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The first thing she could hear was the sound of fighting. Her eyes flickered open, to see two people in a brawl. She slowly sat up, trying to make sense of what was going on.

She was lying on a cold cement floor, and her body was aching in pain. She rubbed her temples, as everything became clear again.

In front of her, a woman in a dark red sweater shoved a man in a black jacket. On the floor beside her, there was a man in a blue hoodie, a man in a dark green long-sleeved shirt, and a woman in a purple scarf and sweater.

She glanced around, looking at the faces of the people around her.

The woman in red shouted, “I’m sick of you already! We need to calm down, and have an orderly discussion.”

The man in the black jacket responded, “Fuck your bullshit! We don’t have time to calm down. What we have to do is get out of here.”

“We can’t get out of here!” replied the woman, “Look, we need to just relax and-“

“Shut the fuck up,” the man said.

The woman responded, “Can you stop opposing my every-“

The man in green yelled, “Both of you, calm down. Jesus Christ.”

Everyone turned to look at the man in green. He cleared his throat and said, “First off, we need to sort out what’s going on here. We don’t know why we’re here, and I don’t know any of you.”

The woman in purple said, “He’s right. Let’s settle down and introduce-“

“Fuck you guys,” The man in black said.

The man in blue clicked his tongue, “Wait… I-I can’t… What’s my name?!”

That's bizarre, she thought, How can he not… Wait. I don’t know…

She screamed.

The woman in red gripped her head in her hands, while the man in green looked as if he’d just been struck on the head.

After a few moments of panic, the woman in red said, “I-If we can’t remember our names, then we need some way of identifying each other.”

“We’ll use numbers,” Replied the man in black, “I’ll be Three. Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

The purple woman hissed, “That’s dehumanizing.”

She added, “Yeah. We need actual names.”

The man in green said, “We could go with our most notable feature. In which case, I’d be Freckles.”

“I think that works,” the woman in red said, “What do you all think?”

The man in black said, “Fine. I’d like to apologize for being so rude, Nose.”

“Whatever, Attitude.” the red woman spat back.


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