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"But Ratstar, the Clans have never done this, this is not in the will of StarClan!" A small gray-and-ginger she-cat yowled above the howling cats.

"Curse StarClan, Vixenstar, what have they ever done for us? It is ShadowClan's time to be strong, to thrive and prosper and we won't be able to do this alone, consider it a gift for the Clan that will one day rule the forest. StarClan hasn't helped ShadowClan for moons and ShadowClan now sees that we will be stronger when we're not dragged down by some old flea-pelts," Ratstar yowled back, contempt in his eyes.

Vixenstar shook her head, but she knew she was defeated, her warriors and queens were surrounded and ShadowClan had already taken her daughter a moon before. Somehow she knew she must stop this madness, before it destroyed her and all of ThunderClan with it.

StarClan, if you hear me, please help give this old she-cat the strength to fight this storm, the Clans won't be able to survive if someone doesn't fight.

Chapter 1

Duskpelt padded into camp, her patrol following. What once would have seemed like a small catch now would feed the entire Clan, ever since ShadowClan had attacked and left with half of their Clan. Her littermate, Adderstep, and her kit, Stagpaw, were among the captives and every time she saw the border, her heart told her to leap across and rescue them, but she knew she couldn't, they would never win if she even tried.

"Duskpelt!" Duskpelt looked up as she heard her name being called, it was Acornfall, the Clan deputy.

Duskpelt trotted over to the fresh-kill pile, put her catch down, then trotted over to the deputy. "Yes?" she asked the tom.

"I know you just came back from patrol, but Vixenstar wants to travel to RiverClan to speak to Hatchstar and Finchclaw and she wants to take you along," the tom said.

"But won't Hatchstar see it as a threat if a lead and her warriors come to RiverClan?" Duskpelt questioned, worried about ThunderClan's old leader.

"We're hoping not," Acornfall explained, "You'll also be taking Ryepelt and Mumblenose with you. I don't think any Clan would think of fighting a Clan elder and medicine cat."

Duskpelt nodded, Vixenstar was the oldest of the Clan leaders, and many cats thought she was also the wisest of all of the leaders and Mumblefoot was widely considered to be almost legendary for things he had done when he was a warrior and when he was the deputy before Vixenstar.

"When do we leave?" she asked.

"Right now if you're ready."

"I am," Duskpelt replied as Acornfall beckoned to his apprentice, Pouncepaw, who had been sitting nearby.

"I forgot to say, Pouncepaw will also accompany you, just in case," Acornfall mewed.

Duskpelt nodded, "Okay. Ready Pouncepaw?"

The small ginger tom nodded, though Duskpelt saw a scared expression on his face. She prayed to StarClan that nothing happened to this young tom, she had been in the nursery with her kits, Plumpaw and Stagpaw, when Pouncepaw and his littermate, Fennelpaw, had been born to Copperfur. Copperfur was now in ShadowClan, one of the captives. And she was almost an elder, Duskpelt mused to herself before seeing Mumblenose, Ryepelt, and Vixenstar coming her way.

"Are you ready Duskpelt?" Vixenstar asked.

Duskpelt nodded; she was surprised at how old Vixenstar had become in just the last few moons, her pelt looked ragged and her already skinny frame now looked unhealthily bony. Oh StarClan, please help Vixenstar combat this darkness, Duskpelt silently prayed.

"Okay then, let's go," the old gray-and-ginger she-cat mewed, trotting out of camp. Mumblenose followed, with Ryepelt helping him, Pouncepaw and Duskpelt took the rear. In no time at all they were looking across the river to a RverClan patrol, who didn't look very happy to see them.

Chapter 2

Before the patrol had anytime to react the patrol of cats had lept into the river and were swimming towards them.

Vixenstar automatically took charge, "Ryepelt help Mumblenose get back in case this explodes into a fight. Pouncepaw, Duskpelt come on either side of me and be ready. They don't look happy to see us." comingsoon


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