Red as Ice

Author: Leopardclaw
Type: Poems
Rating: Explicit
Status: Complete

A poem about feelings.

Blood falls
Seeps from me
Falls from my veins
They targeted my heart and now
It's dead

Numb inside
I want to end it
The feelings of nothing
Blood can't take the numbness away
It's dead

Pain everywhere
I want is to go away
The numb and the pain here
They are in conflict and in unison
They're dead

Heart fails
Beating barely still
Pumping this broken body
Sending blood to bleed in these veins
It's dead

Alone forever
It's suffocating slowly
Makes me watch everyone else
Reminds me of how little I am worth
It's dead

Me alone
This is me
I don't want me
Who ever could, my body screams
I'm dead

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