This is a poem, by Brighty, for the July writing club thing

Pull Me Closer

Author: Brighty
Type: Poems
Rating: Safe
Status: Complete
Series: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None

Welcome back winter, once again

Though the snow never falls

The ice burns with every glance

Pull me closer

And I'll keep you warm


This is the future

We've been condemned to

No life for miles, just a frozen world

Pull me closer

Because you keep me warm


Farewell to warmth and wonder

As we move forever further

No matter what, we're alone

Pull me closer

To keep us warm


What life is this

To travel in solitude

Seeking only light

Pull me closer

To keep me warm


Fifty years

Of walking these trails

I'm going to die, our story no clearer

Pull me closer

So you stay warm

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