Authors note; This takes place in the future of Pokemon, where due to the growing popularity for Pokemon worldwide, the Indigo League championship has become three seperate championships, and the champions face off in a 1 v 1 v 1 battle to decide the ultimate champion.

Rated Teen

Chapter One -The Choice

Bulbasaur.....Squirtle.....Charmander.....How am I ever going to pick? Guess it will all depend on what everyone else wants Jason thought, half-asleep in his bed. As the thoughts of what starter Pokemon he would select, he felt a light begin to come over his body. Opening his eyes, he saw that his mom had turned on his light.

"Wake up, Jason! Today is your big day!" She said in a motherly voice. Jason moaned sleepily and rolled over in his bed. "I brought you some pancakes!" His mother placed the plate on his bedstand, and then left the room. Jason checked his clock. It was 6:00. As he began to eat one of the pancakes, his phone began to vibrate violently in his pocket. Checking the caller, he saw that it was Erica.

"Erica, it's 6. We have a full hour, and then some!"

"No Jason, it's 7. Daylights Saving Time was yesterday."

"......Crap." Jason hung up hastily and then lept from his bed. He grabbed the clothes he had laid out; a blue hat, dark blue and orange patterned jacket, a orange undershirt, and dark blue pants with orange stripes. After this, he ran a comb a few times through his hair and then rushed downstairs. He said bye to his mom, grabbed his backpack, and ran to the door. Stopping only for a few seconds, he opened the door and bolted out the door. After only a few seconds, he ran straight into his friend and fell to the ground.

"Jason! Chill, the lab isn't even open yet!" Ricardo said, completely unfazed. Jason laid on the ground, the wind knocked out of him. Sighing, Ricardo picked up Jason and dusted him off. Jason panted a bit, then slowly began to walk toward the lab. "You know what Pokemon you want already, right?"

Jason halted, scared to admit that he really had no clue. "Uh....yeah, of course!"

"I just hope it's not Bulbasaur! I've wanted a Bulbasaur for as long as I can think back!" Ricardo said, throwing his head back toward the sky and grinning. Jason nodded, laughing nervously.

So that just leaves Charmander and Squirtle.....guess I'll just have to see who Erica wants. Jason thought. This thought circled his mind until he got to the lab. He looked through the window, and saw that the time read 7:04. The lab would open up in one minute. "Where's Erica?" Jason asked, looking around. Ricardo looked next to him.

"Hm, I saw her earlier this morning...." Ricardo murmured. As soon as he said that, the clock struck 7:05.

"CHARMANDERRRRRR!" Ricardo and Jason heard a scream from behind them. Erica charged at both of them, running towards the door. Jason jumped out of the way, while Ricardo just sighed and stepped away cooly. Leaping, Erica grabbed the door handle and pulled the door open. 

Guess I got Squirtle...not bad. Jason thought, as he stepped in the lab after Erica. Professor Oak looked up from his desk, smiling. 

"Hyper as always, I see Erica." Oak said, smiling. Erica nodded. 

"I want Charmander." She stated surely. "-If that's ok with Ricardo and Jason!" She added quickly, looking behind the desk. They both nodded, and Erica turned back around. Oak walked over to his lab table, and grabbed a Pokeball. Grinning, he handed it to Erica.

"You can give him a nickname if you'd like, but it's not necessary. Charmander is a very hyper and fast Pokemon, so he will fit you well as a partner. Here is your Pokedex." Erica smiled up at Oak, and took the Pokedex from his hand. She looked at Charmander's Pokeball for a few seconds, then gave herself a small grin.

"Inferno." She said softly, still smiling. Ricardo looked expectantly at Oak.

"I've chosen my Pokemon as well, I'd like a Bulbasaur." Ricardo said smoothly. Oak nodded, and walked back over to his table. He palmed the Pokeball and Pokedex, then tossed it across the lab to Ricardo. Ricardo caught the two items in one hand, and then nodded at Oak. "Quake." Ricardo said boldly, without even thinking. Oak looked at Jason.

"And I suppose you want Squirtle?" Oak asked, raising his eyebrows at Jason. Jason nodded quickly.

"Y-Yes sir." Jason said, slightly hesistantly. Erica and Ricardo both gave him a strange look, but then went back to quietly talking about their new Pokemon. Oak reached behind him and took the last Pokeball. Jason walked up to Oak, and took the Pokeball from his hands slowly. After handing Jason the Pokedex, Oak looked at all three of them, while Jason looked down at his Pokeball.

"Squirtle was my first Pokemon when I started my journey. It has the potential to become a great Pokemon." Oak explained. 

"Tsunami..." Jason whispered, thinking about how powerful he could make this Pokemon if he put his whole heart into it.

"Today is the day that you start the biggest and greatest journey of your life. You are now officially Pokemon trainers. Your Pokemon will grow stronger with each battle, and you will discover new lands and catch new Pokemon. I wish you all the best of luck." The Professor stated, with great pride and expectations shining in his eyes.

"Thank you Professor Oak. We'll call you when we get to Viridian City!" Erica said, as she began to exit. Ricardo and Jason nodded in agreement, and then followed her out the door. The air outside was cooler then the lab, and there was some wind coming from the east. "There's Route 1, and where our Pokemon journey begins."

Chapter Two - Friend?

The three stood in front of the first patch of wild grass. " many Pokemon are gonna be there. We gotta be careful." Erica whispered. As Ricardo was about to step into the patch of grass, they heard a small roar of a engine from behind them. Jason and Erica dove back to stay clear of the path of it, while Richie just rolled his eyes and walked behind a tree. A navy blue sports car with golden stripes rolled up to Erica and Jason. At the passengers seat, a brown-haired boy stuck his head out and grinned at Erica.

"Eric!" Erica squealed, running up to the boy. Eric smiled smugly back at Jason, then returned to talking with Erica.

"So I heard that ya chose a Charmander as your starter Pokemon. I've heard they're pretty hot and dangerous, just like you." Eric said, winking at Erica and leaning in a little bit closer. Jason almost threw up in his mouth. Erica smiled sweetly. 

"Aw Eric, you're so sweet." Erica said. Eric stretched his arm out, revealing a Pokeball. "You got a Pokemon! Which one did you choose?" Eric sniggered.

"I got this one from my father, not that old Professor." He explained, opening the Pokeball to let the Pokemon out. "Swish, show them true power." A small, grayish human-like Pokemon popped out. It had two legs and two arms like a human, but it was rocky. "This is Swish. He's a Machop." Erica and Jason both pulled out there Pokedexes and took a quick scan.

Machop- Loves to build its muscles. It trains in all styles of martial arts to become even stronger.

Jason groaned. This little squirt of a Pokemon is probably stronger then me, and might even rival Ricardo! Eric nodded, and recalled Swish. 

"I take it you and your friends are heading for Viridian City?" Eric asked. Erica nodded in affirmation. "Well, I could give you a ride if you want. You'll be there before you know it."

"Thanks, but no thanks Eric. Jason, Ricardo, and I are all going to catch Pokemon on our way to Viridian City, and we're even camping out tonight!" Erica explained politely, still smiling. Disdain flashed over Eric's face, but was quickly replaced by his cocky smile.

"If that's how you want it...well, I gotta roll. But I'll see you later, k?" Eric said, winking once more at Erica as he rolled up his window. Erica gave Eric one last smile before stepping back and letting him drive off into the distance. 

"I hate that ass," Jason muttered aloud to himself, before looking around. "Hey, where did Ricardo go?" Ricardo popped his head out from behind the tree.

"While you guys were wasting your time with Eric, I caught a Pokemon!" He said grinning widely. "Soarin, go!" Out of the Pokeball popped a small, bird-like Pokemon. Erica and Jason held up there Pokedexes.

Pidgey- A common sight in forests and woods. It flaps its wings at ground level to kick up blinding sand.

"Nice catch." Erica commented. Ricardo nodded in agreement, and recalled Soarin. Jason felt an overwhelming sense of pride and happiness. He was had just started his Pokemon journey, and already had five Pokedex entries! He couldn't wait to see all the Pokemon that he would find out there. Somehow, he knew that he would be able to be a great trainer, besides all of his nervousness.

Chapter Three 

"Ouch...." Jason moaned, rolling over in pain. He had tried to catch a Rattata, but instead had gotten bit before the Rattata ran off. Ricardo sighed and shook his head.

"Jason, you're supposed to use your Pokemon...." Erica explained, reaching her hand down to help him up. Jason took her hand and she pulled him up. "You're lucky it's a shallow bite. That could have been really bad." Ricardo nodded in agreement, and then began to examine the trees, looking for more Pokemon.

"We should split up. That way, we'll find more Pokemon quicker, and we can meet up at the end of the forest," Ricardo said. Jason and Erica thought for a bit, before nodding. They each took a different path; Ricardo went east, Jason went north, and Casey went west.

Jason waded through the thick, long grass, keeping an eye out for any wild Pokemon. As he walked along, saw no wild Pokemon.

"Maybe Ricardo and Erica took the good paths, and I just got the path where someone decided to spray repel all over the place," Jason mumbled sadly. He looked up in the trees, hoping to see a Kakuna or Metapod hanging from the tree, but still, nothing. He sighed, and took a step forward, before tripping over something. "Agh....what the heck!?"

Jason peered over his leg, and saw something that looked like a over-sized egg. Wait, no, it was an egg. Brown with pale white spots! "Wow, this is better then any Pokemon I could have hoped for! This could be any Pokemon imaginable!" Jason began to think of what it could be. A Mew, a Growlithe, a never before seen Pokemon! He couldn't wait to show his friends his discovery. 

Chapter Four

"So, what did you catch Ricardo?" Erica asked, trying to sneak a peek at his belt. Ricardo sighed, obviously disappointed.

"Nothing. There just seemed to be no Pokemon..." Ricardo said, the fire in front of them reflecting in his icy blue eyes. Casey nodded.

"And how about you Jason? I'm sure it can't match my Spearow!" Erica said, a splash of arrogance and cockiness in her voice. Jason smirked.

"Well, get a load of this!" He said, before pulling out the egg he had found. Erica's jaw dropped, and even Ricardo looked impressed. "I think it's an egg that came from a Pokemon, but I don't know which one..." Jason said, going into deep thought. Ricardo took out his Pokedex and tried to scan it.

Error. That Pokemon does not match any databases!

"Guess we'll just have to wait and see what it becomes..." Ricardo murmured, ebbing with curiosity. "Should we go back and ask Professor Oak?"

"Nah, we can wait until we get to Viridian City, and call him from the Pokemon Center," Erica suggested, before yawning. She looked up at the moon, and her eyes began to close slowly. "It's getting so late, I'm going back to the tent." Erica got up, grabbed her Pokemon, and walked into the tent. Ricardo and Jason both stared intently at Jason's egg, both wondering about the contents of it.

"Could it be a rare Pokemon?" Jason questioned, rubbing it gently and studying it's spots. "Or maybe it's so powerful the Pokedex can't read it properly!"

"Maybe it's from a different region..." Ricardo suggested, running his hand over one of the spots. The egg felt smooth and had no rough edges. 

"Maybe it's from an entirely different planet!" Jason said, holding it closely. "It could be a never before seen Pokemon! The possibilities are endless!"

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