Ch 1

Intro. Learn about characters, have first battle sequence and discover the antagonists objective

Ch 2

Go to America, Discover Idenity of target and residence.Realize Emily is the one Beckeum is really after.

Ch 3

Escape from house, travel to place for temporary stay, discover all of Emilys gifts and find out a vague description of Beckeums plan.

Ch 4

Emily and Holmes get drunk on roof. Emily tells Holmes that he's the one person of whoms mind she hasn't been able to read.

Ch 5

Holmes and Watson argue with Emilys father;John. Holmes and Watson kidnap Emily and take her away from her father for her own protection. Even so Emily is furious.

Ch 6

They meet Simza while traveling, alone with her husband and her husbands brother and learn that they are being hunted. SImza and her husband and his brother ask to travel with Holmes and Watson and Emily

Ch 7

They discover that Beckeum has moved back to England so they rent a boat to head back to England. Emily fights with them on it, not wanting to leave her home country America, no matter the risks and worried that she was leaving her father in danger. She doesn't have a choice though.

Ch 8

While Holmes is in Watsons house, they are attacked and Holmes tries to fight his way through to Watson as Watson searches for Mary. After the battle and Emily tells them she had forseen that Mary is safe. They then rent a hotel room.

Ch 9

Ch 10

Might have Irene Adler appear, somehow having not been killed?

Ch 11

Ch 12

Ch 13

Ch 14

Ch 15