I continued dashing through the black overcast. I could barely identify anything in front of me, transitioning into my rear view and then dissipating into the dark and terrorizing scene. I couldn’t picture what lay ahead of me, but I could ausculate what was behind me.

As I continued to scramble, the melody of the wind whistling and the atrocious sound of the leaves triturating under my feat and the figure’s feet that were trailing behind mine made me cry of despair. I wanted to just discontinue my sprinting and just collapse from fatigue, but I knew I couldn’t.  For if I stopped, I would be consumed by the figure’s darkness like the how the sun is consumed by the sky and vomits the stars. Instead, I would not be regurgitated, for I would be taken in and sealed deeply within, never able to leave.

The ways it would target its victim was three characteristics, unclean, solitude, and hopelessness. That’s how it got most suckers, targeting the weak. It had come over me about a week ago. It had been stalking me, but I could secretly sense its presence. It was trying to ambush me. It had been waiting for me, setting out bait and I stumbled into its temptation foolishly. Now it was just trying to catch up to me. But I refuse to give in to it.

I swerved around the corner, my feet bamboozling me. My body united to the ground as I fell. I scrambled back up to my feet. I continued to run but also unfortunately slip. I looked down at my knees, oozing with blood. I jerked my head back to take a glance, nothing. I questioned my own thoughts, had I lost it. I gazed back in front of me, regretting it. There in front of me I saw the horrifying beast. It’s horrific face looking straight at my face demonically.

I couldn’t look at it more than five seconds in the eyes or my soul would be clutched into my worst nightmares, and my body would be vulnerable for the taking. But its face was both horrifying and distracting. I diverged my sight at my legs, trying to encounter the strength to get up, but my body was already paralyzed by fear, while my soul was still trying to survive. 

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