Realms of Antorax

Author: PenguinJ2
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress

I will release a new chapter every Sunday.


Battle for the Core

Bulbo and Greeny are plunged into a world of war and adventure as their galaxy, Antorax is plunged into war. However, when their energy core is at risk, they will do anything to save their planet and their friends.


Battle for the Core

Number Name Initial Release Notes
1 Crash Landing 02/10/15 Introduction to the story - First part of two parter.
2 Truth 11/10/15 Second part of two parter. Introduces Andrej.
3 Stealer of Souls 17/10/15 Introduces Shadowmancers. Two parter.
4 Returner of Souls 18/10/15 Second part. Fully introduces Prof. Lincolnburg.


None as of yet.

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