This is a guide to the characters in the story Pokemon Red. I will try my best to keep this info up to date! ~Shuckle

Main Characters


Casey is a lightly brown-haired, with some blond and ginger highlights, ten-year old girl with cyan eyes. She is hyper and friendly. 


Inferno - Charmander

Leorio - Spearow


Jason is a brown-haired boy with dark brown eyes. He is slightly clueless, and can be jealous of others.


Tsunami - Squirtle

Mysterious brown and cream egg.


Ricardo is a dark brown-haired boy and slightly dark skinned with icy, piercing blue eyes and an intimidating build. Though often quiet and mysterious, he has a soft-side for his friends and Pokemon.


Quake - Bulbasaur

Soarin - Pidgey

Supporting Characters

Professor Oak

Ginger-haired man in his 30s. Grandson of the famous Samuel Oak, and chose to follow in his grandfather's footsteps after being a Pokemon trainer for a bit. Eric

Dark-brown-haired boy with darker brown eyes and mocha colored skin. Member of the richest family in Pallet Town, and is flirty towards Casey. Jason seems to despise him. In the story Pokemon Blue, he is shown in a different light, as a young, rejected boy who just wants some friends. It's been said that his family has covered up some of the biggest secrets and conspiracies in the Pokemon World.


Swish - Machop

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