Please, Stop (no)

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Explicit
Status: Complete

Another venture into poetry. As you can probably see, structure is important here; an experiment. Mature for sensitive issues.

I like it here
the view is nice
the way I see the world
is clear and bright
and I hold on tight
to the things I have
and I love

are you sure?

yes I'm sure I like it here
the way I see
is bright and clear
go away and don't come in
don't cast shadow
in your doubt

bright and clear? you worthless scum
don't be so sure of love

I am here
the world is darker, why?
this is your fault
you're worthless scum
but please bright light back

never light, my useless child
give in, come in, I'm your friend
I'll look after you now

what is here?
and what do I see? and
why are you here in front of me?
please leave

I can't leave when I am
you and all to be
trust my doubt and lies
and I'll feed you to the fire

I want to see the world
bright and clear
I can't

never was it bright
and nor were you
and they don't like you
in fact they hate you
unlike me; feed me

what have you done?
what have I become?

you are Mine and Yours
and you know the truth
I am worthless just like You
don't dislodge Me I'm Your friend
I'll be with you until the end
please, now end

You win.

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