TOME: A Plan of His Design

Author: Tawny
Rating: Explicit
Status: In Progress
Series: TOME Legends
Preceding: None


The body was lifted to the sky, the character's eyes greyed over, seemingly lifeless.


Two characters stood next to the hole.

"It's over..." The character further back said in his usual, emotionless tone.

The other sighed and closed his eyes tightly before looking at the hole one last time and leaving with the other character.


"Well... Maybe this is about as good as it's gonna get..."

Chapter 1 

"Kirb's been acting a bit stranger than usual, hasn't he?"

Alpha shrugged. "I guess. The only thing that's different is he seems a lot happier since the tournament."

"Something was really up with him then... Did something happen after we signed up together?" Flamegirl asked, sitting next to him.

Lavendera was busy as usual, but now that the excitement of the Gemini Tournament was finally blown over, things could return to normal and they could start training and having fun again.

"Well after you left he showed up and I apologized after... that happened... and apparently he had wanted to sign up with me as his partner. He got stuck with that Archy kid... that might be why he was so depressed," Alpha explained, looking up at the sky.

"AH! MY NOBLE FRIENDS!" A voice boomed from the distance.

Flamegirl rolled her eyes and smiled. "Great, here comes-"

Nylocke quickly ran over to them, jumping into the air.


"Yeaaahh..." Alpha muttered before laughing.

"Do you think Kirb is acting weird, Nylocke?" Flamegirl asked him.

Nylocke thought for a moment. "The Squire sure seems to be in a better mood these days, though I wouldn't call it 'weird' as you describe it."

"Oh... Alright.." Flamegirl blinked before looking over as Gamecrazed made his way toward them.


"I get here the same time every day, Nylocke..." Gamecrazed said quietly, slightly annoyed but amused.

"I KNOW, BUT IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU," Nylocke said before grinning big. Alpha and Flamegirl laughed.

"Oh look, more strange behavior," Alpha said after a while of them waiting. "Kirb is usually one of the first ones here because he's always complaing about everyone being too slow. Now we're all waiting on him.."

"Something is seriously going on with him and I want to figure out what," Flamegirl growled, narrowing her eyes.

Alpha laughs nervously. "You act like it's a bad thing he's happy and not waking up ass-early in the morning just to get here before we do."

"It's only bad because that's his usual thing! This has never happened before," Flamegirl replied before she spots Kirbopher walking toward them. "Speak of the devil..."

Kirbopher yawns as he reaches them. "Hey guys... What are we doing today...?"

They all looked at him with puzzled faces.

Kirbopher narrows his eyes in annoyance. "I barely got any sleep last night, bite me."

Alpha laughs slightly before thinking. "I don't know... What should we do today?"

"Oh God, don't tell me we're going to be sitting here all damn day trying to figure out what to do," Kirbopher's eye twitched. "That's what you're supposed to do BEFORE I get here."

"Well sorry, Mr. Royalty, you usually get here before us anyway," Flamegirl glared.

Kirbopher glared back. "Ever heard of 'late night training so I can kick this one bitch's ass'?"

"ALRIGHT, alright, we don't need another fight..." Alpha said, getting between them. Kirbopher and Flamegirl continued glaring at each other before turning to face seperate ways.

Alpha sighs in relief. "Good, now what are we going to do-"

Alpha was interupted by a blood-curtling scream a distance away. They all turned to look, eyes wide in shock. Kirbopher quickly runs toward the scream.

"WAIT! Kirb, come back!" Alpha ran after him, the others looking at each other cautiously before following.


Kirbopher stopped and stared up, eyes wide. The others caught up to him, glaring in annoyance, not noticing what was in front of them.

"Are you insane?! Why did you run off without us?" Flamegirl snapped. "Hell-oooo? Are you going to not be rude and look at me when I'm ta-" She folowed his gaze and was stricken with the same shocked look. The others looked up as well and before long they were all staring.

Before them was a giant robotic dog, too animal-like to be an actual character.

Kirbopher grinned, unsheathing his sword. "ALRIGHT! Guess it's time to rack up some experience points-" He begins running toward it but Alpha holds him back by his shoulder.

"I don't think we should mess with that thing.." Alpha blinked.

"Are you kidding me?! You're afraid we'll lose to THAT?!" Kirbopher snapped.

Alpha shook his eyes, his eyes distant. "No, I feel something... Familiar..."

Flamegirl looked at him with confusion before her pupils shrunk. "We need to get out of here. NOW." 

They quickly turn and run, but Kirbopher stays back, watching them.

"What are you cowards doing?! What are you so afraid of?!" He shouts after them before turning back to face the robot.

A fuzzing sound was heard and Kirbopher struggled as he thought he had heard it before. Realization struck him and he froze, slowly looking up at the robot.

"No... This is impossible... How... HOW?!" He screamed, running toward it and jumping, slashing it down across the robot's face.

" thought you got rid of me..."

A grey, buzzing blot came from the robot, yellow streaks shining through it.

"How are you back?! We destroy-" Kirbopher paused and thought for a minute before facepalming. "YOU'VE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME RIGHT NOW."

" never destroyed me..."

" will never destroy me..."

"...I will make you suffer how you once did..."

"...and I will be sure to make it much more painful..."

Kirbopher's eye twitched, his hands shaking slightly as he gripped his sword tightly. He narrowed his eyes. "I'm not afraid of you... We will seal you away where no one can find you ever again!" He shouted.

The blot made it's way toward Kirbopher. It engulfed itself around him. His eyes widened and he dropped his sword, pain searing through his entire body. He struggled as he tried doing something, but was too overcome by pain to even blink or breathe. His heart raced in panic as he wondered how he would get out of it in time...

Chapter 2

Alpha and the others ran as quickly as possible, making it back to the centre of ;Lavendera. They stopped, trying to catch their breaths. After a while of breathing they all looked around before looking at each other.

"Where is Kirb...?" Flamegirl finally asked. They all froze before turning to face where they came from.

Alpha's eyes widened. "Oh no..."

"What is it?" Gamecrazed asked.

"I have a bad feeling..." Alpha said. 


" can't keep your secret hidden for long..."

Kirbopher struggled as he tried to get out of the blot's grip, but his efforts slowly became weaker as pain coursed through him.

"...they'll find out and abandon you..."

"...they'll know the truth about you..."

Kirbopher choked a little as he tried to speak. "How do you know that...?"

"...when they learn who you really are..."

"...and remember all the things you did..."

"...they'll betray you..."

"No..." Kirbopher coughed, his body shaking every time he took a staggered breath, "...they wouldn't do that... They're my friends..."

"...they're only your friends because they don't know the real you..."

"...they don't know that was you all along..."

"...but they will know..."

"...and they will leave you..."

Kirbopher's eyelids fluttered slightly as he became even weaker, his struggling slowing to a stop.

"...that's better..."

"...struggling is pointless..."

" only makes the pain last longer..."

"...I'll never set you free..."

"...not until you lose everything..."

"...not until I see you suffer..."

Kirbopher glared into the mass of the blot, unable to see the outside world, only able to gaze through the endless gray static and yellow waves.

" brought this upon yourself..."

"...if you hadn't locked me away in the first place..."

"...this wouldn't be happening to you..."

"If I hadn't locked you away, millions of people would be hurt, or even KILLED because of you..." Kirbopher snapped. 

"...this is why you suffer..."

" don't understand..."

"...I never did anything to you..."

"Yes, you did..." Kirbopher coughed, blood falling into an endless abyss of static. "You hurt countless amounts of people, and I was the only one man enough to stop you..."

" didn't personally know those people..."

"...why did they matter to you?..."

"They were still innocent lives that didn't deserve what you put them through..." Kirbopher snarled. "It didn't matter if I knew them personally or not..."

"...your loss..."

"...this is what caring gets you..."

Kirbopher's eyes widened as he let out a scream of pain, the blot slowly making it's way into Kirbopher's body. He couged up more blood, his body shaking like mad as the blot continued inside.


"What the hell was that?!"

Alpha and the others looked back as a scream sounded loudly.

"Oh no... I think that's..." Alpha began before looking at the others. They nodded, and they ran toward the origin of the scream.


"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Kirbopher screamed, the blot getting in further. His eyes began to dilate, the pain becoming too much to bear. His breathing was hoarse, his lungs feeling as though they were being squeezed tightly, waiitng to snap.


Kirbopher tried to look, but as he moved the blot was halted from entering any further. It grew angry and electrified his body with more torment, trying to keep him still. He screamed, his body freezing up as it fought with the agony.

"...I will make this as painful as it needs to be..."

"...stay still..."

" are fighting a losing battle..."

"KIRB!" Alpha screamed again as they ran toward them. The blot turned it's attention to Alpha, holding Kirbopher in place.


"Yeah, it's me," Alpha growled, his eyes narrowing. "Leave Kirb alone."


"...there is more to this character than you think..."

"...he has secrets he doesn't want you to know..."

"...I can tell you them..."

"...if you'd like..."

Kirbopher's eyes flashed in anger before being engulfed in pain again. Alpha paused and looked at the blot before sighing.

"No," he said, "everyone has their secrets. It would be right for me to try and learn everything about him. It's better that he keeps some things to himself."

" only say that because you don't know what secret this is..."

"...his identity..."

" not what you believe it to be..."

"What are you talking about?" Alpha asked.

"'d be better to have him tell you himself..."

The blot turned it's attention back to Kirbopher and finally fully entered his body. Kirbopher let out a final, agonizing scream again before falling to his knees, breathing heavily, head spinning.

Alpha, Flamegirl, Nylocke and Gamecrazed ran to him.

"Kirb, are you okay?" Alpha asked quickly.

"I'm... fine..." Kirbopher panted. 

"We need to find Zetto... We'll need his help," Alpha said.

"NO!" Kirbopher quickly shouted, his eyes wide. He blinked before shaking his head. "No, we don't need his help... We just need to find the Drain Edge and get this thing out again..."

"We have no idea where the Drain Edge is... I never saw it after Nylocke decided to throw it out into the sky when the Forbidden Power was first put inside it," Alpha said.

"We need to find it..." Kirbopher said, starting to get up before he froze, his pupils shrinking.

"What is it?" Flamegirl asked, looking at him in confusion.

"We need to get back..." Alpha said quietly, slowly starting to back away.

"You aren't saying he's...?" Flamegirl began, backing away as well.

"It's taking over him..."

Chapter 3

Kirbopher's eyes began to glow red, his hair and clothes darkening. He looked up at them, being controlled by the Forbidden Power.

"... so... the secret..." He said, standing up and facing them.

"Get out of his head," Alpha demanded. "He did nothing to you!"

Kirbopher laughed, though it had a demonic tone. He looked back seriously at Alpha. "... you know nothing about his past..."

"What do you mean...?" Alpha asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"... it ties to the secret I was going to tell you anyway... I might as well tell you it all..." Kirbopher said.


... it was a long, long time ago, a few weeks after the game was first made... I had finally found my way into the game, though I was hidden from all... I wanted to be free... I wanted to take over the game... I was a virus... It's what I was programmed to do...

... I finally reached into the world, locking on to different players, controlling their characters and destroying as much as I could... I had the power to hurt a player in real life, not just their character... 

... soon I was confronted by a young player, one of the first to come in to the game... He had blue hair, red eyes, razor sharp teeth... He was there to destroy me... 

... what he at first didn't understand was that I couldn't be destroyed... I could only be kept away... locked up... concealed... He beat the player I had locked on to and contained me, sealing me away in an unknown place where no other player could find me...

... I was stored away there for months as the number of players grew... I was anxious to get out... anxious to try again... When finally a young, unassuming character passed my way... I reached out to him, bringing him to where I was kept away... I was able to connect with this character easily... I was able to stay with this character for a while, destroying anyone who challenged him... Then one of his friends came along...

... she had been unknowingly equipped with an anti-virus to keep me "under control"... She was able to keep me sealed whenever she came in contact with the character... It angered me... Soon the character I connected with received a message, telling him there was a way for me to be gotten rid of... He took the chance and went to meet with the other character...

... the other character revealed that I had to be removed... Soon I recognized this character... though he was different from before... It was the same blue-haired, red-eyed, sharp-teethed character that had sealed me away the first time... causing me so many months of lonesome and sorrow... 

... I took control of the character's body, fighting the one who had caused me harm... He had grabbed the character I controlled by the neck, starting a removal program... At the last minute I was able to destroy it and get inside of him...

... I fought the character I used to control, Alpha, as the character I newly controlled who had caused me grief that long time ago, Zetto... Eventually Alpha's friends came to his aid, stabbing Zetto in the back with the Drain Edge and sealing me inside of it... Thought they foolishly threw me to a place unknown, where I could be found again by any random passerby... 

... Zetto's body was taken to the Heaven-esque area of TOME, though when he arrived they noticed his eyes were greyed over, showing that he had temporarily logged out... 

... after the battle Alpha and his two friends who had aided him left back to ;Lavendera, not seeing the characters Kirbopher and Gamecrazed standing where the battle had taken place... Eventually they left and met up with the others...


"What are you trying to say? What was the point of telling us all of this?" Alpha snapped angrily.

"... you aren't catching on..." Kirbopher said, his eyes glazed over as the Forbidden Power spoke through his body. "... the reason Kirbopher was at the scene of where the battle took place... he is Zetto... They are both controlled by the same player in the real world..."

A tense silence built up around them.

"... he temporarily signed out from Zetto so that Kirbopher could come back to you all after I was sealed away... It was Kirbopher's/Zetto's plan all along to lock me away to never be used again..." The Forbidden Power continued.

"That's... not possible..." Alpha whispered, looking at the ground. He looked back up. "Why?!"

"... Zetto created a second character so that he could feel the fun of TOME again, causing the creation of the Kirbopher you all know and cherish... The character Zetto's main objective was the get rid of me... The character Kirbopher's main objective was the have fun in the game, sort of like a break from having to deal with the plan of destroying me..." The Forbidden Power explained. "...though they are made by the same player, they are two completely different characters... as far as personality and attitude goes..."

"Oh my god..." Flamegirl whispered, her eyes wide in shock. Gamecrazed remained silent while Nylocke only stared in astonishment.

"... now that his secret is out..." The Forbidden Power said, "... I might as well let you confront him about it..."

Kirbopher's eyes flashed back to normal and his coughed, gripping his chest.

Alpha ran back over to him. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine..." Kirbopher said, coughing a bit before looking up at him. "I'm sorry..."

Alpha sighed before looking back at him. "I wish you would have told us before..."

"I didn't know how to tell you," Kirbopher said. "I thought that if I told you, you would all just... leave..."

"Kirb..." Alpha said, looking at him sadly, "we'd never leave you. You're our friend, remember? We all have secrets. Some are better left untold..."

"I know..." Kirbopher said, looking at the ground. "I'm sorry for not telling you before..."

"Don't worry about it," Alpha smiled. "Now that we know, we understand a lot more."

"Are you KIDDING?!" Flamegirl snapped, walking up to Kirbopher and slapping him across the face. "How DARE you?!"

Kirbopher's eyes flashed and he glared at her. "What the fuck was that for?!"

"Now that we know you were Zetto the entire time, just think of all the things you said!" Flamegirl shouted. "All the things you said to Nylocke! To Alpha! The shitty way you treated all of us!"

"There was no other way!" Kirbopher shouted back. "You all didn't understand what we were doing, you would have tried to stop us from doing the RIGHT thing. I couldn't tell you it was me... It was something I needed to do by myself, and the only way to do it by myself was to act that way toward you so you never found out!"

"I'm not listening to this bullshit. I'm out of here," Flamegirl snapped before turning and walking away.

"Stephanie, come back!" Alpha shouted after her. There was no response as she continued to leave.

Kirbopher sighed, looking at the ground in shame. "This is why... I knew this would happen..."

"Don't worry about her, Kirb," Alpha looked back at him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "She'll turn back around."

"Our first priority is to find the Drain Edge," Gamecrazed said from a distance away.

"Right," Alpha said before looking back at Kirbopher. "I have one other question."

"What is it?"

"Are you still going to be using Zetto? Are you still going to log in as him?" Alpha asked.

"To be honest, I don't know..." Kirbopher sighed. "We'll have to see."

"Alright, that's fair," Alpha said before turning to Nylocke and Gamecrazed. "Time to go find that Drain Edge."

Chapter 4


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