Then the screen flickered back to the math video. Mrs. Henry
just sat there, in shock. The kids began to run around like maniacs.

The message had shocked them out of our wits. Math was of no importance if Aleric King was going to come to the moon and ruin the peace. Rose was scared. Very scared.

The intercom beeeeeeeped, and Principal Duncan announced in a shaky voice, "We must prepare for war. It is not safe here at school with the threat of Aleric King. Pack up. School is closing in ten minutes."

Rose packed up and walked back home on autopilot. When Mom opened the door, she asked why Rose was home so early.

"Did you get the message from Aleric King?" Rose asked.

Mom nodded.

"Principal Duncan didn't think it was safe at school with him out there," Rose explained. "So, he sent us back home to our parents, who would make their decision whether to stay or fly out farther."

"It's a lost cause," Mom whispered. "They're already here."

Rose looked up and saw the Germans preparing to attack the biodomes.

"Go! Hurry!" Mom shrieked.

"Mom, you can't stay here!" Rose shrieked back.

"I've run from Aleric King once," Mom answered gravely. "And I'm not going to run from him again, even if it means I die."

Rose nodded, tears trickling silently down both of their faces, before rushing off to join the crowd of fleeing colonists.

She stumbled, feeling a tight grip on her left wrist. She turned and saw a German soldier clinging to her arm. "You're coming with me," he said through his special army spacesuit.

Rose looked at him in fear, and reluctantly nodded.

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