique may risk damage to the user.


Username: Nylocke

Location: Knutsford, England
Class: Swordsman

Nylocke is a loud and proud role-player with a bit of an ol’ English feel to him. Whenever he appears he leaps into the air and shouts a long, detailed title for himself that always involves the words “Master” or “Dragon”. Nylocke is an unbridled force of good in the world of TOME. He fights for justice and revels in being a hero. He’s a bit ignorant at times, but never means any harm with his buffoonery. He takes his playtime in TOME seriously to the point of it being like a second life for him, and anything that threatens it doesn’t sit well with him. Hence, he strives to toss out the “foul hackers” from his cherished home. However, he has his weaknesses…when serious business occurs, Nylocke doesn’t understand how to handle it and begins to shut down. That said, his character is very precious to him and he vows to never break it, no matter what challenges appear. With his boisterous and quirky mannerisms, it’s no wonder Nylocke’s such a popular guy!
Power: Ice 

Special Techniques: 

Cold Steel – The users slashes their weapon to send out waves of sharp ice.
White Wind – A blizzard attack that pushes back the enemy and freezes them in solid ice when covering them for a certain amount of time.
Stalagmite Storm – The user summons a line of giant stalagmites that rise up from the ground and pierce the opponent’s defenses.

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