Slytherin's Courge

Author: Silver :)

Type: Original Stories

Rating: Moderate

Status: In Progress

Warning, may contan spoilers for the Harry Potter series!

Note: In Marie's different personalities, she calls them different names.

Marie- herself

Sarah- smart one

Diana- scared one

Cara- rude/sarcastic one

Julie- violent one

Ariadne- killer/deadly one

Chapter 1-Julie and Marie

I pound on the door, trying to force my way through it to the doctor. He stood there calmly, telling me to take deep breaths. But I doesn't want to. I want to punch him in his stupid nose for locking me in here. After several minutes of this, I start yelling, cussing him out for even trying to help me. He can't fix this. Nobody can.

I threw myself against the door again, but nothing happened. The man turned and left, opened another door, and soon I was staring out of a window at a blank wall. I still pounded on it, and screamed, but no one came. I paced around the room, shoving my bed out of the way.

I looked around the room, wanting to break something, anything. All I had was my bed, with the metal frame, my door, with the unbreakable window, and a box with all my belongings. And of course, the camera on the ceiling so the doctors know how I'm doing.

I fling myself onto the bed, and throw my pillow repeatedly at the camera, but it's at least 30 feet in the air, so there was no way I could reach it. And, of course, there was no way to climb up the wall to get to it, since my room was a perfect square, with the camera in the center.

I throw my pillow one more time, then give up. I lay down on the bed and think, when I wake up, I will punch that doctor in the face. It's my last conscious thought. 


The next morning I stretched and looked up at the camera. It was still watching me. I shrugged and took out a change of clothes. I was used to it. In fact, I could barely even remember my life before my parents dropped me off in this "hospital". I walked over to the door and called, "I need to shower!" 

My voice echoed for a few moments, then there was a whirring sound behind me. I turned and went through the door that had been a wall before. The room was also perfectly square, with a shower stall in a corner, a sink on a wall, and a toilet in another corner. There was also another camera, but I was used to it. 

I undressed and got into the shower. It automatically turned on, and, 5 minutes later, turned off. I put on the new clothes, and put the old ones in a hamper. My clothes were all the exact same, so I wouldn't have to 'be conflicted'. 

The second I left the bathroom it closed the door, locking itself shut. The camera was still watching me, and I sat on the bed calmly and waited. After an explosion, the doctors always waited to make sure I had recovered. 

Just like always, the door opened, and the doctor who I usually talked to, Jacques, came in. "Come." He instructed. I stood up and followed him into another room that was used to talk. There was a mirror on one wall, but I was pretty sure it was a window. 

"Now, you've behaved very badly." Jacques scolded, sitting in a chair. "I know." I replied, my cheeks flushing with embarrassment. "Tell me, what made you angry?" He asked, staring at my eyes, like they would give him answers. 

"I don't know." I answered, a little too quickly. Jacques' eyes narrowed, then he sighed. "It was the new medicine, wasn't it?" I nodded, staring at the table. "I wonder what caused it." He continued, opening my folder and taking out a paper. "We'll need to assess that in your checkup." 

Every day, I get a doctor checkup so they can make sure nothing changes. After that, I have a physical activity that keeps me from getting weak. Then I have "free time", if you could call it that. 

I stood still, feeling the familiar pinch as the doctor stuck a needle into my arm and drew blood. Even though I was me, my arms were strapped to the chair in case I changed and attacked. The first time they had done that, I had screamed and fought them, trying desperately to escape. Then again, I had fought when they first put me in my room, and refused to go into the shower when I saw the camera.

And when I was brought here. Calling it unceremonious would be the understatement of the century. My mother and father had literally locked me in a dog kennel and brought me here like I was some deranged animal. My family had explained it to the doctor, who took me and assured they would never see me again. I was 8. 

Chapter 2-Marie

After the doctor checkup I ran laps, did stretches, and lifted weights. I did this every day since I came here. When I had begun, I was too tired to do a two-mile jog, do painful stretches, and lift 30 pound weights. Of course, that hadn't mattered to them. They had basically told me, "Do it or we'll take away privileges". That meant not getting free time; instead sitting in my room doing nothing. 

However, I only jogged a half mile then, did jumping jacks, and play on the bicycle-in-the-ground contraption that measures miles per hour. I had worked my way up to the skill level I had, and by the time I was 12, which would be in two days, I hoped to be able to break my two-mile time record, 11:37. 

When I was deemed finished by the doctor in charge of physical activity, a giant, muscled man with dark hair, I was allowed to go to another room, still escorted, with stuff to do. When I was little, I would play with dolls and mess around.  

Now, I was fascinated by Literature. I loved books that described the outside world, sad, tragic romances, and history. I wanted to know all I could about the world I lived on. After all, my perspective was an eight year old's.

I read a book called Because of Winn-Dixie. It was short, but sweet, and I enjoyed it. Next, I turned to a giant "Lego" landscape I was building. It was from a picture I had seen, of a place called a zoo, where there were animals in cages that would entertain people. 

I had been working on it since I was ten, and it was almost completed. I had to step carefully, one foot in front of the other, to walk through the street. A giant dome-shaped building with a point on top went up to my shoulder, so I had to sway slightly to avoid it. I was stuck on the tiger pit, because it was hard to get the right colors for the fur.

I worked with concentration until a bell rang, symbolizing the end of free time. My guards led me back to my room, pushed me in, and closed and locked the door. I went over to my bed where there was a plate of food. I looked at it, then sat down and took a bite. Every evening it was a sandwich of some kind, and every morning it was a bagel and cream cheese or cereal. I never got to have my on opinion. 

When I was done with my tomato sandwich, I put the tray next to the door and laid back down on the bed. The lights automatically went out, and I was plunged into black. 


The next morning, Jaques seemed agitated. He kept running his fingers through his hair and muttering to himself. I had a bagel for breakfast, with orange juice, and I was ready to finish my tiger. However, when Jaques led me to the mirror room, he didn't just chat about stuff. He sat me down, and instantly my two guards stepped behind me. 

I frowned. We were always alone, except for the people behind the mirror/glass. Jacques held up a letter. "You, Marie, have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." I started laughing, holding the table for support. "Yeah, sure." I choked, looking up at him. He was dead serious. 

My laughter died in my throat as I realized he wasn't kidding. Jaques slid the letter to me, and I read it quickly. I shoved away from the table and stood up. My mind was getting overwhelmed. I was thinking too many thoughts at once. I pressed my palms to my temples and rubbed them. 

My guards immediately tensed. Jaques got up and went to my side. "Listen Marie. Do you want to go?" He asked, holding me a little tighter than was necessary. I realized they thought I was going to have a change and relaxed. 

"Yes, This could be my chance to get out and meet people." I said slowly, thinking fast. "What if you explode?" Jaques asked, stepping back. "I won't." "You know us. You don't know them." "Jaques, please." I asked, looking at the letter. 

"The train to go to Hogwarts-" "I get to ride a train!" I squealed with excitement, leaping to my feet. "Yes. Now the train leaves at 11 o'clock on September First. It's August the 25th, so we'll need to get you your supplies." Jaques continued. 

It took me a moment for the realization to hit. "Then-" I began, bubbling with excitement. "Yes. You can go." 

Chapter 3-Marie

I stared at the world around me. It was beautiful, with people everywhere. There were cars, buses, taxis, pigeons, real bicycles, everything. I looked around in wonder as we go into the car that would take us to 'The Leaky Cauldron'.  

The chauffeur dropped us off and left, leaving me with my two guards, Jacques, and a wad of cash my parents had given Jaques in exchange for taking me. Although, according to Jacques, there was much more in a bank. 

Jacques stopped me outside a giant place called Gringotts, the wizard bank. We went inside, and I stared at the little people sitting around. Jaques took out a check, and gave it to the nearest little person. "Who are you guys? Why are you so small?" I asked him, but he snorted and placed the check into a machine. 

"Please sign." He told Jacques, who signed a piece of paper with a bunch of words written on it. I saw the word "guardian" and "wizard" but the print was small. "We're goblins." The little person smirked, responding to me finally. 

After all of "my" money was converted into wizard money and stashed into a vault, Jaques opened a list and started directing me towards shops. When I got closer to one part, I saw a giant crowd of people surrounding one shop. 

I looked at it, then turned to Jacques. He sighed and gestured for me to go. "Meet me at the robe shop." He called, gesturing for my two guards to follow me. I ducked through the crowd and made my way inside. There was stuff everywhere, from something that looked like a living puffball to magic tricks I learned. 

There was something that said "Love Potions" on it, and I looked at it, before my attention was drawn to a zit remover. I never got pimples, because of some soap I put on every day. Then I spotted a sign that said, "Defense Against The Dark Arts" and wiggled my way towards it. 

There was little gadgety stuff everywhere, with little descriptions under each. I stopped by a bunch of pretty black rocks, and read the label. "Peruvian Instant Darkness Black Powder. Makes everything go dark for a few minutes." I looked at it, figuring that the powder must be really thick and expand when broken ove a huge area like a giant cloud. 

Then I saw a sign that read "Decoy Detonators. Causes a distraction." I picked it up and inspected it skeptically. So, the people made a windup noisemaker. Big deal. I set it back down and went over to "Extendable Ears. Helps you hear anything withing it's range." That I was impressed with. How could you possibly do that? It obviously took lots of work to get the sound waves to travel to your ears. I picked one up and turned around to find where to buy it, and if I could afford it. 

"What are you doing?" A red-headed tall kid with magenta robes was staring at me. I gasped a little when I saw he had a hole where his ear should be. "Um, I'm buying this but I can't find a register." I said, looking up at him with some apprehension. "No, I mean I've never seen you before and that outfit is hard to miss." He said, pointing at me.

I probably looked weird, with my medical gown on and all. "I just got accepted into Hogwarts and-" I cut myself off. "Why are you asking anyway?" I demanded, my eyes narrowing. "I'm in charge of this place and I don't want any escaped psychos running around." The guy smirked.

"I am not a psycho!" I hissed, my cheeks flushing with anger. "Geez, if you can't take a joke..." The kid mumbled, his ear turning red. "That was not a joke! That was an insult!" I snapped, the edges of my vision gong red. I blinked a few times. I was not going to turn into Julie right now. "Okay, well I work here. I'm George Weasely, the owner of this joke shop."

"Joke shop? This isn't a joke shop! It's all engineered, mechanical, or science!" I spat. "What?" George's eyes widened. "Yes! Your Peruvian Darkness Rock thing is just thick powder that spreads out like a cloud! Your Decoy Detonators are mechanical windups!" 

George sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "You Muggle-born?" He asked. "I'm a what?" I asked indignantly, my fists clenching.  "Are you born to non-magic people?" George snapped. "I don't know." "What do you mean you don't know?" He retorted, his face now matching his hair in color. 

"I mean my parents ditched me when I was a kid, so I have no idea whether they were or not. Probably not, though." I spat, my eyes daring him to say something. George looked slightly surprised, and didn't continue the conversation. 

"Look, I came here to buy these," I shook the Extendable Ears, "so how much?" I paid him, and put the Extendable Ears into my pocket.  

Once outside, I bit back the tears from rising into my eyes, but a few escaped. If people were like that here, I wanted to go home to my room.  

Chapter 4-Marie

My guards had lost me in the crowd, and were waiting outside the doors. I had wiped my tears away, and when they looked at me, lifted the Extendable Ears and shrugged, then headed for the robe shop. Jacques was standing in one corner, holding a cauldron with a bunch of books, quills, supplies, and other wizard-related stuff. 

He looked at me, and I shrugged. A woman came out of the back of the store and ushered me to a changing room. "My dear, what are you wearing?" She asked, clucking her tongue. Jaques interrupted, lying smoothly. "There was a problem with her family, and she was mentally scarred." He mouthed the word Abuse, and the woman nodded understandingly. 

"You poor darling. Come, I need to fit you your clothes." I went behind the curtain and within half an hour, I was leaving the shop with an armful of robes. "What's left?" I asked, looking over the stack of clothes to look at Jacques. "Wand. Then we go back." We went to a place called "Ollivander's Wands" and stepped inside. It was dusty, and I sat in a chair, waiting.

An old man came out, and smiled when he saw me. "Welcome to my shop." He said, and started pulling out wands."Pine and dragon heartstring. 10"" I took it, but nothing happened. He just gave me another. "Cherry oak and unicorn core. 11 and a half inches." I took it in my hand and I felt a rush of warm air. The dust momentarily cleared. 

"Perfect!" Ollivander beamed, putting away the dragon heartstring one. Jaques paid for the wand, and then we left. The chaffuer pulled up and we got inside, and I was in my room again, and this time, for the first time, a feeling of real happiness spread through me.

Nothing happened on my birthday out of the ordinary, except everyone acted on edge. Instead of doing my normal checkup, Jacques gave me strict orders on what I should do. "Send me a message every day, or two days. If you get angry, keep calm. I have informed Professor McGonigal of your... predicament, so she will try to help you. She's in charge of the school." 

Then he had told me other random stuff, like proper behavior. I already knew all that, but I still payed close attention. 


Slowly but steadily, time passed until it was September 1st, 10:45 a.m. Jacques had given me a purse with the gold coins in them, and told me to go though the barrier between train 9 and 10. He walked me towards it, and pushed me through. Apparently, regular people couldn't go through the barrier. 

Platform 9 and 3/4 was beautiful, with a red train with the words "Hogwarts Express" written on it. I climbed into it, and looked for an empty compartment. I put my suitcase on top of the luggage rack, and sat down. Noticing some commotion outside, I glanced out the window. 

There was a tall black-haired adult with glasses holding a boy, probably his son, and talking to him quietly. Everyone was staring at him. I did too, out of curiosity, but saw nothing special about him. I shrugged and sat back in my seat. 

He was probably someone important, but I had no idea who he was or what he had done. So, I didn't care. I saw the compartment door slide open and a few others came in, putting their luggage on the rack and sitting down. "No more room anywhere else." One of them told me, plopping down on the chair opposite me. 

I smiled weakly and fixed my gaze out the window. The boy with his dad was gone. "Looking for Harry Potter?" The boy asked me. "Who?" "You know, guy who defeated Lord Voldemort, er, You-Know-Who seven times?" "Voldemort? This guy is a lord like, baron, or king?" Now I was interested. 

The boy sighed. "Lord Voldemort isn't his real name. He took it on, and was basically evil. Harry Potter, my godfather, killed him." "Oh. You know him?" I asked. "Well, yeah. My parents died, so I was basically left with him. He's a good guy, though." "Mine dumped me off in a ward." The boy nodded understandingly. 

"Oh, my name's Teddy Lupin." "I'm Marie." They fell silent as the train started moving, slowly at first, then faster and faster until I could no longer see the platform. I relaxed slightly and looked at my other companions. Teddy piped up again, naming everyone. 

"This is Albus Potter, James Potter, and Rose Weasley." He told me, pointing to the boy who was talking to Harry Potter, a boy with dark brown hair, and a girl with orange-gold hair. "Weasley?" I asked hesitantly, remembering George Weasley from the shop. 

The girl nodded, then fixated herself on a book. I stared out the window and watched the hills and fields go by. 

Chapter 5-Marie

I heard the door opening and turned around. There was a lady with a cart full of boxes and bags of things. "Anything from the trolley?" She asked, and James stood up, took some of the objects and paid her. The others did the same, and I stared at them. "What is that?" I asked. "Candy." Teddy told me, sitting down with a handful of it. 

I went over to the woman hesitantly, and asked for one. "One of what?" She asked kindly, gesturing to the many different types of candy. "Whichever is most popular." I shrugged. "That's the Cauldron Cakes and Chocolate Frogs." Albus smiled, holding up a small box. "Okay then, I'll take one each of those." I took the candy and paid the woman, and she went down to the next compartment. 

I sat down, and Teddy raised an eyebrow. "You act as if you've never seen candy before." I shrugged, and bit the Cauldron Cake. It was sweet, and had a tang to it. I finished it quickly and picked up the Chocolate Frog. It had a card in it, and I watched it with some interest. "Remus Lupin. Known for being allies with Harry Potter, he fought to the death to defend Hogwarts." 

Teddy smiled slightly, but it was sad. "That's my dad." I watched as a man with graying hair walked into the frame. I dropped the card, shocked, but Teddy smoothly caught it. "Hi, dad." He said, grinning. The man broke into a smile and waved, staring at his son. 

"I miss you, dad. How's mom?" Teddy asked. Remus Lupin nodded, then waved again and walked out of the picture. "He has to go to another card now." Teddy told me, giving the card back. "Sorry about using your card." He apologized, his cheeks flushing. 

James, who had been silent during this exchange, broke the silence by shouting, "Look! Hogwarts!" Albus, looked out the window, staring in wonder at the school. "It's so big." He gasped. "Like a castle." I murmered, staring at the beautiful building. A voice came over the speaker. 

"Please change into your robes. Your luggage will be brought in after you." I looked at the others, who were changing quickly, and shrugged. I could put it on over my other clothes. When I was done, I sat down, noticing with a jolt that we were almost there. 

"Rose, Albus, and I are new this year." Teddy told me, glancing in my direction, "James  is in his second year." "Oh." I said, not understanding what that had to do with anything. "We're in Griffindor. If you get in, you'll have some company." "But," James interjected, "Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are okay. Just don't get Slytherin." "Why Slytherin?" I asked, my gaze fixing on the brown-haired boy. 

"Well, Voldemort came from there, and no one who has gone through there has ever turned out good." James told me, like that would be obvious. "I'll keep that in mind." I respond, just as the train slows to a halt. 


I step into the Great Hall. There were so many people, all with eager looks on their faces. I had been separated from the others, so I was alone in a sea of people my age. An older woman, probably Professor McGonigal, read of names. The kids would sit on a stool, a hat was put on their heads, and it gave them a House. 

Since I didn't have a last name, I was last. I watched as Rose Weasley, Teddy Lupin, and Albus Potter were put into Griffindor. "Marie." I stepped forward, and knew that me not having a last name was weird for the others. The hat fell onto my head and started talking. 

"Definitely not Griffindor. You aren't very brave. Just look at Diana! And you're not normal, being an understatement, so not Hufflepuff." It said immediately, alienating my first two choices. "Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Well, Sarah is smart, but Julie is..." It trailed off. "Oh dear, Ariadne is quite nasty." I forgot to take a breath. 

No! Ariadne has gone away! She hasn't been a part of me ever since she killed- My thoughts were cut off as the Hat countered, "Still a part of you. Looks like it's going to be... SLYTHERIN!" It shouted the last word a the Hall, and soon I was walking, staggering more likely, to the table with green banners. My last choice. 

I looked across the Hall and saw Teddy watching me, his eyes narrowed. The others, who had been nice to me, were now fixated on their hands, like they no longer knew me. I ducked my head. I was alone again. For some reason, it seemed to hurt more this time. 

Professor McGonigal gave a short speech, then told us to eat. I was sitting near the middle of the long table, and I stared in wonder as the platters filled immediately with piles of food I had never seen before. An older student, one with a badge on, leaned over and told me, "Go ahead. The sheperd's pie is delicious." "The what?" I asked, staring at all the food. 

He pointed to a giant casserole-like thing. I took a scoop of it and tasted it. It was heavenly, with gooey cheese on top. I devoured it, then helped myself to what looked like a pitcher of orange juice, but when I tasted it I frowned. "What is this?" I asked, directing my question to the boy with the badge. 

"Pumpkin juice." He told me, taking a giant gulp of it. I shrugged and drank it. Now that I knew what to expect, it was good. I had never eaten very much before, so I was full and started watching Teddy and the others that were in my compartment. They were all chatting and laughing at a joke made by James. They looked happy. 

I was disrupted from my thoughts as a boy with white-blonde hair sat down next to me. "Hi." I murmered, trying to be polite. "My name's Scorpius." He told me. "That's an....interesting name. Mine's Marie." 

Chapter 6-Marie

I follow Anthony, the boy with the badge from the Great Hall, to Slytherin's chamber. I had tried to talk to Teddy, but he had blatantly ignored me. "The password is 'Dark Hearts'." Anthony told us, and the picture in front of us, a woman with dark black hair and brown eyes, smiled and opened to reveal a passageway to another room. 

I went through, and stepped into the room. It was lit by a greenish glow, and there was a fire in the corner. There was the Slytherin crest carved into the wall, and there were tables with comfy-looking chairs all around. "Girls go up the right, boys left." Anthony announced, heading up the left wing. 

I walked up the stairs, noticing that all the girls were skipping the 3rd step. The girl in front of me whispered, "It turns the whole staircase into a slide. Effectively boy-proof." "Thanks" I whispered, hopping from the 2nd to the 4th step. Once I got to the top of the stairs, I started looking for my suitcase.  

When I finally found mine, I was in a room with five 4-poster beds, with curtains around them for privacy. I smiled slightly. Privacy was a foreign concept for me. I changed into my medical gown, and slid into bed, and fell asleep almost immediately. 


I woke up the next morning. I changed into my robes, then remembered my promise to write a letter every day. I took out paper and a quill, and started writing to Jaques, telling him everything that happened yesterday. By the time I finished, it looked something like:

Dear Jacques,

The people here are really weird. I met a boy who was nice, but when I got chosen into Slytherin, one of the four houses, he acted like I never existed. Slytherin seems like an okay place. It's green and silver, but it's beautiful, in a sort of dangerous way. The food here's great. There's this thing called a sherperds' pie, and it's delicious. 

I can't wait to start my classes. From what it sounds like, I'll be making potions! Sounds fascinating. 

By the way, none of my 'friends' have made an appearance. I miss you. 

With appreciation, 


I put the letter in an envelope, and put it into my suitcase, just as I heard the others waking up. I quickly sat onto my bed and asked the closest one, "What are we doing first?" The girl pulled on her robe and gave me a friendly look. "Breakfast." Her hair was curly and black, with chocolate-colored eyes, and tan. 

The girl's name was Jennifer, but she preferred Jen. After a quick breakfast, which had all these amazing foods I never even heard of, Professor Slughorn, our House Teacher, handed us our schedules. Then he asked fo me to follow him. We entered an empty classroom, except for one other person. It was the Headmaster. 

Professor McGonigal walked towards me, then she said quietly, "Please sit down, Ms. Marie." Something in her eyes told me not to refuse. I sat in a chair, and she started talking. "You have a split-personality case." I nod. "We have been told that one or two parts of you have been... dangerous." It wasn't a question. I nodded again. 

"Now, if these characters start to emerge, you'll have to go straight to a teacher or the hospital wing, understood?" Professor McGonigal said sharply, but her eyes showed concern. "I hope that your problem will not affect your learning here at Hogwarts. You may go." I stand up, and leave. 


          Slytherin First Years

Monday: DADA, Herbology, lunch, Double Potions

Tuesday: Double Transfiguration, lunch, Charms, Magical Creatures

Wednesday: Double DADA, lunch, Double Herbology

Thursday:Potions, Transfiguration, lunch, Double Charms

Friday: Double Magical Creatures, lunch, DADA, Potions

I stare at my handout, trying to decipher what "DADA" meant. I didn't have long to wait, because soon I was following the crowd of first years to the classroom. We had the class with the Griffindors, along with every subject, except Charms. Teddy was fixed on a conversation with Albus and Rose, ignoring me completely. I sighed on the inside, then chose a desk at random, near the back, and sat down. Jen slid in next to me, and a boy with black hair sits on my other side. "Hi! I'm Aaron!" He grins, pulling out his book. I smile politely, then turn my attention to the front of the classroom, just as the teacher walked in. 

He was tall, and his black hair stuck out all over the place. His eyes were shocking green, and his bangs were unsuccessfully trying to cover a lightning scar. He surveyed the classroom, his eyes seeming to skid over the Slytherins and fix on the Griffindors. It was Harry Potter. 

"I will establish something right now." He tells us immediately, "I will not be favorable to anyone in my families or friends' families." There's a general nod of assent, and he grins. "Now, let's get down to business." 

Professor Potter has us take notes the entire time. By the time the bell rings, I have completed almost all the notes on the entire book, even though he only assigned us the first chapter. I've always been able to work fast, because I always read. We head outside to the greenhouses, were a teacher was waiting. 

"My name is Neville Longbottom. We'll be working in Warehouse one." He turned and led us into a greenhouse were there were a few harmless-looking plants. "We'll be working today on harvesting gillyweed. It's essentially a fungus, so that won't be too hard." He shrugged, pointing to a long table, with boxes full of slimy, gunky blobs in them. 

I quickly paired up with Jen and Aaron again, and we took a box. "All you need to do is rip them out of the ground, and gather them into lumps the size of your fist." Professor Longbottom told us, moving around the table. I quickly grabbed a handful. It felt like worms, and were just as hard to grab hold of. I finally managed to get a grip on them and pulled it out of the box. I grimaced as I rolled my bunch into a ball. 

We did this for the rest of the time until, eventually, time was up. We packed up and left, taking off our gloves and sticking them in our bags. 

Then we went to lunch. 

Chapter 7-Diana

The dungeons were cold, with jars of things in them. I felt my breath quicken, my gaze blurring. I inched closer to Jen and Aaron, wondering why we had to work in such a dark, cold, evil place. I felt goose bumps rise on my skin, and, as if on que, the door swung open and Professor Slughorn walked in. 

He smiled at us, his stomach bouncing as he stopped. "We'll be making a potion today. It's simple enough, just a Sunshine Potion. It gives off light, and when drunk it makes you able to see in the dark, in addition to making you cheerful and content." He gestured to the storeroom behind us, then to the tables and stoves. "Begin." 

I took a spot inbetween Aaron and Jen, then opened my book. I wanted to get out of here as fast as I could. I raced back to the storeroom, grabbing the ingredients I needed, then running back. I started following the directions as fast as I could, making sure I got everything right, so when I finished I could get out. 

Before long, I was cooking the ingredients into the potion, checking the instructions as I went along. Professor Slughorn drifted around the classroom, checking potions and giving advice. I heard him walking closer and closer, and bent even closer over the potion, keeping my gaze fixed on my potion, which was now glowing slightly. 

Professor Slughorn smiled at me, and nodded in pleasure. Then he went on, pausing at the next table. I felt my breathing slow once he passed. A few minutes later, he went to the middle of the class. "Time!" He called, and we all stopped. He started going around again, giving points depending on how well the potion turned out. 

Most people got somewhere around 5 points. When he got to our table, he paused at my potion. It glowed brightly, illuminating my face. "This potion is perfect!" He said loudly, making everyone's heads turn in my direction. I blushed, staring down at my potion. "25 points." He announced. 

My mouth fell open, and I heard Jen gasp slightly. "It's even better than how I do it!" Slughorn continued, embarrassing me further. I realized everyone was watching, so I muttered, "Thanks." Slughorn shrugged, and continued walking around and judging. As soon as he was gone, I released my grip on the table. 

When the bell rang, we gathered up our stuff. Professor Slughorn had collected our potions, and I noticed he only took some of the others, but most of mine. I followed a group out of the classroom, realizing that it was Teddy, Rose, and Albus. I heard my name, and started listening to what they were saying. 

"Look, she's a Slytherin. I don't care if she's good or not at classes!" Albus muttered darkly. "I'll bet you anything, it'll be favoritism all around with her. You know how Slughorn does it. Chooses his best students and flaunts them around like a bag of Galleons." Teddy snorted.

"I heard from George that she's kind of weird. He said that when he asked her a few questions because of a stupid outfit, she flipped her lid." Rose shrugged. "But," she continued, dropping her voice, "I think she's mentally disturbed. Her clothes on the train looked like a medical gown, not to mention that she had never seen or eaten candy, or that when we talked to her she was more nervous than-" 

She cut herself off as she realized I was behind them. There was an awkward silence as students rushed past us, and I felt my eyes welling up with tears. I felt their gazes on me, and my fear was slowly replaced by anger. How dare they talk like that just because I was in a different house! I lifted my eyes and looked them all in the eye, one by one. 

Then someone shoved me from behind, and I fell over, my books scattering. I whipped around, and saw a random Griffindor looking at me. "What do you want, Slytherin?" He jeered. My heart started pounding, and I gathered up my belongings, trying not to lose control. When I had gotten all my books back together, I stood up, and glared at them all. 

They were all avoiding eye contact except for the boy who pushed me. As I left, I "accidentally" flipped my bag around and caught him in the face with it. He swore, and I strode away, keeping myself from turning around. I felt the tears fighting to get out, and this time, I let them. 

I skipped dinner, running back up to the Slytherin Chambers. I didn't want anyone to see me upset. I stopped outside the portrait and choked out, "Dark Hearts". She looked at me, then opened it, smiling gently at me as she did so. I threw my bag beside a chair, and sat down, staring into the fire. I heard someone behind me and turned. 

Anthony was watching me, a pile of books next to him. "What are you doing here?" I asked him. "Should ask you the same thing." He grinned, then saw my red eyes and frowned. "Some Griffindors were saying I was mentally disturbed because I wore 'weird' clothes on the train." I spat, using my fingers as quotes. I instantly regretted it. What if he laughed too? "Too much homework." Anthony replied, turning back to write something. 

He finally looked up. "You hungry?" I shrugged, then nodded. He got up and grinned again. "Follow me." Then he turned and led me out of the Slytherin chambers, into a hallway. "Not that many people know about this. Those who do, usually don't tell." Anthony went down some stairs to a giant picture of a fruit bowl. "You tickle the pear." He told me, and did so. The pear giggled, and a door handle appeared. Anthony pulled on it, and the fruit bowl opened like a door. 

A bunch of small little things were running around, making food and putting it on trays. I jumped back a little, shocked at the people and wondering if they were dangerous. "This is how we get the food in the Great Hall." I raised an eyebrow and stared as three of the little people carried a giant tray of food onto a table. A person stopped in front of us and bowed. 

"Hello Mr. Anthony. Who have you brought with you? Would you care for anything?" She asked in a squeaky voice. "Marie, this is Snicky, a house elf. Snicky, this is Marie, a first year in Slytherin." He introduced us, grinning again. "Hello Ms. Marie!" Snicky bowed again. 

"Um, Snicky, Marie here, she got embarrassed in front of some people and didn't go to the Great Hall. Is there some food you could spare for her?" Anthony asked, mumbling a little. Snicky nodded and disapeared into the crowd of house elves. "She seemed... friendly."

"Yep. All house elves are like that, but Snicky's my favorite." He replied, then went silent as Snicky came back, holding a platter full of food. She handed it to me, and I said, "Thanks". Her eyes widened, and she bowed again. "It's my duty, Ms. Marie." "Well, you do a good job then." I smiled, and Snicky beamed. 

Anthony walked me back to the Slytherin chambers, then took a sandwich and a flask of that pumpkin juice, which seemed really popular, and sat down at his table with all his books. He was silent, and I busied myself by eating my way through the meal I got. When I was done, I looked up and said quietly, "Thanks, Anthony." He just shrugged and kept working. I climbed into my bed and closed my eyes, falling asleep almost instantly. 

Chapter 8-Marie 


I woke up and changed quickly into my robes. Jen and Aaron fell in step beside me, heading towards the Great Hall. "Where were you yesterday?" She asked. I whispered what had happened, leaving out how I was Diana. When I was done, she frowned, her eyes narrowed. "Who was that Griffindor boy?" "I dunno," I shrugged. "I'm not surprised about Albus or Teddy. Just because their dad and godfather is Harry Potter, they get to walk around like they own the place." Aaron spat. 

"I'm surprised about Weasley though. She's usually so polite." Jen frowned, then continued, "But then again, she's a Griffindor, and we're Slytherin. Just because Voldemort came from this House means we're all sadistic murderers." "Not all." Aaron interjected, turning a corner. "I mean, Severus Snape was a Slytherin, and he turned out pretty good. Gave up his life to help Hogwarts defeat Voldemort." He added, seeing my confused look. 

"Well, I'm going to fix the reputation for Slytherin even if I have to give my life!" Jen announced. Aaron and I nodded agreement, but I couldn't help but think, I'm dangerous though. How can I fix it if every time I get mad I destroy stuff?

Professor McGonigal was the Transfiguration teacher. The second we were all seated, she said, "This class is harder then most, and many of you will not succeed, or even pass. However, that doesn't mean you won't try your hardest." Her voice was strict, but not unkind. 

I frowned when I heard this, but then shrugged. I could probably handle it. If not, well, I would use Sarah's help. I felt guilty about thinking that way, but I couldn't help it. I needed to succeed. Failure was not an option. I could just imagine me returning to the ward with a report card full of F's and D's. Jaques would be so disappointed. I would not let that happen, at any cost. 

I was pulled out of my thoughts as Professor McGonigal passed out buttons and told us to turn them into pins. I tapped my wand on it three times. It immediately turned into a canary, which spiraled into the air and started whistling. My face turned bright red as the other students turned and stared, first at it, then at me. 

Professor McGonigal looked shocked. "Transforming an animal on the first try is unheard of since Albus Dumbledore came here." I figured I had done something wrong. "I'm sorry, Professor-" "Sorry? That's a good thing Marie, a very impressive trick." She was practically choking. "But, I was supposed to turn it into a pin..." I trailed off, ducking my head in embarrassment. 

"Take fifty points to Slytherin." Professor McGonigal said shortly, pointing her wand at the canary. It fell back onto my table, a button again. Aaron and Jen stared at me, their mouths slightly open. "Nice," Jen finally whispered, "look at the Potters and Weasely!" 

I look over at them, and see that they're all staring at me with big eyes. When they see my watching, they all look away quickly. "Yep. I can see their bravery knows no bounds." Aaron smirks. "Yes. Their courage is overwhelming me." Jen imitates fainting. 

I grin. It was nice to have friends. 


The year passed in a blur. Before long, it was almost Christmas. Holly and wreaths covered the walls, and magic icicles hung from the ceiling. Huge trees were decorated with golden bubbles and fairies in the Great Hall. In Herbology classes, we focused on keeping the plants warm. 

Surprisingly, I excelled in all my classes, except for Magical Creatures and Herbology. For some reason, living things were so much harder than magic. I was passable on Magical creatures, but I was horrible in Herbology. The teacher, Professor Longbottom, was good at his job; it wasn't his fault I was failing. 

Actually, I was enjoying Hogwarts until... the sign-up sheets. Stay or go? If I went home, it would be all medical checkups and no fun. But I knew Jaques would want to check up on me to make sure I was allright. Besides, I hadn't told him about Diana, and he would find out if I went. Then, he might pull me out. No, it was better if I stayed. 

Few others in Slytherin was staying, apparently. My name was the only one on the list, besides Jen, Anthony, and another girl named Crystal that I have never spoken to before in my life. As from what I could tell, not many of anyone stays for Christmas, instead choosing to spend time with family. I felt guilty at that, but ignored it. I didn't want to go home. I didn't have a home. 

Chapter 9

I wake up on Christmas morning to an excited squeal. I look over at Jen, who's grinning at a small pictureframe. "My little sister!" She announces, "She's so much bigger! And she can talk in sentences!" Jen put the picture down on her bedside table. I saw a little girl, the spitting image of Jen down to the wide smile. Currently the girl was waving excitedly at the screen. 

Jen was opening presents from a small pile, and making comments like, "Oh, Aunt Jenny still thinks I'm perpetually two years old." and "Wow, only my brother can get stuck in the Floo Network." 

I raise an eyebrow at her and she blushes. "It's true. How do you accidentally say, "The middle of the Floo Network", anyway?" She shakes her head and continues reading the letter in her hand. I turn to the presents at the foot of my bed. 


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