The German soldier led her up a ramp with thousands of other captured people. Rose searched and found her friends Sahlea and Louelle being marched up as well. She had known the New Nazis were cruel, but this - this was devastating. Hundreds of the (somewhere around) 2,345 colonists were being marched into this ship, and many others. Other people lay dead in the streets, with blood pooling underneath them. A few soldiers had died, too, but most had survived.

One by one, colonists were chained to one another, and the ends of the chains were attached to walls. The ship's floor began to rumble and vibrate beneath her feet, and then she heard the roar of the engine as the ship took off.

As a guard passed her, he slipped something into Rose's hand. A bobby pin. With a little effort, Rose managed to get one of her arms unchained, and then picked the lock on the other side.

She slipped between passageways, trying to find the escape pods, when the same guard whispered, "Room A1."

Rose looked at the sign and read that Rooms A1 to B3 was just behind her. She crept to the end of the hall, where, sure enough, were the escape pods. She got in one and blasted off towards Earth.

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