Quenched Trilogy

Author: Leopard
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress
Quenched Trilogy


"Theo!" I screamed. Where was he? "Theo, help me!" The Germans were here and they were not intending to let us go.

Denmark, 1943. The Germans invaded three years ago and are after all the Jews in the country. Over 8000 have escaped to Sweden. Hazel and her family were not so lucky. Her father, a Jew, was taken by the Nazis and they will never see him again. Now Hazel is hiding, praying for her life, hoping that the Germans don't find them, and that the war ends soon. For if the Germans find them and take them to Germany they are to be promised imminent death...


  1. Silenced - In Progress
  2. Brightened - Not Started
  3. Darkened - Not Started



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