Authors note; This takes place in the future of Pokemon, where due to the growing popularity for Pokemon worldwide, the Indigo League championship has become three seperate championships, and the champions face off in a 1 v 1 v 1 battle to decide the ultimate champion.

Rated Mature.

This is a spin-off of Pokemon Red, which follows Richie, Jason, and Casey. This will follow their rival (or more of just Jason's rival) on his own adventure. The theme of the story is a lot darker then Pokemon Red.


"Dad." No answer. "DAD!" A man around the age of forty looked up from his newspaper. 

"Hello son, what is it?" He asked in an annoyed tone. The boy, who had been calling for him, frowned.

"Dad, tomorrow, I turn ten. Jason, Casey, and Richie are going to go and get the starter Pokemon for themselves, which would mean I won't be able to get one tomorrow." The boy said, with a mix of sadness and anger for being so left out. His dad gave him a quizzical look, and then nodded as if he had just remembered something

"Alright son. Go to the third floor and the first door to the left. I have a few Pokemon from my years up there. Make sure you don't take one too powerful, or you won't be able to control it." His dad said, before going back to his newspaper. The boy nodded, and hurried out the door and up the stairs to the third floor.

"First door to the....left." The boy said, before opening up the door. Inside was many rows of shelves, with many different kinds of Pokeballs lined up on them. After taking in all the possibilities of Pokemon, he continued on to find his starter Pokemon. Under each Pokeball was a small description of what Pokemon was contained inside. "Hoppip....Shuckle....Machop?" The boy stopped at the little flashing image of a gray, well-toned bipedal Pokemon.   Everything he had every wanted to be; muscular, slim, and downright cool-looking.

"This is the one..." The boy whispered, smiling happily to himself, content in his eyes. "You will be the one that will make me a true master..."

Chapter One

"Drive, and please make it quick. I don't want to lose them," Eric said, hopping into the passenger seat of a very advanced car. The driver, his personal servant Castus, stepped on the gas and began to drive toward Route 1. Eric had overslept, and missed his opportunity to catch up with Richie, Jason, and Casey. He had wanted to travel with them, but now feared he would not be able to. As they sped toward Route 1, Eric peered through the window and saw the three walking. 

"Slow down Castus," Eric ordered, and began to slowly lower his window. As he looked over the three that were staring back at him, he saw Richie give him a dirty look, which made Eric's heart sink. I guess I won't be welcome with them, especially not with that toughie around. He thought sadly to himself. Jason shot him a jealous look before moving out of the way, and Casey gave him a sweet smile. Play it cool Eric, you got this.

"Eric!" Casey said, running up to him happily. Going just wanna show Jason and Richie you're not a pushover. 

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