StarGazer was an anime-themed story written by Somarinoa during his years at high school. Though it was originally written in both regular and hentai versions, currently only the original has had any recovered episodes available—of these, there are currently only three, which were finally recovered on October 28th, 2012 AD. The story follows Shiike Tsukino, a Psininja-in-training as she gets roped up in an interstellar conflict with a malevolent alien society, being conscripted to serve on a deep space science vessel known as the StarGazer, which later was retrofitted into a makeshift battleship (a "starbattler" in the series). It was being written within months of discovering what anime was, and is therefore full-blown filled to the brim with otaku goodness or badness, depending on one's personal opinion. While I find it embarrassing nowadays, it was one of the important milestones in my evolution as a writer.

Episode list

  1. StarGazer Episode 1
  2. StarGazer Episode 2
  3. StarGazer Episode 3

Opening Theme Song: Leave it alone

Whatcha doin'
Not much
What's this?
Don't touch
Don't be so curious
Just leave it alone
It's none of your business
Just let it all go

I need you
I want you
Please don't let it be
I showed you my feelings
How can this be?
You turned away from me

Whadya say?
Keep your mouth shut
Don't say a word
Just sit back and listen
It's all about feeling
It's all about trust
Just leave it alone
Don't touch

Ending Theme Song: Grand Theft (You stole my heart)

The day we first met I despised you
I hated your guts from the start
Then you came out and said that you love me
and all that I did was throw up

Don't get me wrong: it's not that I don't love you
Even though I hated you right from the start
You grew on me like some sorta fungus
You've committed Grand Theft; You stole my heart!

Why'd it have to be this way?
Why did you have to go out and say
“Take me, I'm yours, I love you” and
“I've needed you ever since the start”

Can't you see that I love you?
Well, no, 'cause I don't let it show
Don't you know it's a crime to commit Grand Theft?
Especially when stealing someone's heart

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