The Interstellar Route - Unknown Time

"We have a system failure, I repeat, we have a system failure."

All that could be heard was the pandemonium of the passengers of the spacecraft they had been looking for a better life; look now what they had! However, most of the fear was for the five children on the spacecraft. Everyone knew they were an integral part of the sequence - nobody could afford to lose them even if everyone else on the ship died. Crash! A part of the ship burst into flames, adding more to the chaos. Five mothers were cradling the children. Their children. Knowing that their children would never see them again. There was a final crash before the ship exploded, scattering the inhabitants into oblivion.


Spiri, Antorax - February 2915

Greeny and Bulbo were holding each-other's hands, walking down a street in Spiri, a planet in the universe Antorax. The planets were in zen with each-other; a power core orbiting each of the planets providing them with endless power. Greeny and Bulbo didn't know how it worked; Senpai said something about Fusion and Air.

"Nearly home! Senpai will be so happy we got our groceries," Greeny told Bulbo.

Bulbo blushed. He liked Greeny. Whilst approaching his house, he noticed something was wrong. There were about 10 hovercrafts outside their house.

"But Senpai only has one hovercraft," Bulbo exclaimed.

They saw some men in uniforms emerged out of the front door. Too scared to talk, Bulbo and Greeny went up to them.

"W..Where's Senpai?" they both asked.

The men seemed to ignore them, signalling for them to come in. As they were going in, one of the men started to talk.

"We need to talk to you about your past."


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