Rating: Teen

Story: Fanfiction

Chapter 1

Never been so scared in my life. I was standing in the middle of the ship, singing out curses loudly, clinging to the poop. Water, d*amn it! It'll kill me if it touches me, was the only unreasonable thought in my mind. I don't know how I got here, but I sure do know that I needed money. I needed a job for money. No one can survive without money, now can they? I wanted to be a hobo, but what would my parents think of me? They'd kill me. I screamed the moment a small droplet of salt water hit my face. I screamed until someone hit me upside the head. I was scared as f*ck. I didn't think that I would be this scared. I thought I'd be a hero, and that's why I signed the contract on Ghost. It wasn't fun, not fun at all. I was scared to death -- nah, just kidding, if I was scared to death then I'd be dead. I was a hunter, you see, a seal hunter, to be exact.


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