This is an almost Original Story by Silver :)

This story is rated Safe

Chapter 1

"Get away from my house!" the woman screamed, clutching her pounding heart. I laughed and strode away, taking care to leave the gate open. I walked away, still laughing. She would pay. Like everyone else. My laugh died out, and I stopped by another house. I went up to the door and knocked. 

"Hello." A voice said, opening the door. "Hello Sir, and may I say, it is a great day for us all, including the evil forces." I said, grinning. The man paled slightly, and made to close the door. "Please, don't be talking of such things." he begged. "Can I come in?" I asked, peering over his shoulder. "Um, I would rather you didn't." the man stammered. My hair turned black and blood dripped out of my neck. "No?" I asked sweetly. 

The man gasped and stumbled back. I laughed, staring at him with eyes that had become blood red. He screamed and shved me away from him. I laughed and smiled, but left, leaving the gate open behind me. As I left, I bent down and whispered into the ground. A piece of my breath dove into the ground, waiting to be surfaced. 

I went on. House after house, it was the same. People screamedand told me to leave, but before I did, I would breath into the ground and leave the gate open. By the end of the night I had hit about 15 houses, but I had to stop because on of them called the cops. I made a note of that one. 

I then hid in a dumpster, and waited for midnight. At it's toll I stood up and stretched. I was aware that I had meditated, and waited eagerly for the signal. I felt a breeze ruffle my hair, making it flap behind me. I smiled, then followed the breeze. It first led me to the old woman's house. 

I opened the gate, hearing it creak. I hissed,my forked tongue flicking in my mouth. My eyes were red, my neck dripped blood, and I had an air of evil. I walked up to the door then ponted at the lock. It opened and I walked in. Now it was time for the fun to start. 

Chapter 2 

I walked over to the bedroom. I pushed the door open and stepped inside. I walked to the side of the bed and looked down at the woman. I laughed, and she woke up. She opened her mouth to scream, and I attacked. I sunk my teeth, which had grown into fangs, deep into her neck. I had no desire for blood, despite what many thought. I just loved the sight as the people died, fear in their eyes. I loved it. 

I went to every house I had stopped by. Finally it was just the one who told me out. I smiled. This would be good. I opened the gate, this time with excitement. I strodein, opened the door, and ran inside. I opened the door and came face to fac with the man. He was younger then I thought, about 24, with a hansome face. "Good job. I've been watching you, and I see how you're coming along." he said. 

"Who are you?" I asked, baring my teeth. Instead f responding, his eyes turned red, his teeth turned into fangs, and blood dripped from his neck. I laughed, then frowned. "Why did you stop me?" I asked. "I wanted to see how you would react to being thrown off your track." He said smoothly, looking me straight in the eye. I nodded and smiled. 

"Follow me." he whispered, leading me to his closet. He opened it and stepped inside. "By the way, my name is Jake." Jake shoved on the closet wall, and it opened. I went inside, and laughed. It was full of my kind, all talking together. 

"Everyone,  I here have a pro." Jake announced, pointing at me. The others turned and stared. "Hello. My name is Crystal." I said, hissing slightly. One of them looked me over and said blandly, "She looks weak." I screeched and dove at him, tearing at his throat with my teeth. 

He sat up and shook his head. He was speechless, which was suitable. I flipped my hair out of my eyes and turned around, glaring at everyone else. The others looked surprised, but slightly respectful. I laughed coldly, and kissed Jake on the cheek. 

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