Rated Mature.

Chapter One

"Alright, first period English, no big problem." Brigitte whispered to herself as she walked down the hall. She was finally in eighth grade, and had so much more freedoms. Checking her phone once more, she realized she had ten more minutes until she had to be in class. Looking around, she saw two of her friends, Victor and Juliet hanging out at their lockers. "Hey Victor, is the cross country meeting after school?"

Victor gave her a wierd look. "You're doing cross country again?" He asked, surprised. Brigitte nodded. "Well, yeah it's after school. We're meeting up in sports study hall."

"Cross Country is gonna be pretty awesome this year. We get to do the paper plate awards and train the seventh graders!" Juliet added in as she grabbed some books from her locker. 

"Where are you guys headed?" Brigitte asked, checking the clock to her right quickly. She had seven minutes til English began.

"I'm going to Social Studies, with Miss. Fluss. I've heard she's a organization freak." Victor said, reaching for the top of his locker to grab some pencils. "I bet she'll hate you Brigitte, especially if she sees your locker." Brigitte laughed, her locker usually was overflowing by the end of the first week at school.

"I'm heading to English with Mrs. Bronski, she's my home base teacher. She seems really really nice, but kinda ditzy, and we get assigned seats." Juliet said, shutting her locker.

"Sweet! I'm going to English too! I actually have no clue where the English room is." Brigitte looked back up at the clock. Six minutes.

"It's right next to Miss. Fluss's room, over near the seventh grade lockers." Juliet explained as they started walking towards the English room. "When we get in, she'll have our seating chart up on the board. I already know that I'm sitting next to Hans and Matthew, but I didn't get a chance to check out anyone else's seating placement."

"Hans and Matthew are pretty cool. I hope my table doesn't blow." Brigitte laughed, thinking about last year in English when she sat with her best friends. As they continued chatting, they entered the English room and Brigitte saw the seating chart on the board. "Sweet, Cooper is pretty chill."

"Um, Brigitte, look at the other name at your table.." Juliet said, starting to laugh. Brigitte looked, and her mouth dropped.

"Oh God.....Oh God why?!" Brigitte yelled, dropping to her knees. "That's not even right! No! Not cool at all! Not him!" Juliet kept laughing and walked over to her table and sat down with Hans and Matthew. Sheepishly, Brigitte went over to the other side of the table where Cooper was sitting. She sat across from Cooper and started casually flipping through her school planner. 

"So, how you like our seating arrangement?" Cooper asked knowingly. 

"I don't care." Brigitte mumbled, still flipping through her planner, occasionally glancing at the door.

"Ya know, maybe if you get lucky, he'll take you to formal." Cooper persisted, looking behind him as the person in question walked into the room.

"Yeah, right." Brigitte mumbled again. "This might be the most awkward year of my life if I keep getting seats like this." 

"Oh look, there he is now! I bet you're just thrilled!" Cooper teased. Brigitte looked up and felt her face turn red. 

"Goddamn it..." Brigitte whispered, digging her nails into the side of the planner.

Chapter Two

"Hey Vincent, guess who else is sitting at our table!" Cooper said, walking up to him before he could get to the seating board. Vincent gave him a questioning look. "You're favorite person in the whole world!" He said, jerking his thumb over to where Brigitte was sitting. Vincent and Brigitte made brief eye contact before Vincent looked back at Cooper.

"I don't care." He simply said, before taking one of the seats adjacent to Brigitte. Cooper laughed and sat back in his seat.

Crap....Vincent has known I've had the hugest crush on him since last October! Stuff is super awkward between us, not to mention the fact that he sorta kinda really hates me! Brigitte thoughts raced as she doodled in her planner. Can English get any worse?

"Alright class, from what I see, everyone is here. So I think we can begin!" Mrs. Bronski said, smiling. As the teacher began to talk about what they would be learning this year, Brigitte noticed one of the janitors wheeling in a laptop cart. "For the first day, I'm going to let you all go on the laptops and look over the book lists for this year, and reset your passwords for your school account. Vincent and Hans, you may come grab laptops for your tables."

Vincent grunted and got up. He walked over to the laptop cart where Hans was already grabbing his. Brigitte watched Hans smile and say something to Vincent, before getting bopped on the head by Vincent. As Vincent came back with the laptops, Brigitte tried to think about what Hans could have possibly said to tick him off. Vincent set two laptops down on the table while grabbing one for himself and sitting down. 

"Am I the only one who forgot my password?" Cooper asked as he opened one of the laptops up. Brigitte grabbed one as well and began to power it up. 

"Well, I'm pretty sure my last one was CooperNeedsALife1, so maybe yours was YesIDo2." Vincent commented dryly as he booted his up. Brigitte's screen came to the login screen. She typed in her username, BLevi18, and her password, which was embarrassingly Vincent18. How childish she had been last year. The reset password screen came up, and she quickly changed it to Lacrosse18. It was more fitting and less creepy.

"Hm....I think my new password should be GoF***Yourself3. That should give the people in the office a nice laugh." Vincent said as he typed in his new info. 

Brigitte logged on and proceeded to open up Internet Explorer. After it took a lightning fast time of five minutes to boot up (this is Internet Explorer we're talking about) she got onto her Teacher's Website and began to scroll through the book list. All of the books were about immigration and the 1900s, which she knew they would be studying in Social Studies as well. 

"Vincent, are you really hot in this room? You're sitting right next to the window, and it's seventy degrees out!" Cooper said, looking at Vincent who was lifting up his shirt as a bead of sweat dripped from his head. Brigitte looked away, trying not to blush, while Cooper gave her a grin. Vincent rolled his eyes, then shook it off and put his shirt back down.

"Shut up Cooper." Vincent gave a fake laugh, before returning to looking through the book list. Brigitte opened a new tab on her computer, made sure the teacher wasn't looking, and quickly typed in the address to her favorite site; She scrolled down through the language list and selected Hebrew, before reviewing her alphabet, silently mouthing the sounds and looking at the symbols. By the time she looked at the time, class only had about five minutes left. After going over the last few letters of the Hebrew alphabet, she looked back up from her screen and glanced at Vincent, who had his eyebrows raised at her curiously, before her heart began to race.

Vincent had been watching her the whole time.

Chapter Three

"Gah, ELA and Tech were both nightmares! First with Vincent sitting at my table, and now I got some of the worst kids in the school sitting at my tech table! At least Vincent is there, what if I have every class with him?" Brigitte ranted to her friend Becca as they both walked to gym. "I hope our gym class is as awesome as my past two years of gym have been."

"Well, I heard Tyson and Jack are in our gym class, and they're both pretty nice and athletic." Becca said as she looked through some of the info packets she had gotten from her teachers. 

"Yeah, I guess. I've never really met Tyson, but Jack was in my homerooom last year." commented Brigitte. "They both seem pretty cool."

"Yeah, I heard Mrs. Roch is out again for the year. We have Miss. Tweetly for gym instead 'til then." Becca said as they entered the locker room. They both quickly changed into their gym clothes and went into the gym room. Tyson and Jack were passing a basketball around, along with someone else Brigitte knew, Ian.

"Our gym class already looks pretty good. I hope it only gets better." Brigitte said.

(1 hour later)

"That was horrible..." Brigitte said as she walked back into the gym class. "There are only, like, five athletic kids in that class, including us! This is going to be a long year..." She ranted to Becca as she got changed.

"Maybe we can get switched or something later on in the year.." Becca mused out loud as she got changed as well. "Into a better gym class, at least."

"Yeah, maybe. I got Miss Fluss for soc. next, so I'm going to have to go early from what I've heard." Brigitte waved goodbye and walked out of the locker room and towards the stairs that led to Miss Fluss' room. Grabbing her things from her locker that was just down the hall, she walked into Miss Fluss' room. A short old lady was sitting at the front of the room expectantly, with tiny glasses on the bridge of her nose. Vincent was sitting down at a table with three other guys. Two of her friends, Juliet and Heidi, were sitting at the one of the tables. Brigitte sat her things down next to them and smiled.

"I wish we still had Mr. Pollo for soc..." Heidi said sadly, quickly glaring at Miss Fluss when she wasn't looking. "I already don't like her, she just....bothers me."

"Yeah, Mr. P was awesome. He's the best teacher I've ever had!" Brigitte added in as she shuffled through her stuff. Oops. She thought. I forgot my school planner when I dumped my Soc stuff in my locker. Oh well... Miss Fluss rapped a ruler on the lectern at the front of the room.

"Alright children. I'm Miss Fluss, and let me warn you, I'm not like Mr. Pollo that you had in seventh grade. He was soft on all of you. Eighth grade is much harder than seventh grade, and you will have much more homework. Now please take a packet from the center of the table and do it independently. It is a pre-assessment to see how much you know about eighth grade social studies." Miss Fluss grumbled as she sat down at her desk and started writing down some notes.

"Holy crap, this has one-hundred and twenty questions!" Heidi whispered in a panic. "Not even Mr. Pollo's tests were this long!"

"Let's just do our best, pre-assessments never count, remember?" Brigitte whispered back, glancing over to make sure Miss Fluss was not looking at them. "I get the feeling this is going to be a very long year for all of us."

Chapter Four

"That was dreadful.." Brigitte muttered as she sat down at her usual lunch table from her past two years. "She flipped out on me because I didn't have my planner in front of the whole class. I mean, jeez, it's the first freaking day!"

"I know how ya' feel, I had her earlier today. She really hates Isaac.." One of her best friends, Layla, said as she bit into a piece of chicken she had bought from the lunch line.

"What teacher doesn't hate Isaac, besides Mr. Kagon, of course. But he doesn't hate anybody." Brigitte laughed as she bit into her tuna sub. "Oh yeah, I missed a lot of gossip while I was down at camp. Tell me, did Nathan and Taylor break up yet?"

Layla nodded as she gulped down her sandwich. "Yup, Taylor has a crush on Tristan now. Maybe it's best for the both of them..."

"That's sad, poor Nathan." Brigitte said out loud as she opened a bag of chips. SCORE! Nathan is finally single! Brigitte thought to herself as she took a bite of chips. I've been waiting for this moment for so long! Now first I just gotta impress him with my French...

Another girl at the table, Allison, looked up at the clock. "We only have five minutes left in lunch, and I'd take it that we're all in the same Algebra class again?" Layla, Brigitte, and another girl, Mila, all nodded.

"I wonder if Mrs. Shine warned Ms. Jhal about our class, especially Isaac and Vincent." Brigitte pulled a few pencils out of the pocket of her pullover. "Maybe they've matured a bit over the summer..." Brigitte thought out loud, and all four of them started laughing.

(1 hour later)

"Wow, she actually doesn't seem to hate our class!" Brigitte said to Victor as they walked from Algebra back to their lockers. "I bet Mrs. Shine didn't warn her about our class."

"Yeah, she made a horrible decision putting me next to Vincent, for both myself and the rest of the class." Victor smirked, looking down at his math notes that had been doodled on by Vincent.

"She always stood in front of the board though. I could barely see the notes that we were taking!" Brigitte looked at her slightly incomplete notes. "Can you text me the notes later?" Victor shook his head.

"Nope, I didn't get them either, but I think Vincent got them, even though he was being way to distracting. He scares me." Victor shuddered as he stopped as his locker. "See ya later, have fun at homeroom."

"Yeah, see ya." Brigitte said, before walking further down the hall to her locker.

Chapter Five

Brigitte walked into her homeroom, looking around at the people in the room. She only really knew one of them, Erik. Quickly, she went over and sat next to him before anyone else could. Her homeroom teacher was Ms. Jhal, whom she had just had for Algebra.

At least she seems nice...though the past two years I've gotten the worst homeroom teachers possible. Brigitte thought, doodling in her planner. Soon she wouldn't have enough pages to even write assignments in, but that was okay, because no one really used the planners. Paying no attention as Ms. Jhal read off the rules for homeroom, she struck up a conversation with Erik.

"Can I see your schedule?" Erik said as he took out his. Brigitte took her's out of the back of her planner and showed it to her. "Looks like we have FACS together. Otis and Rick are in our class too.

"Who and who?" Brigitte questioned, the two names not ringing a bell.

"They're both on my soccer team. Otis is very mellow, but Rick is hilarious. It'll be fine," Erik explained. "Rick takes Dutch too, you know. He must have been in a different class then you."

"Well, he'll be in my class this year. They're combining the two classes into one to save space," Brigitte said, looking down at her schedule. "Did you hear that Nathan and Taylor broke up?" Erik nodded.

"Yeah, Otis told me about it at soccer practice," He reached into his binder and took out a sheet of paper. "Want to play hangman?"

"Wait, wait, wait, hold up, Otis and Nathan are friends?" Brigitte questioned, her excitement building.

"Yeah, they're in the same Castilian class, and since they're both in Blue Hall, they probably know each other from there, too." Erik casually spoke as he began to draw spaces for letters.

"Yes! I've been trying to get close to Nathan for months! This is my chance! You gotta introduce me to Otis ASAP!" Brigitte said, almost jumping out of her chair. Erik shrugged.

"You can wait until Thursday. I'll try to get him to sit near us." Erik said as he began to draw the hangman board. "Guess a letter."

"A." Brigitte said mindlessly as Erik began to fill in a few A's into the board. "Do you have soccer practice after school today? Today's the first meeting for cross country." 

"Yeah. Me and a couple of the soccer guys were gonna head down to the sub shop to grab some food. I'll mention FACS to Otis then, and I'll tell him to sit with us."

"Perfecto!" Brigitte said a bit loudly. A couple of people surrounding them glanced over, but then shrugged it off. 

"Do you still like Vincent?" Erik asked as he continued to doodle on the side of the hangman board, waiting for Brigitte to guess a letter.

"Yeah, he hasn't changed much over the summer though, except for that awesome tan..." She began to drift off into dreamland, thinking about all the football games she could go to that year. "This is going to be a great year, I hope."

Chapter Six

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