Bulbo and Greeny's House in Spiri, Antorax - February 2915

"But I thought I already knew the truth!" They said in unison.

"Well you don't. Now listen or we'll slice of your head with a hoverboard," the uniformed officers replied menacingly.

Greeny and Bulbo had no choice but to listen.

Town Center of Spiri, Antorax - Unknown Time

It was just a normal Spiremas. Or they seemed to think that. In fact, this Spiremas everything was going wrong and they just didn't know why. The air pollution levels had risen by about 2000% for an unknown reason. The power core was being sapped of energy, and a mysterious green star was in the air. Slowly coming closer. Closer to impact. It looked on fire; that's what Andrej saw, anyway. They all thought it was a star, but Andrej knew better. He knew that it was a spaceship, about to crash any second.

5 Minutes Later

Smoke was flooding the square. He spoke to a weird professor, and he said that the green ship meant it came from somewhere interstellar - somewhere unknown to the advanced planet of Spiri. That made Andrej shiver. How could there be anyone else living in their universe that they didn't know about? Freaky. But what was even more freaky was that there were five childen alive from the crash. No one else, just those five children, faintly glowing.

Bulbo and Greeny's House in Spiri, Antorax - February 2915  

"That's where I come in," said Senpai, wearing the same uniform as the others, walking through the larder door. "I'm Andrej, and I saved both of you. Unfortunately the others were taken by other people before I could rescue them. You had name tags on you."

But Bulbo and Greeny couldn't pay attention to Senpai. They saw something. Something on the horison. Something green and moving towards them.


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