Part of the In The Dark series

The Dark

Full Of Secrets, Pain and Lies

No One Is Safe

The World Is Falling Down

Freedom Has A Cost

And Fate Has It's Burdens

With Hundreds Of Lives Hanging In The Balance

Is There Any Hope At All?


Moonlight glints down off a slash of claws. Blood and fur fly through the clearing as a battle rages on. 

Lost in the fight, I try to pull myself above the battle, but there's just too many bodies. And my Clan is falling down around me. 

My deputy, Redblaze, looks at me with horror. "There's too many of them Icestar! ShadowClan is losing! There's no hope for us!"

I shake my head. "We have to keep fighting. Stormstar would have wanted us to keep going."

Redblaze sighs. "We can't go on like this. We should surrender before it's all gone. Stormstar would not have wanted you to be reckless, and end up destroying ourselves. Maybe she was a bit of a lunatic, but I will not let ShadowClan die."

I close my eyes, knowing he's right. "ShadowClan! Retreat!" I yowl, the words sticking in my throat. 

The cats look around in confusion, but fall back. The SunClan cats just snarl. "That's what you get for messing with us!"

I try not to look at them. They don't deserve to be called a Clan. They're just mangy crow-food eaters. Shutting my eyes, I return to camp, and feel defeat as we walk in.

"Did we win?" Squeaks Sparrowkit. Her mother shushes her, and I feel we've let ShadowClan down.

Stormstar would have wanted ShadowClan to live. My eyes sting as I remember the gray she-cat. You had your whole life left for you. You should not have died.

Her voice rings in my ear, the last words she said to me. "Darkness is coming. The sun will destory us all, and only the finch can save our souls. "

At first I didn't understand her words. Now they are truer than the light of day.

"Icestar! Ivyflower kitted!"

Nightsky's words draw me out of memory, and I pad out of my den, and into the nursery. The tortoiseshell she-cat is lying down, next to her three kits. "I've named them." She mews softly.

I sit down, and look at the three kits. A small ginger tom, a golden tom, and a pale ginger she-cat. 

Ivyflower mews, "Flamekit, Sunkit and Finchkit."

The last name catches my attention, and I take a look at the tiny she-cat. Is she the finch Stormstar talked about?

I lean close the the three kits. "Welcome to ShadowClan." I murmur. "You'll be safe here."

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