(Hi! I am Rainfall. This is my story. The names are inspired by Erin's Hunter's warrior series, but the story line is different in story line and I have changed the world a bit!)

Riversong carried her two kittens to the medicine cat, Littleflame. Littleflame was organizing the different types of herbs and plants she had collected during her trip to the Sarepia Forest when the new mother strolled into her den.

"Something is wrong with my kits!" she said "I gave birth to them yesterday, and they opened their eyes today... that's a week too early!"

The medicine cat titled her head, "That's highly unusual Riversong. Let's have a look here." She padded over to the tiny kits called Lightkit, and Cloudkit. The medicine cat peeked at their face, and that's when she noticed the color of their eyes... a light shade of violet.

She gasped then turned to Riversong, "These kits have been sent from Starclan."

The gray kit purred then started to wiggle her tiny paws.

Littleflame turned to Riversong, "Starclan has sent me a message. These kits will receive the strength of starclan. The sight of starclan. The speed of starclan. Behold, they will be the hope of starclan." 

== Chapter 11

"Ugh, look violet eyes is here! Ha, what are you, some type of flower?." Cloudpaw shrunk back and tried to ignore the insults thrown her way from the other apprentices.

"Hey look, violet eyes two! You two should the leaders of UglyClan!" Another apprentice called, as Cloudpaw's twin sister, Lightpaw approached them.

"Uglyclan? Is that the best you've got?" Lightpaw snickered, "Back off, before I claw your ears off."

The apprentices took a step back, and narrowed their eyes. Cloudpaw padded to her stubborn, and much more braver sister and licked her ears.

"Thanks sis."

Lightpaw purred, and pawed her gently, "That's what sisters are for."

A black and muscular tom stepped forward from the crowd of watching apprentices, and laughed,

"I can't wait till' the next battle, so both of your ugly, violet eyes will be clawed out. Then we won't have to stare at them anymore, you ugly toms posing as she-cats"

Cloudpaw turned around as a deep sensation brewed inside of her.

"What did you call us?" She growled.

The tom snickered, "Hey look, Cloudpaw is finally talking. A thing she does once or twice a week... or should I say year."

"Hey, back off you stupid furball!" Lightpaw called to him.

As he turned around to face her, Cloudpaw shuffled her paws in anger. Then without any thought or reason, she pounced on him. She sunk her claws into one of his eyes, and he fell motionless onto the ground.

The other apprentices observed in awe, as Cloudpaw began to realize what she had just done..

"What's going on here?!" An angry voice called from the distance. Cloudpaw turned around and saw her leader, Lionstar approaching her. He quietly padded up to the still body, then looked at Cloudpaw in shock.

"Cloudpaw... did you do this?"

Lightpaw yelled "It was my fault. I was insulting them. I'm the one who should get punished. She was the one who fought for me so I am the one who should have the blood all over my pelage, and unguis!"

"Pelage... unguis...? What are these words you're using?" Lionstar asked, unsurely.

Lightpaw widened her eyes, "What are you talking about? I thought everyone knew these words."

"Freak." An apprentice muttered from the background.

Lionstar flicked his tail, "Both Lightpaw and Cloudpaw, I'd like you two to meet me in my den please."

All heads turned to stare at the two she-cats as they followed their leader to his den. Sunlight peaked from the cracks of the stone walls of the den, and highlighted the orange strands of fur on Lionstar's pelt. Cloudpaw sat next to her sister, and curled her bushy tail around her snow-colored paws.

"I'm sorry. I really am." Lightpaw blurred out.

Cloudpaw lowered her head, "The truth is, it's all my fault. If anyone is getting punished, it should be me. My sister didn't do anything."

Lionstar shook his head, "No, no no. It's not that."

Lightpaw perked her ears.

"You two are very unusual.. In a special and unique way. I have never seen an apprentice with such skill."

He pointed his tail at Lightpaw and continued to talk, "The level of vocabulary you use is way too advanced for an apprentice. The way you talk, I mean. When did you start speaking like that?"

Lightpaw mewed confused, "I don't know. They just... came out, I guess."

"And you," He nodded his head towards Cloudpaw, "I saw you attack Darkpaw, the dark and muscular tom over there. How did you learn those skills?"

Cloudpaw shrugged.

"She does it naturally," Lightpaw smiled, "Pretty impressive, eh?"

Lionstar narrowed his eyes, "That skill is only mastered by Foreststar, the first leader of Forestclan."

Cloudpaw felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment. "It wasn't that good," She shyly spoke.

"Yes it was." stated Lightpaw, "You need to be more confident in yourself, sis. Did you hear what Lionstar just said?"

Cloudpaw groaned.

"Now what did you need to talk to us about?" Lightpaw politely asked, while trying to change the topic. "I mean no offence, but you are not known for being benign or particularly temperate. You must be real genuine about what you said."

"There you go again," Lionstar's eyes brightened, "Using advanced vocabulary. You are Incredibly gifted."

"You wanna hear more?" Lightpaw purred "I'll unsheath my claws, and draw out blood from your solar plexus."

Lionstar frowned "Did you just threaten me in fancy language?"

"No, I threatened you with nice sounding bad words." purred Lightpaw, a dark gleam in her eyes.

"Anyways, you know I have to punish you Cloudpaw. What you did out there was truly remarkable but it is still against the code to attack one's clanmate. Do you understand?" Lionstar turned to Cloudpaw.

Cloudpaw nodded her head solemnly.

"You will not be allowed to go out of the apprentices den, only for clan meetings and meals for half of a moon. In addition to that, you will be put on probation and heavily watched by our warriors and myself."

"What about me?" Lightpaw glared at her leader, "I deserve to be punished too!"

"No Lightpaw, stop trying to protect me. I was the one who attacked Darkpaw, not you." Cloudpaw mumbled.

"That's foxdung! I insulted him. I'm just as bad as you!" Lightpaw replied, as her sister rolled her eyes.

"Alright, alright, alright," Lionstar broke in, "if you want to be punished so badly, then you can join your sister in the apprentices den."

Lightpaw nodded, trying to hide her smile.

"You are both dismissed," Lionstar waved his tail to the apprentices den, "I don't want to see you anywhere but there starting now."

The two sisters got up, and padded out of the leader's den. They were unsure if they could handle the punishment Lionstar had given them, but they were positive that they were going to get through it together.


Chapter 2

A week has passed ever since Lightpaw and Cloudpaw were sent to the apprentices den for half a moon for insulting and attacking their fellow apprentice, Darkpaw. In addition to staying in the apprentices den all day, they had to deal with the annoying apprentices that were always teasing them on their punishment.

"Haha. You two lazy mousebrains will be staying in the apprentices den while I get to train with Lionstar and my mentor, Windwhisper," Darkpaw sneered.

"It was a good thing, my sister blinded you in one eye." Lightpaw growled back.

Darkpaw narrowed his one eye, and opened his mouth to fight back but before he could, the deputy Windwhisper and Lionstar padded up to the three apprentices.

Windwhisper snarled, "You three mousebrains will never learn. Stop fighting right this instant before I stuff all of your mouths with foxdung."

Lightpaw hesitated at first but then stepped back, dipping her head in respect for the senior warrior.

"Now I believe I have an apprentice to train," Willowwhisper mewed in a serious tone, "Come on now." She started walking in the direction of the forest as Darkpaw perfunctorily followed.

"What a vacuous Felis silvestris catus" Lightpaw hissed loudly.

"Mmhm," Lionstar mumbled before scurrying off.

It was a bright day, but the roof of the apprentices den blocked the sunlight into entering the gloomy den. Messy, and unmade nests scattered all over the dusty floor. Vines filled with dark leaves twisted across the stone walls.

Cloudpaw got up to sit next her sister, who was sitting by the entrance of the den and staring at the cats sitting and laughing by the clearing.

"Cloudpaw," Lightpaw mewed, while turning her face towards her, "Can I tell you something?"

Cloudpaw purred, "Of course you can. You're my sister."

"I've been having dreams," she began, "of a kittypet barn."

"That's very unusual," Cloudpaw mumbled

Lightpaw sighed, "I've been having multiple dreams about it. I feel as if-"

All of a sudden, Cloudpaw jumped up.

Lightpaw prickled her ears, "What's wrong?"

"I heard a scream!"

"What are you talking about?"

Cloudpaw raced out of the apprentices den, and Lightpaw, who knew her job was to protect her shy sister, ran out after her.

The two sisters ran until they reached the clearing.

"Woah, woah woah, slow down" Their mother, Riversong mewed as the two apprentices ran up to her, "What are you doing out of the apprentices den?"

Lightpaw panted, trying to catch her breath, "Cloudpaw says she heard a scream."

"Oh really?" Riversong narrowed her eyes.

Cloudpaw nodded, "Yes, mother. I heard a scream and I want to know where it's coming from."

Before Riversong could reply, Darkpaw ran into the clearing.

All heads turned towards him. That's when they began to realize that next to him... was a wounded Lionstar.  

Chapter 3

Elders, queens, and kits were scurrying out of their dens and into the circular clearing where a large crowd of concerned warriors stood.

"SILENCE!" Riversong yowled, as the crowd immediately turned silent. She padded up to them. They all seemed as if they were frozen in shock.

Riversong grumbled, "Are you going to speak or no? Tell us what happened!"

"Cats, dogs-they, here" Windwhisper gasped out.

Lionstar collapsed on the ground as they were talking and Littleflame, the medicine cat carried him by his scruff to the medicine cats den.

"I don't understand what you're saying," Riversong mewed in frustration, "Cats.. dogs?"

Darkpaw stood quietly, not saying a word. He looked uneasy and startled.

Riversong turned to him, "What about you Darkpaw? Can you tell us what happened?"

There was a long silence, before he finally mumbled, "Run."

Suddenly, a wolf-sized dog leaped out from nowhere and pounced on Riversong.

"MOTHER!" Cloudpaw yowled, as she piled herself on top of the wolf. Big wolves, cats, and strange-looking badgers started appearing out of nowhere. Lightpaw looked around confused, and leaped on one of the cats that were coming towards her direction. Cloudpaw sunk her teeth into the wolf, then raked her claws down its stomach. The wolf howled in pain, and fell to the ground.

"Go hide behind the bushes," Cloudpaw quickly yowled, as Riversong weakly got up.

Lightpaw hissed as the cat managed to dodge her belly rake and pin her down.

The cat raised her claw to scratch her throat, but then stopped when she noticed her eyes.

"Violet... your eyes... they're... violet" The cat gasped.

"So?" Lightpaw spat.

The cat stared at her for a moment, then smirked, "Once I claw your eyes out, your powers will be mine!"

Lightpaw frowned, "What powers?"

All of a sudden, the cat stopped talking and fell to the ground. Lightpaw got up to see Cloudpaw standing in front of her.

"We have to leave now!" Cloudpaw snarled, pulling her claw out of the cat's throat.

Lightpaw got up uneasily, "But what about the rest of the clan?"

Cloudpaw flicked her tail towards a pile of motionless bodies, "Most of them are already dead, and the ones who survived are running away. Lionstar, Littleflame, and Windwhisper are all dead."

"Hurry!" Cloudpaw began to run, as Lightpaw followed.

They ran north, away from the camp.

"Riversong, where are you?" Cloudpaw whispered.

"Here," A faint whisper came from behind a bush.

Cloudpaw and Lightpaw dashed to the bushes, and saw their mother Riversong. Her belly was slashed open, and one of her ears were torn.

Lightpaw stared in disbelief, "Mom.. Please stay with us"

Riversong managed moved her lips into a small smile, "I hunt with Starclan now."

"You have to live. Please." Cloudpaw said softly.

"I have something to tell you both before I go." Riversong began to say.

"Tell us," Lightpaw whispered.

Right when she opened her mouth, she gagged out blood, her eyeballs going white. Her body was still.

Cloudpaw shuffled her paws, "Mom?"

"No! You have to tell us what you were going to say!" Lightpaw howled in agony.

The forest was quiet now, and the only noise were the quiet raindrops that fell from the dismal sky. Lightpaw stared at the clouds, as the raindrops soaked her thick, gray fur. Cloudpaw moaned, planting her face into her mother's bloody pelt. She cursed the wolf that had killed her. She cursed Starclan for letting her die. And she cursed herself, for not being able to save her in time.

Chapter 4

It was a maroon colored barn. Lightpaw titled her head, confused at the sight of the strange-looking building. In front of the barn was a rusty path filled with pebbles. She lifted her muzzle into the air, and smelled dung and grass.

Lightpaw suddenly woke up and realized that the barn was gone. She saw Cloudpaw sleeping right next to her, and the lifeless body of her mother lying by the bushes. Thats when she realized, it was all reality. Her mother was dead. Her leader was dead. Forestclan really was gone. Lightpaw licked her lips, as her stomach growled, desperate for a juicy, plump mouse. She got up, flexed her claws and decided to hunt.

Lightpaw walked south, unaware of where she was going. She then reached a huge clearing filled with dead bodies. It was the Forestclan camp, she realized. It looked.... different. There were bodies on the floor. Some belonged to the attackers. Others were warriors, apprentices, and even kits. She glanced at them, especially at the body of the dead wolf that had killed her mother.


Lightpaw jumped and turned around. She sighed with relief when she saw it was Cloudpaw.

"What are you doing?" Cloudpaw asked suspiciously.

"I wanted to hunt," Lightpaw exclaimed, "I swear I didn't know camp was here."

Cloudpaw frowned, "Are you sure you're not checking for any survivors? Because you know-"

"They're all dead," Lightpaw scowled, finishing her sentence. Cloudpaw nodded, sadness filling her violet eyes.

"Im alive," A voice came from behind them.

Lightpaw and Cloudpaw turned around. It was Darkpaw. The two sisters stared in disbelief before Cloudpaw managed to break out, "Darkpaw! I.. I thought you were dead."

"Nope," Darkpaw laughed, "I managed to escape. Surprising, eh?"

Lightpaw tried to hide her excitement by growling.

Darkpaw turned to her, "Let's face it, Lightpaw. I know you're excited to see me." He paused, "And I guess I'm a little excited to see you too."

"Whatever," Lightpaw rolled her eyes.

Cloudpaw twitched her whiskers, "Darkpaw, do you know what happened? Who those.. attackers... were?"

"It's a long story," He yawned.

"We have time," Lightpaw mewed, annoyed.

Darkpaw sat down, "If you want to hear the whole story, then sit down. It'll probably take a while to explain."

They sat down.

"I was hunting with Lionstar and Windwhisper," he began, "I saw a really big mouse, so I decided to wander away and follow it. Then, I heard a scream."

Cloudpaw gasped, "So you heard a scream too?"

Darkpaw nodded, "I ran back to the patrol to see what was going on. I saw a cat and a wolf. Windwhisper was standing next to the cat. And the wolf, had Lionstar pinned down. The cat asked me where our camp was, and Windwhisper told me not to tell him. But the cat said that if we dont tell him he would kill Lionstar right in front of us."

"So, I asked him why he wanted to know where our camp was and they said that they were looking for two cats in our clan that had violet eyes. I immediately knew he was talking about you," he continued, "I still refused, and thats when the wolf started to attack Lionstar. I kept forcing myself not to tell, but it just came out and..."

Lightpaw stared at the ground, "You told him, didn't you? You TOLD him where our camp was. All of this happened because of YOU!"

Darkpaw mewed quietly, "I'm sorry."

Cloudpaw looked at Darkpaw's beautiful amber eyes. Darkpaw stared back, unsure of what to say.

"My mother died," She whispered, "Because of you."

Lightpaw snarled, "Come on, Cloudpaw. We're leaving."

She padded off, and as Cloudpaw followed, she took one last glance at Darkpaw's sorrowful face before vanishing into the depths of the forest.

Chapter 5

Lightpaw and Cloudpaw quietly padded into the forest. They didn't talk to each other. They only thought. They thought about their mother. They thought about Darkpaw, and they thought about their futures. The two sisters continued walking until they reached a cave.

Lightpaw muttered, "That's strange. I've never seen a cave here before."

"That's because we aren't in Forestclan territory anymore" Cloudpaw replied.

They slowly padded into the cave, unsheathing their claws incase of any unexpected attacks or ambushes. It got darker and darker as they continued to walk deeper into the cave. Suddenly, Cloudpaw froze.

"Cloudpaw?" Lightpaw squinted her eyes at her.

Cloudpaw whispered, "We have to get out of here."


"There's.... there's another cat in here."

"What are you talking about?"

Suddenly, a skinny, orange-pelted cat stepped out from the shadows of the dismal cave and laughed, "Ah, Cloudpaw and Lightpaw. I've been expecting you."

Lightpaw paused for a moment then suddenly managed to blur out, "How do you know our names?"

"Starclan told me you were coming," The cat's eyes brightened, "My name is Butterscotch."

"Butterscotch?" Lightpaw snickered, "Are you a kittypet or something?"

Butterscotch blushed, "I use to be one. But that doesn't matter,"

Cloudpaw stood there, studying the strange cat. She looked at his fire-colored fur and beautiful amber eyes.

Butterscotch turned his head to Cloudpaw, and smiled, "So, I heard Forestclan is completely gone."

"How did you know that?" Lightpaw mewed.

"I told you Im from Starclan," Butterscotch rolled his eyes while turning back to Lightpaw, "Do you ever listen?"

"No" She admitted.

"Starclan never told me that these cats would be complete idiots" Butterscotch muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" Lightpaw mewed angrily.

"Nothing" He quickly said.

Cloudpaw waited a long time, before finally speaking, "Listen, Buttscotch or whatever,"

"Butterscotch," He corrected her.

"My sister and I are going to leave and find somewhere else to stay," She continued, "Come on Lightpaw."

"No, you can't!" He mewed quickly, "You'll die out there."

"We know how to protect ourselves." Lightpaw rolled her eyes.

Butterscotch frowned, "You don't know, do you?"

"Know what?" She mewed.

He sighed, then sat down, curling his bushy tail around his paws, "The Dark Forest is sending its warriors to blind you. They want your violet eyes."

"Why exactly?" Cloudpaw inquired.

"Remember how you attacked Darkpaw, Cloudpaw?"

"Uh.. yeah, why?"

"Your fighting abilities are powers you recieve from your eyes. You're able to fight quickly, and you're able to master ancient moves that many cats consider impossible," Blackpaw flicked his tail at Lightpaw, "As for you Lightpaw, you have been given intelligence and super-sight. You're able to see from far away, and your intelligence allows you to make clever strategies when attacking an enemy."

"You're lying to us," Lightpaw scowled, "I don't have super-sight."

Butterscotch laughed, "Of course you do. They just haven't been activated yet. That's why you need training," He paused, "How about I make a deal with you?"

Lightpaw glanced at Cloudpaw, and shrugged.

"If you stay here, I'll give you food to eat, and you won't starve. I'll also train you how to use your powers, and accomplish your mission," He explained.

"What mission?" Cloudpaw mewed.

Butterscotch paused, a gleam in his eyes,

"To rebulid Forestclan."

Chapter 6

"Okay, Lightpaw in order to activate your super-sight, you first have to focus on what you want you see." Butterscotch explained.

A couple of days ago, the two sisters had come across a starclan cat named Butterscotch, who said his mission was help activate and train their powers to rebuild Forestclan. He promised he would help them accomplish those things only if the sisters stayed in the cave he was currently living in. They accepted his offer since they were eager to save their clan, Forestclan.

Lightpaw squinted her violet eyes, "Hmm... I want to see our old camp."

"You mean Forestclan's camp?"


"What direction is it in?" Butterscotch mewed.

"South, I think" Lightpaw turned her head, until she was facing south.

Butterscotch nodded, "Now squint your eyes, and concentrate real hard." Lightpaw did exactly what he said. At first, her vision was a little bit blurry but it started to turn clear. Soon, she could see the camp.

"I can see it!" She mewed in excitement. She paused, "Wait a minute.. thats strange. All of the bodies we saw a few days ago are gone."

She focused back on Butterscotch as he widened his eyes, "Creepy."

"Are you guys done training? I want to work on my fighting," Cloudpaw groaned in the background.

Butterscotch purred, "We're almost done."

"Okay, I'm going out to hunt" Cloudpaw mewed, while walking towards the entrance of the cave, "Call to me when you're finished,"

"Alright" Butterscotch said, while watching her stroll away.

"Butterscotch?" Lightpaw mewed, "How exactly are we going to rebulid Forestclan?"

Butterscotch paused, and took a deep breath. "I don't know," He replied.

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"I don't know how you're going to rebuild Forestclan, but I do know that you have to go to the moonstone" He mewed.

Lightpaw prickled her ears, "The moonstone? Why there?"

"Starclan will be waiting for you there. They'll tell you what to do, and how to rebuild it."

There was a sudden moment of silence. Lightpaw glanced around the cave until she met Butterscotch's amber eyes. And to her surprise, he smiled.

"Your.. your eyes are beautiful, Lightpaw." He stammered

Lightpaw blushed, unsure of what to say.

"You're beautiful" He mewed.

Cloudpaw dashed into the woods, away from the cave she and her sister had come across the other day. She was an introvert and loved being alone, especially when hunting. A crisp breeze tickled her white fur as she looked around for any prey. She managed to come across a plump mouse nesting in a pile of leaves. Pushing her haunches forward, she leaped on the mouse and sunk her claws through its back. Blood stained her spiky claws.

"Hey, aren't you the cat sent from Starclan?" a voice called from behind her.

Cloudpaw turned around and saw a strange, un-familiar tom approach her.

"Ah, you are. I recgonize those beautiful violet eyes," The tom laughed, while studying her apprehensive face.

He paused then smirked, "If only I could have them.."

Cloudpaw shrunk back, and began walking backwards until she bumped into a rock. She glanced behind her, and saw an enormous cliff.

"Wh-who are you?" She stuttered to the tom.

He hissed, "Im a warrior of the dark forest."

The tom lunged at the teensy, white apprentice and pinned her down. Right, when he was about to blind her, a cat appeared out of nowhere and pounced at the tom, causing him to loosen his grip on her. Cloudpaw quickly got up, to see who her mysterious savior was and when she did, she gasped.

Chapter 7


Cloudpaw stared at the black apprentice as he sunk his teeth into the tom's neck. After killing him, he got off the limp body and looked at Cloudpaw.

"That's right," He panted, "It's me,"

Cloudpaw waited a moment before finally speaking, "Where in Starclan did you come from?"

"After you left me standing there in the forest," He paused, "I decided to follow you and Lightpaw.."

"So you've been following us this whole time?!"

He nodded, "Yeah.. I covered my fur with mud so you wouldn't catch my scent. I also might of slept outside the cave where you stayed."

"Curse you," Cloudpaw angrily mewed.

Darkpaw laughed, "Hey you have to admit though, I have a talent in following cats without them knowing"

"Stalking is not a talent, it's a disorder," She snapped, while looking at his eyes. They seemed dull and tired. He looked at her back, and for a few seconds they stared at each other in complete silence.

"Hey," She began to say, "Thanks for saving my life."

He waited for a moment, then smiled "That's what clanmates are for."


Meanwhile, back at the cave, things started getting (really) awkward.

"I love you," Butterscotch mewed slowly.

"I can't do this," Lightpaw looked away while breathing heavily, "I just can't."

He licked her ear, "Hey, i'm sorry if you're not ready for-"

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Lightpaw hissed while yanking her head away from his reach.

Butterscotch stared at her in astonishment.


They turned around and saw Cloudpaw dashing towards them.. with a tom by running beside her.

"Hey guys," She mewed, as she tried to catch her breath.

"Darkpaw?!" Lightpaw snarled, as she recognized the tom's face.

He purred, "Nice seeing you again, Lightpaw."

"Who's this?" Butterscotch mewed in uncertainty.

"This is Darkpaw, one of our old clanmates" Cloudpaw explained.

"And a flea-brain" Lightpaw muttered, disgracefully, "Cloudpaw, what in starclan is he doing here!?"

Cloudpaw purred, "He saved my life... an- and I thought maybe he should join our group."

"Yup, I saved her life" Darkpaw mewed proudly, "That's what I do. Save young, female apprentices from big, dark forest warriors"

"Once a flea-bag, always a flea-bag," Lightpaw said, while rolling her eyes, "No doubt about it."

"Hold on for a minute," Butterscotch broke in, "Did you just say DARK forest warriors?"

Darkpaw shrugged, "That's what the attacker said he was."

"And where did the attack take place?" Butterscotch slowly mewed.

"By a cliff" Cloudpaw exclaimed.

Butterscotch stared at her for a long moment before replying, "We have to leave now."

"What are you talking about?" Lightpaw growled, as he ran into the cave and started bringing out all of his herbs and fresh-kill.

Butterscotch placed down all of his supplies onto the rocky floor of the cave, "They're getting close."

"Who's getting close?" Cloudpaw asked, unsurely.

"The Dark Forest. They're coming for us," He looked at Cloudpaw, then Lightpaw, "They're coming for you. And your eyes"

"Slow down," Cloudpaw proclaimed, "You're freaking us out."


"Can't we just fight them off?" Darkpaw shrugged, "Lightpaw and Cloudpaw have special powers and you're basically Starclan."

Lightpaw and Cloudpaw turned and stared at him.

"Yeah, I also eavesdropped on everything you guys said," He admitted.

Butterscotch whipped his head around and looked Darkpaw right in the eye, "For your information, these are DARK FOREST warriors. And their warriors are not just cats. They're wolves, leopards, tigers and.. and even lions! They are what attacked your clan! Going to battle with them would be like a suicide wish! You must be totally crazy to-"

All of a sudden, they heard a growl. They looked behind them, and behind them was a cat, whose size was as big as a lion. Unlike a lion, the cat had black fur much like Darkpaw, and alarming, neon-yellow eyes.

"It's too late now," Butterscotch mewed, his eyes tearing up.   

Chapter 8

The black cat's yellow eyes flashed. He roared loudly.

"You two, with the violet eyes. I will get your violet eyes." he roared, his teeth baring. 

Cloudpaw snarled. "Not if I have anything to say about it." She was going to lunge at it when her sister stopped her.

"Cloudpaw! You cannot defeat it.  You cannot use your strength!" Lightpaw tried to think clear, but nothing was coming up. This is bad she thought. Everyone was depending on her. Taking advantage, the dark forest warrior clawed her sister in her shoulder. Blood poured. Her mind cleared. She snarled. "I might not have a strong body, but NO CAT injures my sister." Her mind cleared and she remembered her plan she had told her sister. She aimed for his stomach.

"Ha, I was expecting that, you dumb cat! Even the intelligence of StarClan cannot save you." He said. He pinned her down and put his claw to her eye when Lightpaw suddenly yowled as loudly as she could.

"Cloudpaw. NOW!" she shouted her voice echoing through the cave. Her sister's body rose up.

"No, that's impossible! I killed you!" said the dark cat, as he was distracted, the cat beneath him unsheathed her back claws and kicked him in the stomach. As his body flew away from her, she let out a purr.

"Never belittle us." said Lightpaw her violet eyes glowing as she searched his body for an opening. 

"As if such a shallow wound would kill me."  said Cloudpaw. Her shoulder had already stopped bleeding. 

Lightpaw saw an opening. "Lightpaw! Aim for his stomach!" she said. With light speed her sister started to run. She unsheathed her claws and clawed his stomach.

"I won't kill you if you go away." said Cloudpaw evenly. The dark cat only roared and jumped for her. "Very well." she said with a sigh. She flipped onto her back and the cat who was jumping for her ending up killing himself instead of her. 

"Traitor." snarled the black cat, looking straight at Butterscotch.

"It all went along to my plan." said Lightpaw, licking her paws. Her sister rolled her eyes.

"How come I had to do all the fighting?" asked Cloudpaw, her white fur, red with blood as she lifted the big cat off her.

"I don't have the fighting powers of StarClan. You do." she mewed. A wound on her face bled.

"Hey when did you get that cut?" asked Darkpaw.

"Oh when I got that cat off me he clawed my face. Nothing too bad." she said shrugging.

Butterscotch's eyes flashed. "Then why is it still bleeding?" he asked going closer to look at her.

"No reason!" said Lightpaw. " go away!" she said starting to run away from the tom. He quickly raced after her and pinned her down underneath him. He licked away the blood from her cheek and saw the wound for only a second before the blood came back. Butterscotch quickly ran away to do something. 

"Cur." muttered Lightpaw.  She carefully stood up and wobbled a bit, and once again she collapsed. 

"I'll get some cobwebs! I saw some a little bit into the cave!" said Cloudpaw. She ran to the cobweb. Meanwhile, Darkpaw tried to distract the bleeding cat.

"Don't you dare die, you idiot!"he mewed. 

To his surprise, she just let out a purr. "This is amusing! I'm on the verge of death, and your're still the same old Darkpaw. Be quiet you big bully." she said. She lifted her self up. 

"You shouldn't strain yourself so much! If you die, no one will annoy me!" said Darkpaw. He pretended to think. "On second thought, you can die!"

The she cat snarled. "Just for that I'm gonna live. I thought I was gonna just rest in peace, but I'll live after all!" she said.

"Too bad! I should have just kept my mouth shut!" said Darkpaw.

Lightpaw rolled her eyes. "If you regret it start now!" Cloudpaw entered. 

"I didn't see anything." she said. Then, Butterscotch walked in with some herb. FIrst here's some cobweb and here's this. he put some wild garlic on her. Suddenly as Lightpaw was being treated she fainted. 

"This isn't good" said Butterscotch as her head fell to the ground.  

Blood started to leak from her cobwebs.

Chapter 9

Cloudpaw used her claws to cut the cobwebs and put them on her sister.

"You better live, you mousebrain." muttered Darkpaw to her sister's limp figure. 

Lightpaw's eyes opened. "I'm not dead yet." she weakly mewed and her eyes closed again. 

"Save your energy!" instructed Butterscotch.

"Don't order me around Buttscotch." said Lightpaw. Butterscotch looked at her with a stern look, but his eyes softened.

"I have the cobwebs." said Cloudpaw. She took the bloody cobwebs off her sister, gave a lick to clear the blood off and quickly spread on the cobwebs. the wound still bled. Lightpaw's eyes opened, and her violet eyes gleamed the same as ever.

"I am not ever dying until I find out what my mom wanted me to say. I don't care as long as I know before I die. I have a feeling that's gonna have scar on my face for the rest my life though." said Lightpaw. 

"I don't care as long as you're still alive." said Butterscotch. His eyes were transfixed on her.

"Watch it, Butterscotch." said Lightpaw, her fur prickling. 

"Life just wouldn't be the same without you, Lightpaw." said Darkpaw. 

"That goes for you too, murderer." snarled Lightpaw.

"Calm down, Lightpaw." mewed Cloudpaw.

"Fine." said Lightpaw, her fur smoothing down. 

"Anyways, what were you doing following us in the first place, Darkpaw. I trust you enough to think that you are not lying." said Cloudpaw. 

"I wanted to protect you and your sister. After all, since what I did to you,and our clan. Not to mention Riversong." Darkpaw was cut off.

"Don't even say her name." said Lightpaw. "You don't deserve to."

"Lightpaw, he saved me." said Cloudpaw.

Darkpaw continued. " So I followed you after a while. I wasn't with you until about a day ago, I don't know who this tom is." he mewed. 

"That's Butterscotch." said Cloudpaw.

"What kinda name is Buttscotch?" asked Darkpaw.

Cloudpaw laughed. "That's what Lightpaw called him! He used to be a kittypet, but StarClan sent him to us...."

Lightpaw snarled. "Which reminds me. Butterscotch, who are you really? The feline with a ebony pelage. He called you a traitor. Who are you really?" 

Butterscotch gulped. "I was hoping you wouldn't notice. I was not sent from StarClan. I was sent to spy on you from the dark forest." he mewed quietly. Lightpaw snarled and crouched down.

"Why you traitor. I should kill you here and now." she meowed. 

Darkpaw was curious. "Then why did you tell us?" he asked, his dark fur gleaming as the sun started to set.

"I want to be with you three for real. I want to actually help you."  he said.

"Maybe we should believe him." said Cloudpaw.

"I don't trust anyone. Especially after the ruin of ForestClan. I will never let anyone take what is important to me again. I don't want to take chances." said Lightpaw, her teeth bared. After all the talk, her legs gave way and she collapsed. 

"This isn't good." muttered Butterscotch. His eyes were worried. "I can do something to help her. I know I can." He chewed up a leaf, and put the same leaf in Lightpaw's mouth. 

Lightpaw's eyes opened. "That's strange. My wound are gone. What did Butterscotch do to-" Then she saw Butterscotch. Her wound was on his face, and he was bleeding heavily. "Butterscotch!"

He purred. "It worked. That plant was to put your wounds to me." he coughed up blood. "I am glad in the end, I did something to help you, Lightpaw."

"Don't die on me." said Lightpaw, tears streaming from her face.

"Sorry, Lightpaw." said Butterscotch. "I have to leave you. I just want to know one thing before I hunt with StarClan."

"I will tell you anything if it will help you." said Lightpaw.

"Did- Did you love me, Lightpaw?" he asks, his eyes glazing over. 

Lightpaw thought about the time he had spent with her, the pain she felt when he was dying like this. Then the answer was clear to her. "Yes, I do. I will even when you die." she whispered into his ear. 

"I will love you and watch over you even in death." said Butterscotch, his eyes like glass. He laughed. "I can't see or hear anymore. I can't even tell if you can hear me, but I hope you know this, I will always be with you." His body went limp, and Lightpaw put her nose to his body as his warmth faded away. 

"I will always miss you." she said, streams of tears going down her face.

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