Rainysong's Choice

Author: Brighty
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress
Series: None
Preceding: Rainypaw's World
Succeeding: None

Sequel to Rainypaw's World

Rainysong's Choice


Rainysong has discovered something that she shouldn't have. With a suprsising new family member, and threats to her friends, Rainysong begins to doubt herself. She is left with a choice. But when her time runs out, Rainysong has one choice left. Will she save her love, and her future, or the cat who was her family, and her helpless kits?

Main Characters

Rainysong- fluffy gray she-cat with blue eyes

Turtlefang- brown and white tom with brown eyes

Dawngaze- cream coloured she-cat; former medicine cat

Eaglepaw- black tom

Reason For Writing

It's dedicated to my friend, who's not a member of this wiki



Original Idea To

Erin Hunter

Chapter 1 ~Secrets and Lies~

My heart stopped. Time slowed down. It was all a lie. Everything Nightflower said. Or maybe... Dawngaze is lying! She wants to catch me off guard so she can kill me. But she won't get her chance. I leaped onto the cream she-cat, but she just threw me off. "I think thta it's time that you learned about your real family. When I was a young medicine cat, I fell in love with your father." I stood confused. "Whitestar never loved you! His eyes were only for Nightflower!" Dawngaze shook her head. "Whitestar isn't your father. Your life has been a lie. Your father was Stormwhisker." My eyes nearly leaped out of my head. "No way! He loves Shadowheart! Besides, if he was my father, wouldn't he have-" Dawngaze cut me off. "Do you really think I would tell him?" She hissed maliciously. "He never knew. The day they came, I went to the woods. I gave birth in a hollow log! Do you know how painful that was!" Privatly I thought that Dawngaze had lost her mind. Why would I know how it felt? She spat at the ground. "I had 2 kits. Perfect kits. Then one of them died! I took the only survivor to camp. You. Nightflower had just given birth. One prefect, snow white kit. I gave you to her, said I found you in the forest. Asked her to take care of you." She hissed. "She did her job too well. Treated you like you were her kit! That is why I killed her. And why you must join me. I will take over the clans, for the life they denied me of!" Weak on my paws, I hissed feebly, but she knocked me aside. "Go back to your 'clan', you foolish brat." I slunk away. I never thought I'd see the day where everything I knew was a lie.

I lay my head on my nest. No thought could keep me focused. Everything swan before my eyes. It will never be the same. I lay limp and motionless in my nest. Not even Turtlefang could change my thoughts now...

A cold, wet pelt woke me at moonhigh. A hole had opened in the roof. I tried to move my nest into the shadows. For a moment I forgot where I was. Why I felt so cold and empty. Then, the Cliffside. The blood of a cat I knew as my mother, soaking into the snow. I’ll never be happy again. A warm shape pressed on my shoulder and began to lick my cold pelt. I felt like I was back in the nursery, with no bigger worries than who my mentor would be. I wish it was this simple. Looking up, I saw Snowfeather leaning over me. I smiled. She looked rather concerned. "What happend to you? And where is Nightflower?" I sighed. "Let's head to the forest."

He head into the abandoned copse. Snowfeather's green eys are concerned. "What is it?" She asked. With all my might I whiskpered out the secret. I"m not your sister. And Nightflower isn't my mother." Snowfeather stared at me. "No." She muttered. "That's crazy" Then she flattend her ears. "Imposter!" She screeched. I let myself go limp, as her claws tore through my throat.

I awake. Where am I? Then I remember. A cat I cared about. Someone I protected. Some cat I loved. Tried to kill me. I shake my head. Correction, she did kill me. But when my eyes finally open, I realize I'm wrong. This startles me. How in the name of StarClan am I still alive? Still, at least I am still alive. That's what matters. I stand up and shake the snow out of my fur. Now. Let's head back to camp, and try to explain everything to Whitestar.

Chapter 2 ~You Can't Love A Killer~

I trudge into camp, still trying to breathe. The second my fur sticks into the light, I hear Snowfeather's scream, "There she is! Kill her!" I brace myself for ripping claws, but they never come. Instead, I hear Whitestar's confused voice. "Rainysong. Snowfeather, let's take this into my den." Snowfeather shoots me a hostile look as I follow Whitestar in. I sit down next to Whitestar. He shakes his head. Suddenly he looks a thousand moons older than he did earlier. "Rainysong, where is Nightflower? And what is wrong with your sister?" I sighed. "First of all, Nightflower is dead. Second of all...."

Whitestar sends me away after this. He needs time to take it all in. But there is another matter to deal with. "Now do you believe me?" I whip and face the snowy she-cat. Her green eyes are pained. "How.. how long have you known this for?" I shake my head. "Just today." She walks away. "I'm going to tell Turtlefang." A part of me wants to scream, No! I want to tell him! But I don't. I just sit and pout. Help me StarClan.

Something pokes me in the side. "Hmmm... I guess Rainysong is gone. I'll just sit on this furry mound." Something large sits on me. "Ow! You idiot!" I throw the mound off and stand up. It's Turtlefang. My face turns beet red. He laughs. "It was a joke." I try to keep an angry face, but I don't succeed. Instead I burst into hystrical laughter. Turtlefang's face turns solem. "Snowfeather told me everything. I'm sorry." I sigh. "I wish I'd known." He curled up next to me. "Don't worry. Everything will work out." I wished I could believe him. That's when I hear Whitestar. "Let all the cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather below to hear my words."  I stood up and sat down in the crowd. Whitestar sighed. "Today, we are welcoming 3 new apprentices to MoustainClan. Wonderkit, Lightningkit, and Cinderkit, step forwards." My heart leaped with joy. Good things can happen, evn in the middle of many bad. "Lighningkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Lightningpaw. Your mentor will be Turtlefang. I hope he will pass down all he knows on to you. Turtlefang, you are ready for this bold kit. Pass on your training from myself." Lightningpaw licked Turtlefang's shoulder. "Cinderkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Cinderpaw. Your mentor will be Jadegaze. I hope she will pass down all she knows on to you." I smiled. This was perfect. Snowfeather must be so proud. "Wonderkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Wonderpaw. Your mentor will be Rainysong.. I hope she will will pass down all she knows on to you." My heart almost stops. I'm getting an apprentice! I never would have thought! I nuzzle the young she-cat. Her eyes are pools of blue. "Don't worry." I murmur. "It will be okay." She flashes her eyes. "Sure."

After a succesful tour around the territory, we loop around to head by Adder Stones. Just as we are passing by, I see Turtlefang next to Lightningpaw. I turn to Wonderpaw. "I'm going to look at something. Stay here." I bolt over to the edge of the ravine, and look down at the toms. That's when I smell blood. And see Turtlefang killing Lightningpaw.

Chapter 3 ~Broken Hearts and Flighted Eagles~

I raced back to Wonderpaw. “Get back to camp as fast as you can!” Alarmed, se raced away, long lean legs thudding. I could see Turtlefang coming up the side of the hill, Lightningpaw in his mouth. I hissed. “What in the name of StarClan?!?” Turtlefang looked surprised. “Rainysong, it’s me!” He mewed. “Is something wrong?” I paced forward, growling. “Don’t you take that tone with me! I’m no idiot! I watched you kill him!” His face widened. “Rainysong, I didn't-“ He broke off. “Don’t lie to me!” I screeched through my tears. “I thought I could trust you!” He narrowed his brown eyes. “And I thought that you were the most perfect cat ever. It’s clear that you’re just like all the others.” With that he stalked away. I went back to camp the long way. Featherpaw and Mistpaw were sitting guard. “Rainysong! You’re back!” I nodded and padded to the fresh-kill pile. Snowfeather was sitting there. “Snowfeather?” I mewed cautiously. “I need to tell you something.” She turned around. “What is it?” Trying not to cry, I quickly relayed everything that had happened. Snowfeather’s green eyes became filled with sorrow. “And he denied it.” She murmured. I nodded. “I’m so sorry Snowfeather.” She sighed. “What have I done?” I licked her pelt. “Nothing. Come on, Whitestar is calling us.” She nodded and we walked over. I sat next to Snowfeather, refusing to even acknowledge my former mentor. Whitestar looked down at us. “Today 2 apprentices completed their warrior training. Eaglepaw, Owlpaw, step forward.” Eaglepaw’s amber eyes were alight with glee. “Eaglepaw, Owlpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?” Owlpaw nodded. “I do.” They mewed together. “Then from this moment on, you will be known as Owlpelt. StarClan honors your bravery and commitment, and we welcome you as a full warrior of MountainClan. Eaglepaw, from this moment, you will be known as Eagleflight. StarClan honors your honestly and strength, and we welcome you a warrior of MountainClan!” I began to cheer. “Eagleflight, Owlpelt! Eagleflight, Owlpelt!” The crowd dispersed. I padded over to Eagleflight. “Congratulations.” I murmured softly. He looked at me surprised. “Hello Rainysong. What’s up?” I purred. “I need to talk to you.” I mewed carefully. His amber eyes examined me. “Is something wrong?” I sighed and relayed what happened, trying to leave out the part about Turtlefang killing his apprentice. His eyes were pained. “So, what I’m trying to say is that I’m sorry for rejecting you earlier. Can you forgive me?” Eagleflight rubbed his pelt on mine. “Or course. As long you promise to stay.” I purred. “Always.” We sat for a while. When the sun fell, he and Owlpelt went to sit in the centre of camp. I moved my nest to the other side of the den, next to the two new nests that would belong to Owlpelt and Eagleflight. Away from the murderer.

When morning came, I rose from sleep. Owlpelt and Eagleflight were heading to the warriors den. Not knowing what else to do, I went hunting in the forest. When I returned, I could hear cats yowling at Whitestar. Dropping my scrawny catch, I slipped into the crowd. “What’s going on?” I mewed to Cloudheart. She turns to me. “Nightflower is missing, and everyone is panicking.”  Oh fox-dung. I forgot. With all that’s happened, I forgot that Whitestar need to appoint a new deputy. “ENOUGH!” yowls Whitestar. We quickly look over at him> “You want to know what’s happened, fine. Nightflower is dead. She was murdered on the Cliffside, the night of the huge storm.” Cats around us gasp. Cloudheart turns to me> “I’m so sorry Rainysong. I lost my mother when I was young too.” Mother? Oh yeah, the rest of the clan doesn’t know about Dawngaze and Stormwhisker and everything that’s happened. With a sigh, I listen to the rest of Whitestar’s speech. “I know I must appoint a new deputy. I say the words before StarClan, and the spirit of Nightflower, so they may hear and approve this choice. The new deputy of MountainClan will be Turtlefang.”

And that’s when I knew that we were all doomed.

Chapter 4 ~War of Words~

They cheer. They think they know. They are wrong. I know. Snowfeather knows. They don’t. I sneak a glance at her, and my horror-stricken face is reflected on her. “Rainysong, what are we going to do?” I shake my head. “I have no idea.” I have no idea what we're going to do. My head begins to spin, my heart thumps, but not like before. Before, it was nervousness, but also desire. Now it's nervousness and terror. I witnessed his crime. He can probably deduce that I told Snowfeather. He'll kill us next. Now the fire in his heart burns not for loyalty, but for carnage.

I have fought my battle. I know there is nothing I can do to stop Turtlefang. Last night, Skyflower was found dead. Her once beautiful gray tabby pelt is ruined, twisted at unnatural angles. Featherpaw is the first to break down. She collapses and buries her face into her mother's body. She look like a tiny copy of Skyflower. Mistpaw and Ravenpaw just stand, shaken. She was buried today. Whitestar claims that is was a passing rouge, but I know the truth. Skyflower would never have gone done without a fight, and not to the paws of a rouge. It was Turtlefang. He looks guilty, and doesn't seem to be mourning her like the rest of us. He won't stop. It pains me to think that I ever loved that traitor. At least I have Eagleflight. He supports me. I haven't told him that I suspect the deputy of killing two cats, but I must soon. I don't want him to die without knowledge. Knowledge of his murderer.

"Rainysong! Join Jadegaze and Duskpool on the evening patrol!" Slime ball. I drag my paws out of my nest as slowly as I can. 'Rainysong!" The yowl is louder. "Move your lazy tail!" Growling under my breath, I make my way into the clearing. "What if I don't want to." I spit at him. He looks shocked and narrows his eyes. "You join your patrol this instant. Do you want me to tell Whitestar?" I hiss and swipe at him, but go to join the others. Duskpool looks shocked. "Did you and Turtlefang have a spat?" She mews. "It looked like there was some kind of argument." Sighing, I muttered, "Tell you later." Jadegaze has us loop around the edges of the Cliffside. There is nothing unusual, but I catch a trace of Dawngaze's scent. My mother. But she'll never be a mother. Nightflower was always my mother. We head back to camp. Jadegaze goes to share tongues with Hailwing, while Duskpool starts talking to Fuzzyclaw. Owlpelt and Rosewhisker are together, and I feel broken. I know I have Eagleflight, but he's not the same as Turtlefang used to be. I stick that out of my mind. I can't hold on. I know Snowfeather feels worse than me. She lost her mate, her son, and her mother. She's not my sister. That feeling hurts the most. My whole life has been a lie. I don't even know what I'm going to do. I just know it must be done.

I woke up feeling sick and twisted. I wanted to break in two. Luckily it was just a bug crawling on me. I shook it off and went to stand in the cool morning breeze. It felt nice and fresh on my thick pelt. New-Leaf was here. Finally. Cats were creeping out of the dens and basking in the lovely weather. It felt perfect. If only Turtlefang hadn't padded over to me. It totally killed the moment. "What?!" I hissed at him. He flattened his ears and meowed, "Lets go into the forest. I need to talk to you." I could sense he wasn't going to give up until I said yes. I followed his brown and white pelt into the woods. As soon as we were far enough from camp that no cat would hear us, he rounded on me, hissing. "What are you thinking? I'm not a murderer!" "Oh sure!" I spat back. "I watched you kill Lightningpaw! I watched you! He rolled his eyes. "Oh sure! He was attacked by snakes! He got bit, I was trying to fight it off! It was on his neck, as I clawed it!" I swiped at his face. "Like I'd believe that! And what about Skyflower? I saw your guilty face! Who's next? Whitestar? Eagleflight? My sister? Me?" Turtlefang growled. "She's not your sister. She never was." Tears blinding my face, I yelled, "She's more family to me now then you ever were! I hate you! You're a traitor! I hope StarClan rejects you!" He hissed and dropped his haunches. "I have never killed a cat. You're too blind to understand anything!" Not knowing what else to do, I slashed Turtlefang across the face, then turned tail and ran blindly into the forest. I didn't know what I was going to do, or why running would help, I just kept going. Finally I crashed into a pit full of brambles. My leg felt like it was on fire, but I made no move to call for help. I just lay in the thorns. The last thought I could place, was a light coloured pelt leaning over me and licking my pelt. Spots covered my eyes, and I blacked out.

Chapter 5 ~Be Still My Beating Heart~

A small gentle voice was humming. "It's okay. It's okay. You are safe." I couldn't do that. I had to get back to camp and find Whitestar. I told the voice this. It laughed. Not cruelly, but not helpful either. "You can't go back to camp. On your leg, you wouldn't get 2 fox-lengths." But I have to go. I have to warn the Clan about Turtlefang's treachery. I blinked open my eyes, and a cream furred cat was licking my pelt. In the next instant, I leaped to my 3 working paws and hissed. The she-cat didn't look surprised. "Lie down Rainysong. You don't want to make this worse for yourself." I swiped at her face. "I won't let you hurt anymore cats! I saw you kill my mother!" Even as I yowl, I know that that's wrong. I'm speaking to my mother right now. "Rainysong." She mews. "You and I both know that she wasn't your mother." I spat at her. "She was my family. She was what I believed in! Not some treacherous medicine cat, and her one night stand!" I collapse under the weakness in my body. "I hate you Dawngaze. I hate you. You ruined my entire life." She blinks. "Would you rather have lived your entire life a lie?" She's right. Sort of. I shake her comment off. "I need to get back to camp. Maybe you are my birth mother, but Nightflower was the mother I knew. Whitestar my father and Snowfeather my sister." I turned. "I have to go back. It's important." Dawngaze sighs. "I'm sorry for killing Nightflower. But she had to die." I doubt that, but this is no time to argue. "I have to get back to camp! My Clanmates are in danger with every second I stay here!" Dawngaze's mousy brown eyes became fierce. "You'll do no such thing! If you don't stay put, you'll lose that leg!" She relaxed her body and mewed, "Tell me what it is, and I'll go warn them." I shook my head. "You wouldn't understand." I just want to curl up and die. End this once and for all. But I can't let Turtlefang hurt anyone. I wanted my heart to stop beating. I wanted to bleed out entirely. Yet, I couldn't leave Snowfeather alone. That would be the worst thing I could do to her. I lay down and shut my eyes. And for the first time since Nightflower died, I dream.

I'm standing in camp. I'm watching Snowfeather yell at Turtlefang. She's yelling at him. I can't make out what. I run closer, and try to say something, but she can't see me. I'm invisible. Standing by her side, I can just make out her mewing. "You killed my son! You can't deny it! Lightningpaw is dead because of you!" Turtlefang is moving his mouth, but no sound seems to come out. Snowfeather growls at him. "You murdered Skyflower too! It was your claw marks!" He narrows his eyes, but makes no sounds. Snowfeather is still mewing at the top of her lungs. "Now you've done something to Rainysong! She's gone! I followed her scent trail and found her blood! I can't have you harming her!" Tears are streaming down her face. Turtlefang speaks for the first time, the scratch I applied to his face bleeding. "I never touched any of those cats!" He struggles to keep his face from exploding. Snowfeather rolls her eyes. "I hate you! You killed my son, and my sister! Not to mention Skyflower! I want you blinded, exiled, killed!" She screeches. I turn, and a small ginger tom is sitting beside me. "Lightningpaw!' I mew in surprise. "How are you in my dream?" He sighs. "I came to find you. What you've just seen hasn't happened yet. It's a prophecy. Because you're gone, my mother got worried and tried to find you. She found the blood in the bramble ditch, and blamed Turtlefang. After what you told her, it's obvious she believed it was him." He looks at his paws. "Keep watching." He mews. Eagleflight has just walked over, snarling. "You're a traitor and a liar Turtlefang! How dare you! You've murdered three innocent cats!" He chokes up. "I loved Rainysong. I thought you did too. It's clear that you hated her. Otherwise she'd still be alive." He flicks his tail back to a mangled gray body. Mine. Chills go up my spine. Eagleflight hisses and swipes his face. "You killed the one cat I loved!" He points his tail at Snowfeather. "You killed her son!" He looks at the three frightened apprentices. "You killed their mother! Whitestar, I demand you exile him!" The scene freezes. I look at Lightningpaw. "Turtlefang kills me?!?!?" I screech in shock and horror. The tom shakes his head. "No. In this version, Dawngaze killed you. In another, you froze to death. If you don't return to camp, you will die." I lick his ears. "Thank you for telling me. I'm sorry you died so young." Lightningpaw turns away. "It wasn't your fault, nor Turtlefang's" He adds, seeing my look. "But if Turtlefang didn't kill you, then what did?" Lightningpaw looks me straight in the eyes. "It was a snake. It wrapped itself around my neck, and bit. Turtlefang killed it, but hit my neck in the process. It wouldn't have mattered. I was already dying. I just told him to take my body home." My face goes slack. "You mean, he's innocent?" I stutter. The ginger tom nods. 'I'm sorry I couldn't tell you before. It would have saved you a lot of trouble." He's right. It's my fault. I accused him of something he didn't do! Then something hit me. 'What about Skyflower?' I mewed sharply. Lightningpaw shakes his head. "It was a gang of rouges, attacking innocent cats. Turtlefang saw them, and chased them off, but it was too late. That's why he felt so guilty after." I look at my paws. "I've been wrong all this time. But I can't go back now. Not after this." Lightningpaw mews urgently, "You have to go back! If you don't, Dawngaze will rule the Clans!" My face displays a look of horror. "How will I get back?" "I fixed your leg while you slept. go now, before it's too late!"

I wake with a start. Dawngaze is gone, and the scent of blood is fresh. Without another second to waste, I run back to camp.

Chapter 6 ~Learn to Love Again~

I skidded into camp, fast as possible. The second I stopped, I was knocked down by Snowfeather's flying tackle hug. "Rainysong!!!!!! YOU"RE ALIVE!!!!!!" I tried to mew a response, but she had knocked the breath out of me. "Mrrph!"Was all I could get out. Finally Snowfeather let go. "Are you okay? Why are you limping? Is your leg hurt?" Snowfeather kept releasing a flood of questions. Whitestar steeped forwards. "I think we should let Rainysong get some rest." He called to Cherrylegs, who told me I should spend a while in the medicine den. I wasn't about to argue with her. I didn't need to explain where I'd been. I lay down in the soft moss and shut my eyes. Using all my might, i tried to send a telepathic message to Turtlefang. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I was very wrong. You are not a traitor, and I should have listened to you the first time. I was a mousebrain, and I'm so sorry. I hope the scratch I left on your face isn't too bad, and I wish I'd listened before I made judgements. As I finished my thought train, a weak voice from the other side of the den replied. "It's alright Rainysong. I should have explained to you." I looked up, and Turtlefang was lying in the other spare nest. There was only a faint white mark where my claws hit his face. "It's my fault." I mewed. "I should have let you talk. I accused you over nothing." I buried my face in the moss. "I'm sorry."  Turtlefang mewed softly, "It's not your fault." I shut my eyes. "Yes it is." I murmured under my breath. "It's always my fault."

Morning came all too fast. The warm sunlight felt nice on my pelt. Eagleflight was there. He was there. Turtlefang seems to accept that Eagleflight has taken my heart. Yet Snowfeather tells me that I've broken his heart. I know I have. But I'm not about to leave Eagleflight a second time. I know in my heart that I love Eagleflight, yet my passion, and devotion isn't as strong as it was to Turtlefang. Most cats don't notice that I'm avoiding him. Always helping Cherrylegs, or searching the elders for ticks. I can tell he's tying to keep me off patrols. The way some cats look at me, it's like they think it's something else. Like I'm expecting kits. It scares me slightly. It really does. And it isn't until Whitestar approaches me, that I discover all the rumours. Rumours about me.

"Rainysong, to my den!" I heard the yowl, and followed. Whitestar was sitting in his nest, looking quite stern. "We need to talk." He mews stiffly. What did I do?" I think rapidly. "Is there something wrong?" Whitestar yawns. "You could say that. I've been hearing some rumours that you are expecting kits." I shake my head, but Whitestar continues. "I hear that you are expecting the kits of two toms, both of which you loved. Cats are thinking this. Turtlefang is keeping you off patrols. If  that happened to you before, you would protest to no end. But you don't say anything." He glares at me. "I trusted you-" I swat him. 'If you trusted me, you would know that It's all lies! I would never do that! If you want to get mad at a cat, don't take it out on me!" I hiss. He looks at me in shock. "Then-then why are you off patrols?" Looking away, I mew, "Because I'm avoiding Turtlefang. He's the cat I knew he was, but not the same way." Whitestar blinks. "I'm sorry. make sure you put these rumours to rest." I nod, and go to leave, when Whitestar calls me back. "Wait one moment Rainysong. Tonight's the gathering. Do you want to come?" I think for a moment, then nod. "Might as well." Then I leave and trot back to my nest. Right before I get to lie down, Wonderpaw pokes her head in. "Rainysong? Ravenpaw and Mistpaw are going to the training hollow. Can I come?" I nod. "As long as Rosewhisker and Hailwing don't protest. In fact, I'll come too." The second I say this, her face goes slack. "No! You need your rest!" I glare at the small she-cat. "I am not expecting kits. I do not need rest. I'm coming with you." For a moment, I see a flicker of fear in her gray eyes. Then she whips around, and runs to the training hollow. Confused I follow her. Seeing Hailwing, I call out. "Hey Hailwing! Are you coming?" He pads over, confused. "What are you talking about?" I relay what Wonderpaw told me. Hailwing doesn't know about any of this. He looks at me oddly. "I have no idea about any of this." He turns and mews to Rosewhisker, who's just come out of her den. "Rosewhisker! Rainysong just told me something weird!" He retells the story. None of us know what the apprentices are doing. My heart begins to thumps, and I quickly grab Featherpaw's attention. "Do you know where your sisters and Wonderpaw are?" Featherpaw looks away guiltily. "I-I think they went to the training hollow." She mews. "They said something about meeting a cat. My eyes widen and I look at Featherpaw. "What did the cat look like?" I mew, scared. Featherpaw opens her mouth and meows, 'A creamy she-cat with green eyes. She promised them something." Without another word I run to the training hollow, leaving the other three staring at my tracks.

Chapter 7 ~Mousey Brown Eyes and Emerald Green Lies~

I skid up the hill, fast as possible. I could see Wonderpaw glaring at Mistpaw. 'If you don't wanna do this, you don't have do. But if you tell any cat, you'll die!" Is my apprentice really threatening her? Mistpaw's gray and white pelt is stiff, and she's scared. Ravenpaw arches her back. "Come on! Our mentors might arrive soon!" Wonderpaw shudders. "I hope they don't find out. Rainysong would skin me alive." This scares me beyond anything. What don't they want me to know? As if to answer my question, the creamy she-cat steps out of the bracken. Dawngaze. My heart thumped faster and faster. Wonderpaw turned to face her. "I see you came back." Dawngaze hissed. Her green eyes flashed. That's when an old memory resurfaced. The day the Dawngaze and Dreamstar exiled the cats with green-cough. Her eyes had been green then, and were green now. They were green when Nightflower died. Yet when Dawngaze had saved her after she fell in the ditch, her eyes were brown. Mousey brown. They had been mousey brown before Dreamstar went crazy. All this time, I hadn't noticed. This cat was an impostor. I jumped back to the present. Clearly a heated conversation had just taken place. Ravenpaw's pitch black pelt was bristling and Wonderpaw had flattened her ears. "We don't care what you want!" Hisses Wonderpaw. "We just want our side of the deal through!" The fake Dawngaze curls her lip. "I said I'll do it once you kill him!" Mistpaw is clearly terrified. She tries to sneak away, but Ravenpaw catches her. "No leaving." Wonderpaw is a little taken aback, but she holds her ground. "This was not a part of the deal! You never said we had to kill Whitestar!" My blood turns to ice, but I force myself to keep listening. "I said you had to do what I said, or my part of the deal would be off!" Ravenpaw begins to back down. "I don't want to kill my leader, but I don't wand to lose Featherpaw either." She mews quietly. Wonderpaw is still going brash. "You can't kill Featherpaw! We'll kill our leader if we must, but you have to hold up your side!" The fake Dawngaze narrows her emerald green eyes. "I'll do what I want! I killed Nightflower, the previous deputy! I don't have to listen to any cat!" Wonderpaw's gray eyes widened and she leaped at the cream she-cat. The impostor moved aside. "I can't be beat little fool. Now. I want Whitestar dead by tonight, or I will kill Featherpaw. And you won't get a chance to save Snowfeather." Wonderpaw pulls her self up, her face scratched. Tears well in her eyes and she runs away. She tears through the bracken, and into territory unclaimed by the Clans. Mistpaw and Ravenpaw scurried off the other way. Before i could stop myself I flung myself into the clearing and onto the cream cat. She threw me off in an instant. Her body was strong and muscular. "Well, well, well." She hissed. "If it isn't my little daughter." I slashed her face. "You are not my mother." She laughs and flicker her tail. "Yes I am. Don't deny it." I rolled my eyes. "You're a fake! Your emerald eyes gave you away!" She laughs again. "I see you've figured it out. Clever little thing." I swat her shoulder, but she blocks it. "Nope. I'm not letting you hurt me. In fact, you probably want to hear my story." I sit down, I but keep my claws unsheathed. The fake Dawngaze sighs. "My name is Scar. I resemble your mother rather well. I took her place and worked with Ashes to take over." Seeing my look of confusion, she added, "Ashes is the she-cat who pretended to be Dreamstar. We were to take over the Clans. Rule them all! But you got in the way. That is something I just won't have." She growls. "So I killed Nightflower, organized rouges to help me, and then killed your real mother." She smirks. "But she wasn't your mother, was she?" I roll my eyes. "Get to the point!" Scar laughs. "Alright." Then she leans into the bushes and pulls out a limp black body, covered in blood. My heart pounds like mad as I recognize the dead cat.

It's Eagleflight.

Chapter 8 ~Choices and Decisions~

"Well Rainysong. You need to make a choice now. You can run away from your Clan, with Turtlefang, the one you love. Or you can stay and protect your sister and her kits." Growls Scar. "But I will rule MountainClan. Don't your forget it" And the bushes sway, and she's gone.

I don't know what I'm going to do. Scar said they had a choice. They had to kill Whitestar, or watch their sister and mother get slaughtered. It's not a choice at all.

It's a threat.

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