the following story is safe

Chapter 1~Nice to meet you

"Rainswept come down here it's time for school!" My sister called, ok first things first, My name is Rainswept- a neko. Nice to meet you! I sighed and called back.

"I-i'm coming Waveswept!" I called back, quickly jumping off my bed and grabbing my school supplies, I went down stares to see my sister leaning against the door frame with our youngest sister Holly-bush.

"Hey Holly-bush ready for school?" I asked my little sister, Holly-bushs eyes were bright. She nodded, flicking her cat-tail. Oh yeah forgot to mention I have silvers hair to match my silver tabby ears and tail as well as amber eyes. My sister has grey hair to match her white and grey dappled ears and tail with green eyes.

As for holly-bush she has a black tail and cat ears with green eyes.

"Come on lets not be late!" Waveswept purred. Holly-bush jumped up and down

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