Author: User:Davenport13
Type: Original Stories
Rating: PG


In the town of Arrows End, lives Alex Talbot, she is picked on a lot and has not very many friends.Alex befriends a friendly ghost that died a year ago for getting hit by a car, The ghost's name is Anna Nelson. Anna teaches Alex how to survive in a cruel world. Anna is Alex's Secret weapon.

Chapter 1 - Not Alone

Alex sat on the bus stop alone and waited in the cold, her red coat had fresh frost on it. That's when Mackenzie Tyler came along in her puffy pink coat and her gold platform shoes Alex looked down at her old White Converse.

"Oh, look at you, poor thing, where did you get those shoes? the trash?" Mackenzie asked

"Leave me alone." Alex said

"Excess me?! You don't tell me what to do, are you like my mom or like some-" A snow ball hit Mackenzie

"What the Heck? Ales your such a brat." Another snow ball hit her and Mackenzie fell and the bus pulled up the school laughed.

Behind the bench was a ghost, the ghost of Anna. Anna died 1 year ago from getting hit by a car, her dog ran out one night and she chased it a drunk driver hit her. and killed her.

Anna shook her head as Mackenzie and Alex boarded the bus.

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