This a guide for characters in the story School Story, by Shuckle. More major characters will be given their own subpage later on.

Main Characters



A jockish, but quite intelligent girl. She can get lazy occasionally, but works hard toward things she has a passion for. One of these things was noted early on to be languages, or more specifically, linguistics. One of her best friends have been shown so far to be Victor, and she has been shown to have romantic interest in Vincent, the school's football team quarterback. It can be noted that she has an interesting and unique style of speaking, often talking very fast, and using quite different pronunciations of words, even substituting in words or whole sentences in from different languages. 



Victor has not been shown much yet, but it has been noted that he runs Cross Country, and it is heavily implied that he is one of the top, if not the best runner on the team. He showed surprise when Brigitte asked about joining Cross Country again for the year, but still told her about the meeting.



Not much of Vincent has been shown either, except that by chance he is sitting next to Brigitte in English. He has expressed dislike for Brigitte, even though she shows romantic feelings towards him. 



Nathan has not been shown yet, but he has been stated to have dated Brigitte's friend Taylor.


Coming soon.

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters

Tyson - Shown in Brigitte's gym class.

Jack - Shown in Brigitte's gym class.

Ian - Shown in Brigitte's gym class.

Hans - Shown in Brigitte's English class, sitting next to Juliet.

Matthew - Shown in Brigitte's English class, sitting next to Juliet.

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