Specks of Stardust

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete
Series: The Cosmos
Succeeding: Star Speck Hope

Isn't space wonderful? aren't I a huge nerd

Millions and millions of hazy specks
Scattered through the night
Blips of light from the time gone past
Stars and planets, red shifting fast

And in the expanding universe
Think of us to them
Just a blip among thousands more
They'd struggle to recollect

So tiny we are; yet huge
Complex beings looking for place
In the vast and empty space
We all long for a place

Yet we forget that to exist
A star had to die
Throwing elements from within
Using atoms as old as the start

So tiny we are; yet ancient
Old as dinosaurs and more
All atoms within, all protons and quarks
Are from before the first star

Those hazy specks of distant light
Perhaps are now long dead
Yet without death we would not live
In the cycle of our universe

All parts of me and of you
Will cycle through and through
Every atom of me, and of you
Were something old
And will be new

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