The details of all the characters to be shown in the Quenched Trilogy will have a brief outline of their appearance, personality and relevance to the plot line below.

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Main Characters

Hazel Johansson: 14 year old Danish girl with pale skin, brown-grey eyes and average length blond-brown hair. She is dependant on her brother Theo but can often act without thinking. She is confident in herself but very pessimistic and always doubts people and their actions. She can be very quick to trust people but also can be good at telling whether or not people are lying. The story is set around her and her brother and their attempt to hide from the Germans.

Theo Johansson: 18 year old Danish boy with grey-blue eyes and short, blond-brown hair. He feels protective towards his sister and will often ignore his own needs to keep his mother and Hazel safe. He has secretly adopted his father's Jewish beliefs but is scared to tell anyone so he can protect his family. He often puts his own skills down but he is strong and brave. The story is set around him and he share a POV with Hazel.

Supporting Roles

Agneta Johansson: Middle aged mother of Theo and Hazel. Her mind has become unstable after the Germans took her husband away to the German camps and often ignores her needs and the needs of her family. She is dependant on her children to protect her and care for her. The story is set around her children.

Joren Thøgersen : Work friend of Theo from a well off 'middle-upper-class' family. Not a lot is known about him, and it is unsure wheteher he is trustworthy or not.

Minor Characters